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Default Seeing a Doctor -- Help?

I haven't seen the doctor in years (and I'm only 21! Sheesh)

Anyways, I'm pretty darn tired of my (lack of) weight loss. I tend to lose 2lbs a month, or 3 on a good month, and while that's 24lbs a year... I burn out long before a year because of the amount of work I put into it. I'm actually hoping that I have a medical problem.

I don't really know... what, though. What should I say to my Doctor? Should I tell him that I've been trying to lose weight? Ask for my thyroid levels to be checked out? What about the possibility of PCOS-- would the Doctor be in charge of checking that out, or the gyno? ( I've never seen the gyno either! I'm so bad!!)

Is there anything else I should think about being checked out? I only menstrate two-three times a year (and I'm not on birth control), which makes me think that PCOS could be responsible, but I'm also very fatigued which could be due to an under active thyroid (or I'm just lazy). What else should I have checked? I'm not very knowledgeable about medical science-- should I just ask for a blood test and he'd be able to analyze everything from that?
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I'd say mention everything in your post to your doctor. If they're worth their salt, they'll have advice on what to check, what to do.

Also, don't get the white coat nerves. If you have any questions, write them down beforehand and make sure you ask. People get to us in the pharmacy and always more questions they either didn't want to bother their doctor with, forgot to ask or were just too anxious to bring it up. So I definitely recommend having everything written down.
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What are you doing to try to lose weight?
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I had a lot of the same symptoms as you, actually. My family doctor is convinced that I have PCOS but my gyno doesn't think so. My thyroid came out fine but my testosterone levels were a little high. My gyno put me on provera which I take 10 days a month to induce menstruation. Your health is VERY important...please go see your doctor AND your gyno.
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Well you should tell your doctor all your symptoms just as you told them to us. He would be the one to know what to test you for as he is the professionals and we are not.

But I too would ask you what it is you're doing to achieve weight loss?

Are you counting calories and adhering to a calorie budget? Do you measure your foods and know for certain that you're portions and calorie counts are accurate? Are you consistent? Do you have any cheat meals or cheat days - because that could really, really, REALLY play havoc with your weight loss. Even one off day can wipe out the hard work you've put forth the other 6 days of the week.

When you say you burn out, that would make it seem as if you go off plan and that could also be a factor.

What about exercise? How much are you doing of it?

Do you keep a detailed food diary? If you don't, I think you should for a couple of weeks. You can find out some valuable information that way.
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Yes, make a list of all your concerns and questions. I agree - probably a good time to have a checkup.

Losing weight takes alot of planning and dedication. The reward for this persistance is feeling so much better and pride.

Write down all your food - every little thing. Count the calories. This will help you figure out if you need to tweak your amount of daily food. Living healthfully means you need to plan plan and plan some more.
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Write down all of your questions. Bring them up at the beginning of the visit. Don't be shy. Press until you get answers that you understand. If this provider doesn't know how to work you up for PCOS (you might be surprised at the....umm....lack of knowledge re: PCOS), ask for a referral to someone who does (ie, endocrinology).
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Reading this I felt like I could have been reading my own post from a few years ago. When I was 15 I got my first period ever (mom and younger sister were around 12, 13). After that I had maybe one or two a year. At 16 they put me on the pill (which I went off), and I was also put on provera (like the pill but doesn't work as birth control, it induces menstruation) and prometrium (another version of provera because that made me miserable). I wasn't getting my periods and my weight kept going up despite the fact that I was doing everything I could to try and lose weight. I had an ultrasound and (despite normal blood tests) the diagnosis was PCOS. Honestly, I think that's an easy way of saying "hormones". I think my hormones were out of whack and when they finally regulated I started dropping excess weight.

They put me on metformin (which I stayed on for 2.5 years) and I got my period every other month. When I started losing weight (fiiiiinally) I got my period every month. I went off metformin on a whim and I continued to lose weight (albeit very slowly, I'm certain I'll never lose weight at a reasonable pace) and get my periods every month. 1.5 years into being off metformin and I'm going strong.

Like everyone else said, just lay it all out on the table for your doctor and see what they suggest. Some doctors are great and some are crap and I really believe pills are only a temporary solution. No matter what happens focus on regulating your condition through diet and exercise. It'll happen! Just be consistent and diligent and don't get discouraged. Be happy you're losing weight at all!

Good luck! And PM me if you want some more detailed information. I seriously felt like I was reading my own post. Haha.
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