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Unhappy Its starting

Im at 25lbs lost, I have never lost 25lbs unless giving birth was involved. I am at my usual 175-170 area that I never seem to get past and it is starting. Im losing focus, not keep rack of what i eat, saying I will get back on track tomorrow, or Monday ect, not wanting to exercise, feeling tired and lazy wanting to give up, telling myself its taking too long to get where I want to be so why bother?? Its not like I am at a plateau that is discouraging me, Im not, or at least I wasn't but now that the some what bad eating has started, I probably will. I went out of town this weekend and ate so horrible but when I am spending 16 hours on the road and only 1 day with family, it happens but now that I am so far off track, a part of me doesn't want to get back on. How do I fight this?
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You've come too far to get off track -- look at all that weight you've lost!! The problem is, if you get off track now, it doesn't sound like you're moving into maintenance mode to keep the 28lbs off. It sounds like you are setting yourself up to allow the weight to creep back on.

I guess the way to fight this is to make a decision. Do you want to keep losing, are you happy with where you are and want to maintain, or do you want to put weight on. Make a conscious decision (I'm doubting you would choose the 3rd option) and then make a plan, get support from the people around you, and stick to it.

Easier said than done, I know... good luck! You've come so far!
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The quick response to your "It's Starting", and the only one you need to hear, is this: "So stop it".

Whether you are on plan is within your control. What you eat, what activity you do, and what healthy choices you make ...all of these are things YOU have power over.

So you have to decide, right here and now, if you're going to let this destructive thinking take over and counteract all of the good work you've already done, or if, instead, you're going to say "Enough. I will NOT let the 25 lb mark be a barrier, this time". It's your choice.
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Been there, done that. I could not get below 190 to save my life.

It takes a *lot* of dedication and eating very cleanly to move past these points. But now that I'm solidly in the 180s (186 this a.m.), it's not so hard anymore, and I'm so happy!

So buckle down and push yourself past this. And in a few weeks, you'll be so glad.
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-What Manda said....One other thing...tell that attitude or saboteur to beat it...get gone..knock it off, you don't have time for that...Now when I'm on here saying the same thing...I want u to say it to me..deal?
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*slap slap* Snap out of it woman!

You KNOW you can do this! Look at what you've done so far! So don't let some lousy days get in your way. Muster up that determination and get at 'er!

(sometimes it helps to have tough love)

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The positive thing right now is that you have noticed what is happening. You are really aware of your circumstances at the moment, and this is half way to stopping yourself from making negative choices. You've felt these feelings before, and whilst it may feel worrying to you that you are feeling them again, this time, you are armed with experience and you can take control of this situation. Sure, you may have made some unwise choices with regards to healthy living recently, but so what? That's in the past now, and those decisions won't affect your future unless you allow them to. Make healthy choices from now on and the effects of some bad decisions in the past will be lost in history. Don't surrender to past mistakes that you can't change.

I've just been stuck around 170 for a while. I've never got lower than 170, I can't remember being lighter than that. This morning, I got on the scale and hit 169. That feeling of having persevered and having gone further than I ever have before with my weight loss is incredible. You almost need to feel a bit crap and stuck before it happens in order to really appreciate it!

Keep your eyes on the prize. Just think how amazing you will feel when you break those old habits of giving up at this stage. You know what you need to do to keep going - it's everything you've been doing so far that's got you to lose those last 25lbs. You've been doing great and you need to keep at it. Your body will respond sooner or later, and you will feel so great.
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12 pounds to go...that is really doable! You CAN do it, but I totally know your frustration. Like Athenawithheart, 190 is usually my nemesis weight. Many times in the past when I have gotten there I just give up...done, feel good enough, get enough attention, can shop at most stores, so I settle and then before you know it, I start feeling bad that I settled, then wham-o back up the scale I go. I'm pretty thrilled that I have managed to get under that dreaded weight and not hang on for comfort. A year or so ago when I looked at old pictures of when I was at 190 I thought I looked so thin...now at 175 I look so big...LOL I guess my point is even now that you are at your comfort zone, you will be amazed at how much better you can look and feel. Just give it a shot. If you are not satisfied with the results you could aways go back Come on Willow, I really think you can do this.
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Willow, if a new "toy" would fit in your budget, the Gowear Fit armband is on sale at Amazon right now... I know mine is the only reason I'm still motivated to stay on track every day, I just can't argue with the numbers. It's like having a personal trainer nagging at me all day.
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Pretend you have not lost any weight. Pretend that THIS is your starting weight. So you're starting fresh right now, today.

