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Smile Patting Myself on the Back

So last night was the Variety Show at my youngest's school and we had to be there at 6:30pm. Hmmm, wondered about dinner all day then decided to pick up a pizza - yes, PIZZA - in the early afternoon and just reheat it for dinner. I looked up the cals - 300 per slice. Hmmm, at 2 slices thats 600 cals (yes, I know you're impressed w/my amazing math skills ). I'd already had about 750 cals w/bfast and lunch, still needed a substantial snack and since we were eating at 5p.m. and not getting home till 9:30p.m., I also figured I'd be hungry again. 2 slices would put my cal count for the day waaaay too high. I opted for a cheese stick and 1 serving of mini rice cakes around 3:00pm and only had 1 slice of pizza loaded w/mushrooms w/a side salad for dinner. Yeah, that was good; but this is better. We stopped at DQ after the show and as tempting as a mint oreo blizzard was, I had nothing. Zilch, zip, nada. Came home and had 1 caramel rice cake topped w/a tblspn of vanilla yogurt, a few sliced strawberries and a sprinkling of granola. Sweet, crunchy, tasty and about 100 cals. Total cal count for the day yesterday was 1400. Stayed on track and didn't blow it. Doin' a happy dance today, baby!!!

P.S. Anyone who will ever have a kid in some type of variety show -- um, remind your kid to smile when they're up there and not to just stand perfectly-still-with-a-look-of-fright on their faces!
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Good for you! That is definetly something to dance around about.
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KUDOS!!! LOL @ comment about having your kids smile. When my baby (he's 18 now) was 6 he wanted to try wrestling so his 1st time up he layed like a limp puppy. LOL we were yelling at him to at least wiggle. It was so funny it's like once the new kids got up they all did that.
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Wonderful job!
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Wow that is awesome! Fighting off those temptations are difficult but sure do feel rewarding when you dont give in
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Wow! You did great! Congratulations.
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Now that's success!!!
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Hat Trick
You did great congratulations. Nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back. Sometimes, you just have to blow your own horn
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The feeling you would have gotten from eating is nothing in comparison to the feeling you get from being strong and resisting temptation and losing weight. Well done!
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