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I have several friends who have lost weight and kept it off. I also have several friends and multiple acquaintances (sp) who have regained much of the lost weight, whether from diet or surgery or both. It seems to me to be that those who kept it off have realized they needed a new eating lifestyle, those who didn't, went back to old habits.....often because they "deserved a break". Of course weight issues are more complex than "habit", but it's part of it.
If healthy eating becomes a habit, I think that with "a break", one jumps right back on the healthy eating track.

If it is perceived as a short term fix, then the weight comes right back on. (at least this is my personal experience-the difference betweeen what I am doing now, and in the past is I am treating myself with on plan treats when I feel the urge, and non-food treats more often than not!!)
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Here's food for thought. I work with a gal who has lost around 40 lbs and maintained that for 6 or 7 years. She doesn't tell people about it. The only reason she told me is because I've lost weight.
Why? She is ashamed of the weight she'd gained and doesn't want to draw attention to that. There's no way she'll ever be any kind of statistic because she's not talking to anyone. And I'll bet she's not the only one who feels that way.

Besides her, yes I know a few ... mostly in the neighbourhood of 30 or 40 lbs lost. One I'm thinking of has got to be over 20 years now and she's retired. So it didn't seem to matter that she lost in her 40's.
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Susan's post jogged my memory. Actually, I do know 2 people who lost significant weight -- about 50 pounds each -- and kept it off. Both of them lost the weight when they were in their early 20s, before I knew them. Neither of them mention it much!
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Sadly no, I don't know anyone who has lost as much weight as me and kept it off. I really wish I did because it would be nice to have someone I could talk to in "real" life. Don't get me wrong, 3FC is wonderful and inspiring and proof that weight loss can be permanent and the support I get here is amazing, but being able to talk to people in my non internet life about this stuff would be great.
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I have a guy friend who lost 60 lbs and has maintained it for about 2 years now. I have a female friend who lost about 40 around the same time as my guy friend, she's gained back about 15. And another female friend who has kept off 55 lbs since December.
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Not all that long ago (maybe a year), I was griping to my doctor about my slow weight loss, and that I "should be able to lose at least two pounds a week, like most people."

He responded with something like "Where did you hear that nonsense," and proceeded to lecture me on the myths of "most people."

I don't remember any statistics he threw out, but his point was the most people fail at weight loss, because they don't stick with it. Even a loss of one pound a month surpasses "most people" if you maintain those losses. He also told me to remember that even a zero pound week was an acheivement, because "most people" regain lost weight. Even if I never lose another pound, I'll still be ahead of "most people," because most people give up and regain. Maintenance is success (even if you have more to lose).

It's taken me about five years to get 85 lbs off. (The first 20 I lost "accidentally," the next two years were spent trying to lose weight without much success, and only the last two years have been active weight loss).

That's ridiculously slow, and yet my doctor assures me that I'm doing far better than most people. It may not seem very impressive when you compare it to the magazine cover stories, but I'm still doing better than "most people."

When you look at the statistics (for very overweight people, the failure rate is reported to be as high as 95 - 97%), you can start to think weight loss is impossible.

I think the biggest obstacle to weight loss isn't failure, but feelings of failure. People think they're "failing" because they're not succeeding fast enough. They're "only" losing _____ per week, so they think weight loss is hopeless and they give up.

It's sure the reason I usually gave up in the thousands and thousands of diets I've been on since age 5. Sometimes the number was even 2 lbs a week. I thought that "at my weight I should be losing more... This is going to take forever, what's the use I'll never be thin."

Now, I envy my younger, more easily frustrated self.... what I wouldn't give to be "only" losing two pounds a week.

I think it's really important to realize that even modest success is success. Just maintaining a 5 lb loss, at any size is an extraordinary acheivement. On one hand it doesn't matter how well everyone else is doing, because the rewards are yours alone. Still, it's very easy to give up when you think you're doing so much worse than "everyone else."

It helps me keep things in perspective to realize that any weight loss is an extraordinary acheivement. Even my snail's pace weight loss is a success that I shouldn't dismiss. Even a "plateau" is still a reflection of success, because maintaing weight is almost the bigger acheivement. (Many people can temporarily lose quickly and gain even more quickly - it's maintenance that is often the trickiest).
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I know one person who has lost over 100lbs & has kept it off for 6...almost 7 years now. Socially I know a few who lost between 15-40 who have kept it off & a couple who have gained back.
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I have a close friend, my age, who also lost 60 lbs. while in her 70's and is maintaining her weight loss.

