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Default need to regain control

I'm just reaching out for support here. I've kind of spiraled out of control this week. It started with a really stressful event. Then came several nights with very little sleep. Next a missed workout. And now two days of pretty seriously off plan eating. (Although I did at least hit the gym this morning, with what little energy I could muster.)

I need some of those encourage words 3FC is famous for! I don't usually need the external motivation, but I feel so weak right now. TIA.
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Default Good For You

Hey!!1 At least you hit the gym!! That is a GOOD thing... so tomorrow instead of doing just one good thing.. add another you can be proud of! you'll be back on track before you know it!!

Good Luck!
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Hey 3Beans,

I hear you. It's really hard--but you've got to get back into it, and accept no excuses! Not enough sleep, not enough time... These things seem like they get in they way, but it's only if we let them!

Maybe set yourself down and make a schedule, whether it's a food list for the day or your exercise time at the gym. Putting things in writing sometimes helps. I know that if it's not on my schedule, all bets are off--I may or may not do it. If it's written in, then I get reinforcement for doing it every time I look.

Hang on! Don't let a bad event send you into a spiral!
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Hey 3beans -

Hang in there! Have you been able to "catch up on" your sleep? Maybe a good planned restful night might make it a little bit easier to wake up and get started fresh! Do you have on-plan foods around and ready to go? Getting a few ready may help deter you from eating a lot of things you need to avoid right now.

Jay is usually right about the excuses that we all make (Guilty here!) It's important that, although I can't say always, we don't let most events and stresses in our lives dictate our eating & exercising.

You can work through this, and eating better & getting in your exercise can help reduce stress. Sometimes we have to force it. Now might be one of those times where motivation won't carry you, but determination will.

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Default discouraged

Hi I am trying to get back into the swing of things once you get off track it's hard to get back on. I lost 25 pounds and when i went astray i gained 15 back. I really don't know what to do. I do have a gym membership it's finding the time to go with work and being a mother of four and a wife. My husband and i were going together but his work schdule won't let us. I really don't like going by myself. I'm trying to get back to three small meals and three snacks it's hard i like sweets way to much. I am not a big fan of meat i eat some like fish turkey burger and some chicken. I really need help just no energy to even try to start. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
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3beans, I hear you. As Faerie said, "Jay is right!"

One of my biggest obstacles is "remembering" how good I feel after I've done a workout or had a good eating day. I can't remember the feeling enough to think, "yes, I want to do that again... right now!" I'd rather sit slumped in front of the computer feeling lousy.
Sometimes I think that's a fault I need to get past. Makes me feel like an immature kid who can't get her act together. But really, there's no point in my sitting around dwelling over it.
The only way I can get past that is to make a plan and just do it.
Sometimes things come easily to us, and sometimes they don't. When they don't... just go into auto-mode and "do it". You'll feel better for it afterwards.
Hang in there, girl.

Peaches, welcome!
Take a look around the forum... there are lots of great plans with supportive people to hang out with.
Sounds like you're in the same position as a lot of us. Short on time, tired, and feeling that we've gone astray. For you, too, make a plan and do it.

I'm actually feeling a little motivated myself, and am going to make a plan and do it.
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I appreciate the support, everyone.

I love my classes at the gym and I really want to go. It's not a matter of motivation, but the lack of sleep is really hurting. Unfortunately, I haven't resolved that yet, and now I'm having unpleasant digestive problems as well. I just don't feel like I have the strength to exert myself.

So for now, I think it would be best for me to focus on regaining control of my eating and resolving my sleep and stomach problems. Yikes! It's like I've just fallen apart this week.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm really needing the backup!
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I've been struggling lately, too. Stress, lack of sleep, ate too much, missed a couple of workouts, TOM..

I may not be successful every day, but when I start to spiral out of control, I just try to set small goals for myself. For example, Thursday was just a bad day all around and I ate like the "old me". Yesterday, I vowed that I would exercise and not overeat. Well, I overate, but not as badly as the day before, and I did workout. I am not going to beat myself up about it. Today, another goal. Get a little more of my mojo back.

Now that I've been doing this a couple of years, I am recognizing that there are times that are easier to stay on plan and times that are harder. In the hard times I may not be perfect, but that doesn't mean I'm giving up on myself or backsliding into all my old ways. It's important for me to forgive myself, and then make strategies to avoid the problem in the future. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Don't know if that makes any sense!
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3Beans, I think you've got the right idea. One thing at a time, and work your way back into your normal routine. Lack of sleep can hinder weight loss as well. Have you thought of seeing your doctor? The sleep problems combined with the digestive problems sound like they would probably be enough for me to make an appointment. Just a thought - good luck!
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Originally Posted by Heather View Post
Don't know if that makes any sense!
Yes, it certainly does!

Modkittn, thanks for the feedback. I think the incremental approach does fit right now.

What's going on right now physically isn't a medical problem though. I'm just dealing with something stressful, or rather dealing with the stressful situation of someone nearby. (The first night of sleep I lost was due to one of those phone calls you get at 3:30am that you have no choice but to take - I'm sure some of you know what I mean.) I'm going to have to figure out the right balance of helping and self-preservation because it may be going on for a while.

Basically, it's a stressed out/no sleep/PMS trifecta of anti-fitness evil. I'll probably be here a lot!

I'm actually leaving for a vacation next Saturday. On the one hand, it will definitely be needed and I'm very excited. On the other, I really wanted to stay POP until I leave because I'll be taking a break (but staying mindful) while I'm away, and that's kind of disappointing. Well, I'll guess I'll just have to pick it back up from here. And under no circumstances will I let all this ruin my trip!

Many many thanks!
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