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Default How often do you eat fish?

Just asking how often do you eat fish, if you eat it. If I let myself go I can eat it everyday, actually I have gone on for a whole week with just fish (more vegs, fruit and seeds) but somehow I feel like '****! You can't eat fish AGAIN!!'
Does it ever happen to you?
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I'm a pretty big fish eater too . . . probably eat it for 1/3 of my lunches/dinners . . . mostly salmon, shrimp, scallops, and well-rinsed canned tuna. Another 1/3 of my protein comes from chicken, and the final 1/3 is pretty much egg whites and a couple of meals of legumes. About once a week, I might have a meal of beef or pork.
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There's nothing wrong with eating fish every day! You're just a pescatarian! The only caution I'd add is that eating certain fish every day in our modern world isn't entirely healthy -- you'll want to limit eating fish with high mercury levels. There's a good outline of the info here: Good Fish, Bad Fish
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funniegrrl, that's very useful info. I know to avoid eating sharks (and their family, swordfish included) often because they basically eat whatever they find so even the meat isn't too good for you, though it tastes good. Didn't know about the mercury!
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Never! I hate any and all sea food with the exception of canned tuna every once in a blue moon but even then its mixed with lots of stuff

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I love fish! I have to limit my intake because I could easily eat it every day, and I do worry about taking in too much mercury.
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Never. I wish I liked it....but I don't. I try it here and there thinking one of these days I'll be able to eat it, but nope.
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I eat a piece of wild salmon almost every day. I don't eat much other seafood. Shrimp or tuna once in a long while.
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We eat fish probably 4-5 days a week and usually more than one serving at a sitting. If it's fresh fish I typically eat an 8 ounce portion. I actually prefer it over most any other protein source. I am also becoming pickier about my fish as I educate myself more in the nutrition dept.

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OMG I can't believe anyone would hate fish or seafood in general! God I could eat it every day! Since I live in a coastal town I love shellfish.

Unfortunately I prefer them friend but I am getting used to eating them steamed and grilled.

So I guess for the people who don't like fish sushi (I eat it at least twice a week) with raw fish on it is out of the question! LOL!
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Oh I LOVE fish.

It varies how often I eat it. This week I've had it 4 times. Other times it could be 2 or 3 times a week.

For those that don't like fish, I wonder if it's the same type thing as those that say that don't like vegetables. They haven't experimented with the right cooking methods, the "right" recipes and haven't checked out all the different varieties of fish. Because there's so many different kinds of fish out there and sooooo many ways to prepare it.
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I didn't start liking fish until my mid-30s. The only fish I knew was breaded, fried panfish that my dad had caught when I was a kid, and I never cared for it that way. I tried fish again when I wanted to start eating healthier. This time I baked it with things like lemon, cajun seasoning, garlic, ginger, or herbs. It's delicious!

I've since expanded my seafood to include shrimp, salmon, tilapia, and canned salmon (but I squish up the bones, they're too weird otherwise). I've always eaten tuna. I probably eat seafood twice a week now.

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I love fish... I eat a lot of haddock, usually it's on sale 'previously frozen' about 4 dollars a pound, I ask the guy to remove skin and cut a pound in thirds for me ... quick brush of EVOO and sprinkle of Panko crumbs, under the broiler... I eat a lot of scallops too...YUM... quick n' easy...

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I have a salmon patty for breakfast every morning (in add to veggies) .... I also had seasoned mahi mahi last night
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I love fish! I consider my diet a mainly pescetarian diet when I eat the way I want to.

I try to have salmon once or twice a week and in revising my meal plans recently have gone with a barramundi fillet for most of my lunch meals. Its quick and easy and healthy so I see no issue in having it regularly.

I do try not to have too much tinned tuna because of mercury concerns but really - you'd have to eat a whole lot of tuna to get mercury poisoning.

I couldn't imagine a life without seafood . . .
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