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Working my way back
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Default How do you reward yourself?

I was wondering how everybody else support themselves? How do you give yourself a pat on the back for kicking butt and working hard day in and day out?

I have small, medium, and large rewards because let's face it- all achievements aren't equal! For example:

small reward: when i eat really well for a week or bust my booty working out (which i hate) and am really feeling like a treat- I indulge in that Smart Ones ice cream sundae (even though i really shouldn't reward myself with food- it works for me!) or splurge on a little something I want like new earrings or a pedi.

medium reward: when I meet one of those mini goals like 5lbs lost, or when i went down a clothing size, i celebrate! Usually I buy new workout clothes or new party clothes. Something that fits me really well and shows off my new bod or something that's going to motivate me to keep going!

and finally, the whole reason i thought of making this thread...
LARGE reward! It's been a long time coming... pregnancy, babies, just being fat but now i am a mere 7lbs away from my GOAL WEIGHT! the weight that i have no intention of going under but maintaining for a good long time. So i've waited and waited and when I hit that 130 mark I am going to get the tattoo I have wanted for 3 years! I'm finally at a place where I will love having it and love showing it off (i'm going with a very large tattoo on my rib cage) and i think this will be the very best motivator to get those last 7 lbs down! I am so happy with my body that i could get it today and be ecstatic- but what's a reward if you don't wait to get to your goal??

Anyway, I've rambled enough... what do YOU use for rewards?
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Let's do this!
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I've never rewarded myself, actually. Being thin was always the "reward". It sounds trite, but it's true.

However, I've decided that when I lose this weight I regained, DH and I are going designer jean shopping I want a pair of butt hugging earth shattering jeans.
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【☆ Chloe ☆】
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When I started last October...I told myself that I will get a cute tote bag when I hit my first weight goal. But I never got it eventhough I did reach my mini goal. LOL! I don't want to reward myself with food, but with stuff that I really want to get.

When I hit my 30lb-weight loss...ill be getting myself keyboards because I awfully miss playing the organs when I was a kid. It's a good reward and it wont be a waste =D and i really want to get one. In the 50lb-loss mark..i havent decided yet but i think i'll get this Kuro****suji Taeyang doll. Hopefully I will get to my final goal weight by summer but even if I don't I will feel good at rewarding myself with plane tickets to LA to attend the Anime Expo this year! xD

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I'm just looking forward to new clothing. I had everyone give me gift cards for Christmas (if they were thinking about clothes) so I can go "splurge". One reward I have gotten already was a new ring to hold my wedding ring in place. It had gotten so loose it would come off with my gloves, so I got a beautiful ring in a size smaller to keep the wedding ring on!
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When I get into Onderland, I’m buying myself one of those fabulous diamond “O” necklaces. I’ve wonted one forever, but it just seems fitting & it’ll mean so much more if I wait.

I do small rewards often, like 5%, 10%, 5 lb goals, meeting a challenge goal. I get things for myself like a new haircut/color, candles from my fave candle store, coffee beans from the best place in town, a trip to the bookstore for a few new books, etc.
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My large reward is going to be a tattoo too! I've got 3 but have always wanted one from my hip to my armpit... I cant wait to get there!!
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I'm trying something new to reward myself..

I used to indulge in chocolate(before I started to get on track with my body), and I think I'm going to transfer that to another indulgence, like a full body massage..maybe once every couple of months, if I've done really well staying OP and working out.

I have a minigoal to get down to a size 16 by summer, if I reach it, I'm going to reward myself with a new bathingsuit and some cute summer clothes!

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my next goal is 170 where I'll be buffing up my professional wardrobe and get some very nice suits. (i've been rewarding myself with shoes so far)

It'll be hard to try not to reward myself with each pound lost after that! only because I haven't been in the 160s since I was 15 yrs old.

Beyond that my rewards could be any of the following (or a combination thereof): manicure, pedicure, facial, earrings, purse, new shirts, skirts, workout clothes, gym shoes, makeup

And ultimately, new jeans!!! and shorts!

I'm so happy you posted this because i needed to remember some of my motivation rewards!

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5-10 lbs are usually new clothes. Right now I am holding out until 175 to get my new jeans. I know right now I could get 14's and have them be a lil snug, but I'm waiting

10-20lbs - I get a haircut and a pedi. When I get there and it's closer to summer I'm thinking about getting tips put on too (I'm also waiting for a certain ring that I know is in the process of being made so hey I wanna be ready lol)

Final lbs - the above two, as well as a tattoo on my foot. I know I could get it now, but it wouldn't be as special now I've wanted it for 2 years now and I haven't gotten it. Also, I am thinking about getting myself a small pair of diamond studs. My dbf got me amethyst heart studs for christmas for my first hole and I'm thinking for my second I will get the studs

You are doing great Corazonas! Post pics when you get your tattoo...i know it'll be soon
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Starting OVER!
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for every 5 lb lost I buy a new piece of workout gear.

and when I hit goal I'm going to buy tons of new clothes on my credit card I just paid off lol
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I've always loved rewards, from small to big, that encourage me to work out more or eat better. I can work toward the reward, and then the reward makes me want to keep going, so it works really well for me. I also like to make my rewards based on my actions, not on scale weight...because I like the control that gives me.


Small (5 workouts in a row, 1 weekend eating on plan, etc) - 5 songs on iTunes for my workouts, a tasty but low-cal condiment or marinade, really good wild salmon.

Medium - (300 minutes of exercise over my minimum goals, reduce 5k time by 2 minutes, lose 2% body fat, etc) New workout clothes, resistance bands or exercise balls, a new workout DVD, food prep tools (like a food scale), massage

Large - (Run a 10k, meeting body fat percentage goals, etc) Really good cooking knives, heart rate monitor, new mp3 player, weekend getaway to go hiking, etc.

I really liked that my rewards propelled me forward toward acheiving even more goals.
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I bought a new very pretty cross this weekend for staying with my new lifestyle for one month. In March my reward will be a new purse. At the end of each month I plan on treating myself.
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I never realized what a girly girl I am. My rewards have consisted of things like acrylic nails, jewelry, clothes, shoes, (I LOVE shoes!) and makeup. I don't really have a plan for my "goal" reward. It would be nice to have my hair cut and styled by a renowned professional though. I usually just go to cost cutters, or some walk in place and have it trimmed....
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My next goal is 210 - that will be 55 lbs lost. I am going to have a pedicure!
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Small rewards - CD's , trinkets

20 lb. - clothes

50 - We are going on a cruise!
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