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Unhappy Can I do this?

I've lost some weight, actually I have hardly 11 pounds to go to reach my long term goal.
I have a problem, though. After my hols, I've really slipped from my new lifestyle back to the old one.
Binge eating, no exercise... I feel bad but at the same time I feel too lazy to do anything about that. I know what you want to say, GET A GRIP, but telling myself that just doesn't do the trick.
I don't want to give up but a part of me obviously is and I know I'm responsible and that makes me even more sad and worried...
I felt incredible and beautiful when I was only 6 pounds away from my goal, but in a month or so I've gained 5 pounds to that and now... I don't know what can be bigger than the undescribeable feeling.
If you have any words of wisdom to share or anything at all to motivate me, please just talk. I need somebody to tell me what an idiot I am if I let go now.
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Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, MsCoconut! No one here will tell you you're an idiot, 'cause it happens to all of us this way. Seems like the closer we get to goal, the harder it is to stay the course. I've never reached the goal I set out for a number of years ago when I started to lose 100 pounds. Now I've gained 20-plus and am making a new thrust towards that elusive (but realistic) goal of 135.

You've haven't mentioned your exact loss, but sounds like you've made great progress and shouldn't be feeling bad. The binges and lack of motivation are part of the process of healthy weight loss. Your body is telling you it's missing the fun ol' way life used to be and your spirit is rebelling against any further restrictions. A binge now and then can actually help your metabolism and everyone needs to rest from working out. At a certain point, you WILL find the motivation.

I usually post on the 5-pound challenge and 21-day challenge threads, which have mostly the same group on both. Come join us there or hop on any of the great threads on this board and you'll find lots of support. It really helps to post sometimes! Good luck wherever your journey takes you!
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Smile It's so true

I second everything Empress A said and also encourage you to come check out the 5lb and 21 day threads--

I also can easily get out of control. What sets me off is sugar and carbohydrates and sugary carbohydrates are my worst !!!!
It took me a long to realize that I do not suffer 1% of the cravings I used to do if I just stay away from it. I cannot have one piece. It will make me want more now, later, and tomorrow.

If I to stay away from sugar and carbs, the cravings lessen in a day and are nearly gone within a week. I know other people hav similiar problems with fat or salt--

We are all a work in progress, every journey has its detours, flat tires, "rest stops" --

Look how far you've come-- not how much further the goal seems--

And come for a visit on the other threads!!

Now, I search for flavor with minimal sugar and carbs. I
Made Lifetime 05/16/2005
Relapsed but figuring this out, one meal at a time.

Today is the day!
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