Losing weight is not easy at any age, but it can be done. And I think there are lots of success stories about weight loss out there.
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I know probably 15 people who've lost a lot of weight, and all but 2 have regained everything. A LOT of people at my work were actually on the sam,e plan for awhile becasue a guy at my work started a weight loss clinic in his house and we were the first guinea pigs I guess. LOL (well I never partook bc at that time it was semi-starvation, he was still tweaking it).

Anway the 2 who have kept it off, my FIL who was morbidly obese, lost over 100lb before I met him, kept if off ..(when I met him he looked slightly chubby) then a couple yrs ago he got dx'd diabetic and dropped another 30lbs. he is THIN .

The other one is a co-worker, but he wasn't on the weight loss plan per above. His was old fashioned diet and exercise. Before that I remember he would bring a whole casserole dish to work for lunch, taped close (this was a family sized casserole!) He has kept it off about 10 yrs, and funny enough when all my co-workers were on the other plan, said he could never stick to that type of plan.
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I know several people who have lost weight and kept it off:

My son's good friend (low carb) - lost over 100 pounds - has kept it off 6 years now

My aunt (low fat) - lost 35 pounds - has kept it off 30 pounds

A good friend (OA - now food exchanges) - lost 45 pounds - has kept it off for 35 years.

I know many folks that have lost from 10 - 200 pounds that have not been able to keep it off, unfortunately.

It's nice that there are many folks here at 3fc that are maintaining. These people are so generous in supporting others and sharing what has worked for them.

I don't think my weight has ever effected my having or making friends. I guess I am good at faking it when I need to - if my weight is making me feel bad. I am a performer and - I just do it and don't often think of my weight while I am doing that. Over the years, however, - I have felt ashamed of my weight on occaison.

I don't think I've ever encountered someone who is suprised by my weight loss. Not that I can think of , off hand.

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I know a few who have gone from moderately overweight to healthy weight and maintained it, and people who were a healthy weight but not toned who have become really athletic and fit, but I don't personally know anyone who has gone from obese to a healthy weight and maintained it, which scares me as I'm obese and know that there is a good statistical chance I won't ever permanently be a healthy weight again. I know one person who went from very obese to still technically 'overweight', but looking great and healthy, but she put it all back on and is having a very very very hard time getting it off again.

It's great that there are lots of maintainers here - of course it can be done - but study after study shows that most people in society don't keep it off.
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I'm on my way!
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I know 2.....my mom who lost about 100 pounds and kept it off for years and a current friend lost about 35 pounds but I noticed she has gained alot back. Other than that I don't think I know any one else.

Edited: Oops....forgot my mom's friend who had weight loss surgery and lost over 100 pounds...she still has weight to lose. Also, an acquantaince had weight loss surgery about 8 months ago. Last time I saw her she had dropped about 40 pounds....I can't wait to see what she looks like now.

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I knew one person, he was part of the reason I knew I could do it actually. He lost like 80 pounds in high school I think.

I knew another girl, but we were internet friends. I think it's pretty rare. When I went into the doctor thinking I had shin splints, I had to see a doc that wasn't my usual provider, and he was amazed I'd lost weight. Like super amazed, he kept asking what I was doing and repeating my answers lmao.
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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
I think the biggest obstacle to weight loss isn't failure, but feelings of failure. People think they're "failing" because they're not succeeding fast enough. They're "only" losing _____ per week, so they think weight loss is hopeless and they give up.
I've been feeling that lately. I've taken a little maintenance break, and it wasn't on purpose. I think I started going crazy thinking about NOTHING but weight loss and exercise and sizes all the time. Lately I've been feeling like such a loser because if I had stayed obsessed, I'd probably be in the 170's by now. *shrug* You definitely make a good point. Good post.
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I don't know any one that has lost alot of weight. People always are amazed when I tell them how much I've lost. Thanks for posting, really got me thinking about how people react and how rare it is for people to lose alot of weight.

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