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Unhappy I think its finally time to lose weight!!!

So today I went to go get measured for a bra and they told me my size was 42DDD. I wanted to cry. I have let myself get so over weight. I need to take control and stop making excuses. If I keep this up I won't be around to see my kids grow up and I don't want that.
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Well, you know you want to take control. You are here, so you have all the info you need and lots of support.
So - get crackin', chickie! You CAN do this!!!!

Pick a plan and start - now - right this minute!!!

We are here to help
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ah, the agony of bra shopping. the last time i got fitted, they brought me these things and i thought, i'm here to buy a bra, not a TENT! is this the camping department? and they are expensive in our sizes!

the upside is that a well-fitting bra can make you look and feel better for the time being. (mine are all too small again now)

we can do this! there is a lot of support (and humor!) on this site! i've been in denial for a long time and i'm so happy i found a safe place to admit that i need to lose weight. i am inspired by so many of the stories i've read on this site.
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So why to Cry...I love this line " Exercising is Hard, living a life with fat is hard" Choose your Hard..? We all here are on the same boat..trying to lose weight..reclaim our health and fitness and learn new ways to remain healthy. Crying or doing nothing won't help you...planning what you can do to reach your goals would put you back on the track.

Its not hard to lose it...its just little difficult &..luckily fatloss doesn't requires special skills at all, all it requires is consistency, discipline and making little changes everyday...and cmmon...for our kids we can always do this

All the best !

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Ahhh bra shopping. Well losing weight can definitely change things in that area . I went from a 44DD to a 34C.

Yes, take control - it's there for the taking. I didn't know it as I was suffering from overeating and being morbidly obese for 20+ years. But I had control the whole darn time. I was waiting for it to fall in my lap and I really didn't think that it was possible for me. But then I had had enough. I could take being obese no more. I too was fearful that my children would not have their mom around. I too was finally ready to lose weight. So, I looked deep and found that control. Who the heck knew? It was there the whole time. The whole time. I just had to reach out for it.

So know that change IS possible. And it's pretty darn exciting when you think about it and realize that you are capbable of losing weight. Because you are, we all are. You DO have the power to change this. You don't have to be overweight if you don't want to be. We don't have control over everything in this life. But the foods we eat, the choices that we make - we DO have control over.

So yes, don't waste another minute of your precious life. Take control, take charge and take care of yourself. No reason in this world to settle for second best, when first is well within your reach.

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I've experienced this situation from the other way around, I used to sell and fit bras for a living. Imagine having to break the bad news to someone...that we don't carry a size large enough for them, its almost as bad as getting the news...

If only we could keep the cup size the same as we go down in band size *sigh*
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Well HELLO THERE and to the beginning of your weight loss journey

I can definitely guarantee you that the "girls" will shrink quite a bit with weight loss. Mine initially shrunk from a 36D (sometimes even DD) to a 36C, then unfortunately shrunk to a 36B once I maintained my weight but changed my body composition (I lost 4 more bodyfat percentage points while maintaining my current weight and strength training hardcore). Now, I'm afraid they will shrink even more once I enter my first bodybuilding competition (October 2009, WAHOO!) BUT... it's better than being overfat and dealing with back pain every night!

I can completely empathize on the desire to cry once the moment hits you that it's TIME to lose weight. For me, it was getting so big that even my "fat" clothes were starting not to fit (and I refused to buy ACTUAL fat clothes because that meant I was comfortable with BEING fat! ), having people time and time again give me weight loss advice instead of saying, "UMMM you're NOT FAT, WHY do you want to lose weight?!" like they did when I whined about weight when I was thin, and then stepping on the scale and seeing that I weighed just as much as my DAD! THAT. DID. IT.

Good luck on your weight loss. OF COURSE you can DO IT!
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Welcome, welcome!
I too feel your pain on bra shopping!
Although I will say I am one of those lucky women who so far has gone from a 42C to a 38C, not a touch lost in the cuppies! I realize that may not be the norm, but there's only one way for you to find out. Grab a couple pieces of fruits and veggies today, hit an elliptical or treadmill for 20 minutes and start your journey!!!!

Good luck...and more importantly, have fun!
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Oh man, feel your pain there, they generally don't even have my size bra (44G) So I'm usually forced to buy bras that are too small because I don't have the type of money for ordered bras. lol
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