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Default Help: Stretch marks!

Dear "Abby" (Aka the 3FatChicks crew)

Has anyone's stretchmarks become more apparent as they lost weight? I've always known I had stretch marks but they weren't all that visible. Now that I've lost another 28 lbs, I'm really starting to notice that they are more pronounced. They even look longer and deeper. I'm worried about a comment someone else made about their stretchmarks bleeding. Should I expect the same? =[

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I have never had a bleeding stretchmark; that sounds horrific! I do have stretchmarks on my breasts and my stomach. I have gone from 201 to 135 since I had my baby who is 21 months old. If I were you, I would just worry about your weight-loss journey. I just mean that we, dieters, have enough on our plates to fret about. Literally. If you have the money and hate the sight of your stretchmarks as you lose, maybe there is some lasering or something. I have seriously been considering a boob job. But I would like to have more children and this is the first time my breasts have ever been this smaller size. So I sort of like that I am able to wear small shirts, but don't like having to tuck my boob back into my bra.
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um... mines used to bleed if I put anything irritating on them or shaved over them (I have them on my thighs, back of knee area, upper arms by arm pits,- yeah my body is a mess) Sometimes they didn't bleed and just looked like blood was underneath them, sounds gross I know. Depending on your skin type, if it's stretched that much (and depending on how quickly), the skin is thinned out.

Some of mines have faded a bit, others are still pretty much the same.. I don't think they really get worse as you lose weight, unless you are yoyo dieting. What might be happening is you are becoming smaller, and maybe the skin isn't catching up as quick and the marks are over less area and the stretched skin can make them look worse.

Doesn't hurt to put some cocoa butter, olive oil and shea butter on them (one or a mix). They are pretty cheap and nothing to lose by trying them. I read keeping them moisturized help them heal. I also like to scrub/exfoliate mines in the shower with this wash cloth I got from the bodyshop... I scrub the areas till they get slightly red and then when I get out of the shower I put the cocoa butter or some good lotion on, it makes them look better and more faded for a while and hopefully will fade them permanently.
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I have horrible stretch marks on my stomach since having my baby, who is almost a year old this month. When I was 9 months+ pregnant with him, I felt like they were about to burst, but they never actually bled. I agree that you should just focus on losing the weight, because once you reach your goal and you are maintaining, your skin should finally be happy and they will start to fade! Don't let it deter you!
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I have had stretch marks since I was thirteen when I grew over 8 inches in less that 5 months. Since gaining weight... they're even worse. I've given up being upset about them. It's kind of a fact of life now. Now that I've started to lose weight, some of them seem to be more evident than before. I suspect that they'll fade once again once I hit and then maintain my target weight.

I know there is little that can be done about them but I do exfoliate carefully and use a good quality moisturizer (Dream Cream from Lush.com). Does it work? I have no idea but it makes me feel better!

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