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Question How to eat out for a week...

My DH is going out of town on business for a week and he wants me to come. My only concern is I would be eating out every. single. night. Is there any way to do that and still lose weight? Even if I stay within my calories the extra fat and salt won't be good.
Thanks for any tips you can give!
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Depending on what area you will be in you may be able to still be able to find good food options. So many places today offer grilled chicken and salad bars. Also, if you will be staying in a hotel, many of them have gyms or even pools for exercise. Take your sneakers with you, you can always go for a walk or use the stairs.

I understand the sodium is much harder to control when eating out, but maybe you can increase your water intake to offset that. Also, would it be possible to bring along some food of your own? Maybe you could call ahead and see if the room would have a small refridgerator. If there's a grocery store near by that might be an option as well.

Good luck to you! I bet you'll do great. Let us know how it works out!
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Tai had some great suggestions!

The sodium sucks but long term it shouldn't affect your loss. You may retain water for a few days but once you're home and back to normal it should come right off. Look for grilled options and salads. Maybe bring a bottle of your own dressing so you have control over that. I always bring a bottle in my purse and my husband thinks it's insane but I don't care . Even if it's not on the menu most resturaunts are fine with grilling up a chicken breast and putting it on greens for you.

Good luck!
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You could research restaurants in the area ahead of time. Most chains have menus (and often calorie counts) posted online, so you could get an idea of the best or worst choices at some places.

I'd say, since you're eating in a restaurant every night, make your breakfasts and lunches light meals of vegetables, fruits, whole grains ... avoiding fats, sugars, refined carbs, and processed foods (knowing you'll get your share at dinner).

When you're in the restaurant, order an entree and ask for a take-home box to be served when the meal is served. Pack exactly half of it away immediately (this works especially well with pasta dishes, which have a chance to "blend" if they sit overnight). You can take it home, and then the next day when you are having your light vegetable lunch, you can offer your husband the reheated half-entree.
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I myself is having a hard time looking for the right especially that I'm working in the graveyard shift.
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Default Bring Along Your Own Health Snacks

I would seriously consider bringing along some health snacks, controlling what you eat at the restaurants, and adding some easy to do exercise such as walking in order to maintain and burn extra calories.
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I eat out all the time due to the nature of my work. I check the nutritional website of restaurants before I go and preplan what I am going to order. Or I ask for nutritional information at the restaurant. If I can't get access to that I choose grilled meat- chicken, fish etc. Salad- dressing on the side. If there is a sauce on top of the meat I ask them to hold it. No bread. no cream based soups. I also agree with the suggestion of packing snacks that really helps- particularly if you have a late dinner. Or if you are touring around and are hungry but can't find anything healthy to eat. Have fun!
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Thank you SO much for all the suggestions! We have a mini fridge that we are taking, so I plan on bringing healthy breakfasts and lunches. I feel much more confident now that I will actually be able to stay OP.
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Everyone has already given excellent advise. All I can add is to repeat to bring healthy snacks with you or maybe seek out a grocery store or mini mart where you can purchase some fruit and such. But as for meals, seek out the healthiest you can. These days it is possible to find healthy items on the menu of most restaurents. If not, don't be too shy to ask for something grilled. Your health is more important than the restaurants ego.
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Hi there!
I don't know what plan you are on, but some plans will be easier to follow than others.
Having a total grip on breakfast and lunch is a good idea, as you will then have some flex for dinner (NOT to gork out, but to go with the flow of what is on offer).
Lots of places have online menus, so you can research and pre-select from there.
Have a set of RULES established before you go. It is easier to say "I'm not having cheesecake on this trip" if you've established this before, rather than looking at it and debating it on the spur of the moment. Or, "I really want the fettucine alfredo, but I decided before I came that I wouldn't have it so it really isn't up for debate".
Finally, decide to accept the fact that since you aren't in the kitchen cooking the food yourself, you can ask for "no fat" but not be 100% sure that this is what has happened. So when you get home, mentally prepare for a bump up, and get right back on plan. This way, you won't be beating yourself up if you have a small bump up in weight, and you can get right back on track.
Happy holidays!
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