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Default Starting a crash diet

Hello everyone,

I'm starting a crash diet today to get rid of the weight I gained in winter, the summer is getting close here in Egypt so I need to get rid of the weight that I gained if I ever wanted to go out of the house in summer. My weight is really important to me and I'm a huge obsessive compulsive when it comes to my weight, I either gain too much or lose too much, I never stay on the healthy weight no matter how hard I try . Hopefully this time I find a way to stay on the healthy weight.

I'm 5.6 ft
Current weight is 169 lb
My goal is 121 lb
Need to lose 48 lb

My crash diet consists of any number of green tea cups and 1 vegetable or fruit per day.

I know crash diets aren't healthy at all but I need to do this. What really encouraged me to do this diet was reading about what Christian Bale did before making "The Machinist(2004)".

I'm here looking for your support on my journey.

Thanks in advance.

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You will find all types of support here for healthy lifestyle changes but no one is going to think going on a crash diet is good for you.
We will help you along and support you through ups and downs if you're following a healthy and sustainable diet plan but what you plan to do is incredibly unsafe. Not to mention the results simply won't last. There is no way you will meet your body's daily needs for vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs, fats, etc eating the above. Also it's incredibly likely you will starve yourself until you crack and end up binging. Bascially the diet you describe is a starvation diet and I hope you consider changing for your health.

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Sorry, but your weight loss plan sounds terrible. I hope you reconsider your plan and your goal...
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I'm sorry, but you will not find support for that kind of diet here. I hope you will take a step back, read what you have written and realize how unsafe it is. Why should you be unable to go out of the house with a few extra pounds on your frame? You have admitted to an obsessive/compulsive attitude, please consider getting some professional help and taking the time to lose the weight at a safe rate.

P.S. Christian Bale is an actor. Sometimes actors are crazy, especially when there's millions of dollars at stake in wages for playing these roles. Are there millions of dollars at stake for you? How much is your health worth?
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I'd encourage you to change the way you look at weight and weight loss. Your approach seems extreme, and that might explain why you have trouble settling at a weight you can maintain.

Try looking at the book YOU: ON A DIET for some ideas about what healthy weight maintenance might be like.

Good luck!
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I am not sure that you're serious! I sort of think you know this approach is absurd. Lastly, judging you profile pic, you look great! No dieting necessary for you Mr.
Be well
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Sorry, I need to jump in here - You have NO IDEA what Christian Bale did to look as ILL as he did in The Machinist - you have only whatever info you have read from sources that stalk celebrities. Even he himself may have been saying one thing, doing another.

What I DO know is this: 1. His character was MEANT to look hideously unwell - that was the purpose - and I'd lay money on the fact that CB might be horrified if he thought THAT role made him ANYONE'S role model!

And 2. Everything already said. How long can you sustain a 'crash diet'? Until you crash. And you will - your blood sugars will play havoc with your metabolism and your body will start storing energy, not using it - so you'll lose water weight and muscle mass, and store fat.

Please be sensible. PLEASE.

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I know it's very unhealthy but.. in my early teens I did a similar diet for 4 months which consisted of... just water.. I've lost a lot of weight back then.

I tried to do many healthy diets but I couldn't follow any of them more than a week.

And I'm taking OCD meds right now but they all come with weight gain side effects which really frustrate me, no matter which diet I'm following, the side effects of my meds makes me gain more weight or lose weight incredibly slowly. The OCD meds I'm taking can't be changed and I can't stop them, so I either starve myself or surrender to the side effects of my meds, I tried going to the gym, working out and still couldn't get in shape thanks to the meds.

And since I did a crash diet before in my early teens ( which like I said consisted of just water for 4 months ) I think I can do it again now, after it ends I will follow a healthy diet ..

I got no other choice...
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Originally Posted by risab View Post
I am not sure that you're serious! I sort of think you know this approach is absurd. Lastly, judging you profile pic, you look great! No dieting necessary for you Mr.
Be well
It's an old pic, obviously...
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Hello Isocrate, I'm going to do you a favor and close this thread because you will not get an inkling of support for this. You'll probably get the opposite. You are on a weight loss board that supports healthy diets, and you aren't trying a healthy diet.

Also if you are being treated for OCD, this might be something you want to talk to your doctor about, so he can help you pick a structured diet. I don't know how much doctors in Egypt do for dieting, but maybe there is another type of health professional that can help you, like a nutritionist or a dietitian.

One last thing - Christian Bale doesn't recommend anybody follow the diet he did. He did not get anybody's medical approval for that. He lost the weight to look shocking for the film, and it worked. He didn't lift weights, either, so he lost a lot of muscle mass. It was only for a temporary thing, as well. He bulked right back up when the movie was over.

Please see a health professional and take care of yourself.
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