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It's a life long struggle
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Default I am having a down day

I am feeling huge today. I have lost weight in my boobs which is good...BUT it makes my stomach look really big. Whenever I pass a mirror I cant help it the first thing I notice is my stomach just sticking out. I look pregnant. I took my measurements last month around the 28th and I took them this morning and I was up 1/2 inch around my waist! is that??? I feel like I am working so hard all of a sudden my body is just like nope...not going to get any smaller, sorry. I am actually afraid to step on the scale next week because of this.

I hate feeling like this because I know I have lost and gotten smaller since the winter, but I feel like in the last month my stomach is more noticable because of my less boobs issue.
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Sorry you are feeling down -- I wish our bodies would lose weight proportionately!! I have lost my whole 14 lbs I swear off my left chest!!

Don't get discouraged, you are doing great and I'm sure it will eventually "even out".
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never say never
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I'm having a down day too and I just went shopping for smaller pants! Just know that this will pass. You won't look like this forever...just keep chipping away with your workout and eating program. I've lost very very little weight this month and it can be very discouraging...but chin up...just keep plugging along. You'll be glad you did!
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I have 2 words.... Granny Panties!!! lol. As my kids call them. They are actually just shape wear panties that help hold in your tummy. I wear them to work, just for that added confidence. But they really do work! And boy, I can't wait for the day i can burn them lolll. But for now they do hold in my tummy a bit and i feel better wearing them.

Also, maybe it's time to start focussing toning the abs. It's never too early to start getting those muscles ready for your shrinking waist. Hang in there, women always lose the boobs first. You're doing great so keep up the good work and this too shall pass!
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Unfortunately, for most cases, the boobs are usually the first thing to go. (That was definitely the case with me)

The good news, though, is that if you keep working hard - your belly WILL shrink along with them, even if you have to go through that awkward shrunken-boob stage for a little while. Just hang in there, everything will be proportionate again eventually!

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We all know what you're feeling like, because it happens to everyone of us. But don't let it sidetrack you.....You have done an amazing job so far and there is no reward in going back to the way you were eating. The only way to make it truly better is to put your head down and move forward with your diet and exercise plan.....Today will always be better than yesterday and tomorrow will always be better than today if you stick to your guns and make it through.

We are all here to give you that extra push and help you through this tough time....and we know you can make it! I'm sorry it's been a rough one, but it will get better!

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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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I just want to say what a GREAT job you are doing!!! I understand feeling down about areas on your body which you would like to see improving, that's totally normal. What I can only suggest is to not focus on that area in particular and focus on OTHER areas which you do like/are proud of. You will get there, it's just at the moment your stomach seems worse than it probably is.

Keep up the outstanding work!! You will get there!!!!
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finding herself
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Hang in there! I think sometimes our bodies sometimes just need a little time to catch up with us and all the changes. you are doing a great job! I will totally share your pain on the shrunken boobs. poor things. ;-)

My frustration is that as I am getting smaller around, like to even need smaller pants, the over all look isn't changing. i still have the soft belly sticking out. So join me as I switch things up a bit, and actually focus some direct attention on my midsection. besides, if we can get the tummys to shrink too, the boobs, in proportion will appear to look larger again. ;-) hey it is worth a try.

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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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Well, it's hard to change a basic body shape with weight loss alone. My excess weight goes on my middle, and what's left of it is still there. But, exercise and resistance workouts (weight training) do a lot to help!

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Half inch, eh, sounds like a little bloating. I'm sure you'll see a difference in a few days. I too am cursed with a round little belly that shakes like a bowlful of jelly so I know how you feel. (Not that I've ever felt you! ) Hope you're feeling more upbeat today.
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Girl! You have lost 50 pounds- that is AMAZING in an of itself! I'm sorry you are having a down day too- but remember- our bodies will hit a plateau at some point.... and sometimes we need to take a little break to give our body some rest, or refeed to jump start our metabolism again.

I'm sure you look fantastic- and that today is just one of those days! Keep looking ahead though

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be patient! It will straighten out!
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You have done an AMAZING job already! Don't let that discourage you, give yourself a big pat on the back, look how far you've come, 50 lbs it's HUGE!

You're not alone, I'm not very gifted in the boob department , it seems like my stomach sticks out all the time, and like you, I sometimes think I look pregnant , but hang in there, you're doing great, keep doing what you're doing and it'll get better.
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I luv my curves
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I agree you have done an amazing job so far that alone is a WOW moment in itself! Just hold on you will be alright!!!!!
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Can't wait till 170
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Remember that you did a great job by losing 50 lbs!!! That's so great and such an inspiration.
Although you are having a bad day, and feel like your body is not listening today, try to rememer how it felt when you first hit -10, -20, -30...and just keep up the good work. I'm sure your tummy will follow the "girls" and be gone!
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