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Default Been working for this day for 4yrs and 5 months...

...and I thought it would *feel* or rather look different. Today I bought my first pair of size 10 jean shorts since I was 19 years old (I'm almost 31)! And although I'm thrilled, I thought that at a size 10 I would be at my goal...but I'm 10-15 maybe even 20lbs away. Part of me is actually kinda excited because this means that I will absolutly be an 8 *maybe* even a 6 by the time I hit my goal, but on the other hand I'm kinda bummed because I thought I'd be done at this point (but deep down I didn't want to stop at a 10 anyway)

I'm also really weirded out because I know I weighed in the 140s the last time I was a 10...so I'm a little shocked at 159 to be fitting into them. I've heard sizes have gotten bigger, does anyone know when that happened? Have sizes gotten bigger since the last time I wore a 10? Or is my body just that different? I'm it's possible, I've been really into running these last 4-6 months so it's possible I've got some more muscle on me. I also had a baby 20 months ago so that changes your body as well and my boobs are bigger than they were when I was 19 so there is some extra weight there. I'm starting to weight train so being a size 6 in another 10-20lbs isn't that big of a stretch, the thought of that though is so far out there for me, I can't even comprehend it...I've NEVER been smaller that an 8 (although I don't remember being an 8, but husband does and his memory is way better than mine).

So actually this is really really exciting...I'm going to be smaller than I thought at my goal whohoo!!!! I can't believe I'm FINALLY here!
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Well, I can offer any advice on sizes getting bigger in the past 10 or so years, but I wanted to say GREAT JOB on losing 109lbs!!! That's freakin AWESOME!!! Keep up the good work!! AND I think it's cool that you're goal weight will bring a smaller size than you imagined!
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A 10 is a big deal and girl, you are a 10!

But yeah, vanity sizing is out of hand. When I was 17 and 130 pounds I was a size 10 (I'm 40 now). Now I'm 134 pounds and wear a 6 or an 8.

No worries though. You have lost a lot of weight and made a great goal.

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