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the aly bagel
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Thumbs down Measurements went UP??!!

I just took my body measurements this morning, and the last time I took them was on the 8th.

Well, almost everything increased 1-3 inches!! AHHH!!! My stomach, my thighs, my arms, my chest... everything!

I did have more calories yesterday and drank about 2-3 beers over the course of the weekend. Can water retention cause measurements to go up? Or did I really gain INCHES in one week?

Also, my muscles have been in a lot of pain since yesterday morning. I had spent all day Saturday de-weeding my garden and walking 4 hours around town. Could this have also affected my measurements?

I've never had them go up before, so I am kind of panicking that my drinking/cheat yesterday plus the fact I skipped the gym screwed me up completely. Oh, and the scale went up 5 LBS!!!!!

*runs off screaming* lol
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aka Sarah
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I don't find that it's useful to measure more than about once per month, because measurements don't generally change that quickly, and they can vary significantly from day to day. Yes, it could be bloating and water retention. Or it could be that you're measuring slightly different.

Don't let measurements make you insane. Get back on your plan and drop the water weight and bloating.
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Beer really makes me bloat. I was always a little aware of it, but now it seems glaring. Maybe because I'm paying such close attention to my body, but also maybe because I'm eating so much healthier that the beer has a bigger effect.

That's not to say I've eliminated beer from my diet! Now, after a "beer day," I try to eat fewer carbs than my usual day and drink lots of water.

Also, I retain water more around ovulation than I do around TOM. So some of the bloat could be due to your cycle, even if it's not the most obvious time.

Remeasure in a couple days and you might find you've shrunk dramatically -- woo hoo!
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That sounds like water retention to me! I would be real good all week about drinking lots of water to flush out everything and then measure on Friday again. That should put your mind at ease.
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the aly bagel
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Height: 5'8"


Thanks everyone, I am going to drink a TON of water (more than usual) all week. Friday is usually my 'down' day so hopefully I will see it come off.
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Workin' It
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Yes, water retention makes my measurements go up every time. Anywhere from .5-1.5 inches all over.

Water water water, all week long.
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