You have a new goal. Reset your ticker if it helps! You have lost zero pounds, and you've got plenty to lose. You'd better get to work!

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I'm listening...
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Lori Bell: Many times in the past when I have gotten there I just give up...done, feel good enough, get enough attention, can shop at most stores, so I settle and then before you know it, I start feeling bad that I settled, then wham-o back up the scale I go.

I think that Lori Bell has hit it dead on! You've gotten to the point where you feel and look better and maybe you need to refresh your motivation. You are 12 lbs from your goal! Don't give up now. Is there some special event or new outfit that could help with your motivation? Maybe you want to be swimsuit ready by summer--definitely doable!

I also wonder if you are taking enough time to do something special for yourself. How about a haircut & highlights or a mani-pedi? You definitely deserve it!
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So you blew it, so what? Right now is a new point, right NOW, to make up your mind to eat right again. It may not be an easy choice, you may "think" you don't want to do it, but the fact is that you wouldn't have come on here and posted this if you didn't really, deep down, want to succeed at this! You are so close!! Are you going to just throw 25 lbs lost away? Gain it all back? Because you know that's what will happen if you don't re-dedicate yourself. Do it now! You CAN and ARE going to succeed!

P.S. The next time you lift that burger or whatever is in your hand to your lips, don't open your mouth. Unless that something in your hand is healthy, refuse to open your mouth. That really is the bottom line. That's all it takes.

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Im losing focus, not keep rack of what i eat, saying I will get back on track tomorrow, or Monday ect, not wanting to exercise, feeling tired and lazy wanting to give up, telling myself its taking too long to get where I want to be so why bother??

Warning some tough love ahead.

Your work is not done. You're NOT where you want to be. You've got more you need to accomplish. So since your "work" is not done, you NEED to get BACK to work. Get back to the tracking and the exercise. You know it "works".

I also want to caution you, you mention that it's "taking you too long to get to where you want to be". I suggest you take a look at that statement and realize that when you DO get to where you want to be, well, that means that you're only partially done. Because then there's maintenance to deal with. You're going to have to deal with staying there. Which still entails work - still entails tracking - and still entails exercise. Because once you stop doing these things, the weight has a not so funny way of coming back on.

You also mentioned that you keep telling yourself you will get back on track "tomorrow". Well yesterday was TODAY's tomorrow. And on top of it, saying that, means you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing TODAY. Before you know it you can "tomorrow" away a week, a month, a half year and beyond.

Revisit your goals, hopes and dreams. Decide what matters the most to you. Realize that you won't ever regret having lost the weight, but if you don't lose the weight, well that's another story.

Get back to it. Give yourself a couple of "good" days to get back into your groove. You'll be sooo relieved that you did and wonder why you ever thought of "stopping".
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How about trying to go into maintenance for a month or two? I know for many of us, we are either going up or down but cannot stay stable, but maybe backing off just a little bit so you are not putting so much pressure on yourself for a little time may be good practice for ultimately when you reach your ultimate goal.
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Willow just 2 days ago i wanted to post EXACTLY what you wrote just then!
I hit 170...and i just loser focus...ive done it once and i was starting to do it again...but i duno its like something just clicked when i was watching the biggest loser and they all got makeovers (im in australia) and they just looked so good...even though they werent at goal yet...i just thought you know...alll i have to do is buckle down for 10 more weeks to drop this last 10 kgs. Im not sure how to convince you to get back on track..because ive been off for about 2 months now and in the end..its just something you have to do..for yourself and for your health! I know its hard, but just picture how amazing you will feel at the end.
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