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Unhappy Up 2 lbs?????

Yup last week down 5 lbs and this week I gained 2 lbs
Now I know all the scenarios, BUT I truly HAVE NOT CHEATED
**** last night my 18 y/o daughter said, how do you do it mom not eat mc d's or burger king when we do????? I said I'm done being fat and I'm deathly afraid of that scale and this morning UP 2 lbs WTH and FML seriously

This happens every time i diet..........
It's like why try
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Hon, look. You've lost 3 pounds.

Focus on the positive, because weight is just going to fluctuate like that. Water retention, time of month, who knows? If you give up every time the scale blips upward, you'll never get past the second week. You'll start to eat badly again and then next week the scale will be back where you started from.

Stay with your commitment. You know that your weight loss is going to take awhile. The gain didn't happen overnight. You have to be willing to stick with your plan for the long haul, regardless of what the scale tells you.

Keep going! You've got a good start!

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I know this is frustrating, but please hang in there. If you keep making good choices and stick with your plan, you will see results. Don't let this derail you!

Fight like crazy to make this happen!

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Weight can go up because of a lot of things. Water retention is usually the culprit. But it's not real weight. Just keep doing what you know is right and it will come back down, probably just as suddenly as it went up. I know it's hard to stay motivated when you see the number go the wrong way, but just remember it's not two pounds of fat that you gained.

It's really not about seeing a steady down on the scale every day/week etc. The body just doesn't work that way. You just need to see a general downward trend over a long period of time. There will be spikes up now and then, but overall it will be a smaller and smaller number. And three pounds is a good start!
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Goddess, I know I can fluctuate 5lbs in one day. Don't let this get you down.

Keep up the fight and work hard. Don't worry about small fluctuations over the matter of a couple days.

Make sure you are keeping measurements too. Sometimes that is more important than the scale. You will see a drop in measurements and not on the scale for alot of reasons.

Don't give up!
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OK...I'll just post it again this way

Why weight fluctuates
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I've noticed that sometimes the effect of low-cal eating sometimes takes 2-3 days to show up on the scale. Also, if you ate something yesterday -- specially late in the day -- that's got a lot of volume (but still low-cal) then that can contribute. FOr example, I at a LOT of veg soup last night. No fat at all, no protein, just veg and bouillion and curry (yum). I imagine two big bowls of that, if you weighed it on the scale, could be a couple of pounds. Now those couple of pounds are inside me. Ergo, I was up two pounds this morning. Not worried. It'll be way down tomorrow or the next day.
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