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Ilene the Bean
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I now tell people that I feel sick if I eat junk, sugar, processed food, they think I'm weird, but TOO BAD!!!! It IS an allergic reaction to junk food ....
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We have excess desserts often at my workplace too. Sometimes it is hard to pass up a giant cake staring me in the face, especially the gourmet cakes from some of the nicer bakeries. If someone else is doing the slicing, I usually say "thanks, but I'd like to cut my own slice" and proceed to take a small sliver. When there are mega muffins and donuts galore, I get a plastic knife out of my drawer and cut a tiny piece for a little taste. When I look 10 minutes later, someone else has used the knife to cut themselves a small piece as well. I am also in charge of lunch ordering for several department meetings so luckily I am control of ordering some healthy options (salads & vegetables) in addition to the calorie-rich meaty stuff the guys in the group seem to love.

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Token Vulcan
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Everybody has their likes, dislikes or things they choose not to have. I don't drink alcohol or coffee...which you think is like a Ripley's oddity to some people. But I simply have no taste for them. There's things I dislike that I won't eat that most people wouldn't think twice about (like Chinese food or seafood). My Italian family members are surprised when I tell them I don't drink wine, like how can you be Italian and not? But I learned a long time ago not to consume anything if I really dislike it (like the two times I tried a little Chinese food and upchucked both times).

I don't know if anybody saw The Biggest Loser last week but they basically forced an oyster down Kelly's throat when she didn't want it and she was gagging afterwards, she was so repulsed by it. She was nicer about it than I would have been. I would have been like "Are you people deaf??? I said NO and I mean NO!!!"
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