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Exclamation AHH! Bad time for Grandma's home-cookin'!!

I'm freaking out!! My grandmother just called...her and my grandpa were planning to visit this evening, which I already knew...but she just called to tell me she's bring over dinner (that she has already started making!!). Couldn't be worse timing...I JUST started my weight loss journey (4 days in) I don't wanna be rude and not eat the food she brings (which is BBQ chicken, noodles, mashed potatoes, and corn) Should I just eat a little bit of each and call it a day??? I'm counting calories...and I don't want to hound her about how much of what she put in everything in order to figure it out the amount of calories in all of it. But at the same time, I've done SO WELL at sticking to this. I know tomorrow is a new day, but its so frustrating to feel like today is gonna go down the drain. I wish she had called before she started cooking so I could have told her!!!
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First calm down! You don't wanna stress yourself out and then stress eat over it!

What time is she coming? Eat something super healthy (i'm thinking a big salad with some chicken) before she comes so you're not super hungry. When she comes, take a little of each and enjoy it! Then, pawn the rest off to friends, neighbors, whomever.

You can also generalize the calories by looking online at different recipes and seeing their nutritional information. It might not be spot on but you won't have to beg your grandmother for info and it should be close enough,
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I completely agree with ducky. Eat before they come. You don't have to be rude and not eat at all, just eat small portions. Even if you go over on your calories, maybe make up for it tomorrow?!

Good Luck!
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A few thoughts...

One thing you can do is make a salad or something to add to the dinner as well. I often bring dishes to family visits so I can have food to eat (vegan and raw food) and I also love to share healthy food. To me that is part of the fun. I also tend to relax in terms of having fun and not worrying about every single bite I take, but saying that I do make healthy choices. For example, the last visit two family members knowing that I don't eat dairy, brought dairy free coconut ice cream. I wanted to have some, so i did. I took like two little spoonfuls and had a slice of a dessert I made and I was satisfied.

The focus of a family visit, well aside from brawls and family drama lol, should be to have fun and catch up and etc. I can understand your frustration. Have a little bit of this and that, enjoy the visit, and perhaps the next day or two eat a bit lighter if you want or etc.

That is just my take on family visits...how I go about things. I don't relax my lifestyle choices, but I do relax in terms of having fun and try to focus on other things.

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I know you're at the beginning of your weight loss journey but there are going to be many many times that you'll have to face these dilemmas. Eating chicken and potatoes and corn is really not going to put you at a great risk here, especially if you plan on proportioning your plate now.

Try to eat white meat, and leave the skin off. Do you have a scale? Try to keep your portion 4-5ounces which is little more than half a breast. Eat the noodles OR the mashed potatoes, you can't have 2 starches, say it goes against your religion and believe me, it's not rude to pass on one. Everything else just portion it out, 1/2 cup, whole cup, whatever calories you're willing to fit in. Ask your Grandma if there's butter in it in a way that's not persnickitty "Grandma, these potatoes are soooo good, how did you make them anyway, I bet there's loads of butter in it!"

There's always a way to get around family meals and temptations without alienating the people around us. While you're at dinner with your Grandparents you may want to have a conversation with them about your attempts at better nutrition, I'm sure they will be very supportive.
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Not that you will, but even if you do go a bit overboard, DON'T GIVE UP! It's just one meal. Don't let it derail your journey. Spend time with the grandparents, enjoy their visit, then get right back on plan with your next meal. If they insist of leaving a bunch of yummy fattening leftovers with you, it's not a sin to throw them out.
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I agree, it's one meal, and I would get a good sized piece of chicken, corn and one starch Enjoy it and take your time eating it- that also helps to make it look like you have a lot of food.

My husband's family cooks a lot of high calorie foods and they make a LOT so even when they fill my plate I don't eat it all- usually secretly throw half of it out on the pretense like "oh I want more corn" so I'll get up, walk over to the kitchen, dump off most of my plate, add a bit of whatever it is then sit back down- that way they don't notice AND it looks like I'm getting seconds lol.

Last time his aunt made this yummy chocolate cake and gave me a HUGE piece- I took a few bites then went and got some milk and while I was there got rid of most of it lol- I HATE wasting food but that's what works for me with his family.
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Hi! Im 9 days into my weightloss and 5 days into it I had a wedding to go too so I know what you're going through. Im also counting calories and trying to stay between 1200-1500. So I made sure I got a good workout in before the wedding and kept my calories really low throughout the day. So when I got there and had this yummy catered mexican food in front of me I could enjoy since I had more calorie leeway (however ya spell it) for the reception. Then, when I got home I went straight to the fitness center and had another workout.

So you could put in another work out, eat something really healthy and filling before she comes, and then just be able to eat a tiny portion of her meal. Trust me, if she asks why you arnt eating so much just tell her you're counting calories and trying to lose some weight. She'll be more happy for you than offended!!! So just be honest and relax and enjoy the visit! You'll do great and even if you eat too much tomorrow is a new day and you can eat right on target and not let one dinner hold you back!

Good luck and stay strong! You'll do great!
Let us know how it goes! =)
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by DCHound View Post
If they insist of leaving a bunch of yummy fattening leftovers with you, it's not a sin to throw them out.
LOL that's so funny you said that, because she DID try to get me to keep the leftovers! I told her it would go to waste if I kept it...since I'm dieting and hubby is working out of town right now. She understood. I still got stuck with 3 pies and pumpkin bread tho! lol But I don't mind that since I'm not a big sweet eater, I won't be tempted. She wanted me to keep them for hubby and the kids lol

Anyways, thank you guys soooooo much!! I think I did fine with it. I ate one of the smaller pieces of chicken, had one small portion (small as in about a tablespoon) of each the noodles and potatoes...that way I was eating both, but it was really only one portion of starchy food (probably less than one, really). Then just a LITTLE bit of corn, cuz I KNOW she put butter in it...grandmas put butter in everything I think . It wasn't that bad. I just freaked out because it was unexpected AND last-minute...I didn't have time to get a workout in or adjust my earlier meals to compensate.

I'm gonna get the kids to bed and get my extra-long workout in now! Again, thank you guys so much!!
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