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Wink Help, I lost my Mojo!

So, how do y'all deal with setbacks? I'm a bit stuck and need some ideas to get back in gear. Here's my story:

Me before diet/lifestyle change
Me PSYCHED! and ready to start kickin' butt!
Me kickin' butt!
Keep Going! Yes!
WOW I'm halfway there, woohoo!
Me lost and confused... where's my Mojo??

I'm looking for even the tiniest things that help get your groove back. Serious, silly, fun, dumb... if it works for you I'm all ears! Thanks!

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I love your story, full of icons!

Hmm, getting your groove back... do you keep a graph of your weight loss? I find that really motivating to look at when I'm feeling stuck. You can graph your week-to-week loss and your month-to-month loss, your loss in inches, etc.
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Ilene the Bean
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I read magazines, books, read anything about weightloss... I come to 3FC look at before and after pics... I also set exercise goals, run farther, lift heavier, etc...
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3 + years maintaining
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Want your mojo back? Go out there and get it young lady?

Revisit your goals. Why did you start this venture in the first place? Was it to feel better? Look better? Become fit, trim and sleek? Were you just sick and tired of being overweight? What were your reasons when you began? Did you intend on stopping before you were "done"?

You also must accept the fact that this journey is never over. In order to have successful, long term weight loss - this journey can't stop. It just has to continue. Because once it stops - ummm - the weight has a way of creeping back on.

So I suggest you forget about your mojo. Or at least don't rely on it. Sure go out and seize it once more. But I think you're much better off making an iron clad commitment. It's much more lasting then then mojo. Commit to be a healthy person. A healthy weight. Forever.

Go back to dieting One-oh-one if need be. You bite it you write it. Plan ahead. Get rid of the junk. Stock up on healthy foods. HAve some definite "no's". Give yourself 3 good days. That's all it usually takes. Stick to that plan no matter what and before you know it you'll be back in the groove and ever so relieved to be so. You'll wonder why you hesitated to jump back on the wagon, you'll be feeling so good.

But really, make that commitment. Decide, once and for all to become a health-minded person. No matter what you "feel like" on any particular day.

You CAN do this. You really, really can. And you should. Living a healthy lifestyle is a lovely way to live.
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I think your story is a common one! I think it's one of the reasons so many of us gain back weight.

I've struggled for a while with getting my weight loss mojo back. Robin's point about commitment is well-taken, but there are some days (often stressful ones) where something clicks, I eat too much, and then take a day or days to get back on track. Commitment does help bring me back on track.

I'm finding that part of the issue is that the need to lose weight isn't as urgent as it used to be. When I weighed nearly 300 pounds I had to do SOMETHING. Now I can do a lot of what I want, the need just isn't there.

But if I set other goals, or focus on other issues, that seems to help. A lot of people set exercise goals. I'm finding setting myself goals to do more active things is helping.
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Sounds to me you didn't lose your mojo

You're sitting on it! ...

There are times we feel the mojo by digging a little deeper...pushing a little harder when we don't want to

Stand up...look behind you...is it still there?

Then get movin'

And good luck!
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me me me
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I got the same way ... "wow under 150! I rule! I can fit in my awesome old clothes!" and then my weight stayed almost exactly the same for a whole month. I got satisfied. So nothing changed.

I find I have to be forward-focused to keep moving ... I can't get satisfied... if I do, I say things like "well this cookie won't hurt" ...3 times a week or so. I also started weight training which has done awesome things for my bodyfat and arms, but am too tired to do cardio... oops! So I've picked up the cardio and cut back a little on the weights.

What worked for you at Goal #1 may not be the same as what works at Goal #2... so you are always having to try and err and get it right. But once you find something that works, stick with it, move towards the next goal, until it isn't working anymore.
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No description available.
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I'll talk to myself.

I'll say outloud "Every choice counts." "I control my next choice." Things like that.
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Use the good ol' "Fake it till you make it". Don't give yourself the option of quitting. Just keep plugging through one hour at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time, one glass of water at a time. It will come back and you'll be glad you stuck to it. Otherwise, if you let down, then you start taking backward steps, and end up saying "Why can't I do this?"

I know of what I speak!! ha!
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Thumbs up Guardian angels, you rock!!!!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude! EVERYONE's words of wisdom inspire me to get up off my mojo (you're so right on, Easymoney!!) and get back on track.

So per Robin's advise I'll start with "3 good days"

Per Diane, I'll remember to "fake til I make it", and do the next right thing. Love that!!

s0nali, I'll re-think my goals now that I've hit a comfort zone

I can tell you all speak from experience, and if you can do it I can too, right?

Thank youthank youthank you!!! You ROCK!

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Oh, I SO needed to read this thread. I lost my mojo months ago, and the weight is slowly creeping back on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. I love the "three good days" idea. Day one starts at breakfast (it's midnight now).
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I think as you get closer to you goal your weight loss slows down. They say those last 20 pounds are the slowest to come off... so I think it's common to get bored and anxious.

Just keep going, think how good you'll feel reaching your goal and coming back here telling us all you made it and then you'll be the one giving advice to all the new people needing help sticking it out and sharing how you reached your goal.
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Your mojo is just hiding in a cabinet somewhere.
Setbacks happen and you can get back on track.
I'd do a food journal for a week, writing down everything you eat--then you can see what you need to change.
It's getting to be summer...so walk walk walk!
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