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Default Awkward.

For the past 2 months or so ive been on a diet. Looking to lose 30 LB, of excess fat, just bleh not liking it. So I started up, mostly by eating ALOT less, and more healthy foods. And now, 2 months later, I dropped 19 LB ( not much exercise at all besides daily routine ) I was excited. Then I started exercising, and eating a little bit more, like maybe a treat here this day but for this past week, begining of the week being 146 LB. I started jogging\walking around this park we have, I think its about 2 miles, and once I went around 3 times I believe jogging half of it. and every other day ive gone around once or twice.

Now just today I weighed myself ( weekly.. ) and I was at 150.6.

Im just curious but what am I doing wrong? or could this just be muscle? it still astonishes me though 5 LB of muscle in a week\ week and a half?

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It is probably just water retention. Probably not muscle in such a short period of time and from what you say most likley not fat either.


Read the sticky at the top of the forum for more info: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/showthread.php?t=115826

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When I first started running, I went up about 5 pounds after a week or so. But then it dropped back down almost as quickly. It could be partly muscle, partly water weight, could be your TOM is around the corner, could be the treat you had was higher sodium, could be a heck of a lot of things all combined. But chances are it too will drop.
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It's really hard to build muscle, particularly for women. It isn't created out of air, fat doesn't turn into muscle - if you are restricting calories to lose weight you probably just can't BUILD a lot of muscle, and very doubtfully 5 lbs in a week. Probably water retention, drink a lot of water and weigh again in another week.
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and eating a little bit more, like maybe a treat
Watch out for this. Doing more exercise doesn't mean it's OK to eat more...

I agree, though, that it's probably water weight. Drink more water, and lose the treats for awhile.

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As the others said... probably just retention. Drink plenty of water, reaccess next week. (And as Jay said, make sure the treats aren't becoming too plentiful.)
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