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Unhappy I lost weight, but no difference.

Im about to be in the 170's a number I havent seen in years. Almost a 30lb. lost, and I look the same. Maybe some shirts that were very tight on me before are not so tight, but Im still wearing the same clothes. I havent even dropped a size yet. Im not going to stop trying to lose I just want to know that Im not going to be at my goal weight of 130, and still wear a size 15.

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CountryGirl18 - hang in there! You will change sizes soon. I lost 35 lbs. before I really needed to change sizes. Then, I lost 10 and changed sizes again. Ten more - and another size change.

I promise you that you will be in a different size when you reach your goal.

Another note, no one noticed my weight loss until I did change sizes. And - because we live with ourselves and see ourselves every day - we are the WORST judge of whether we have lost weight or not.
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Were you wearing your clothes pretty snug before? Are they comfortable now? Maybe you weren't in the right size to begin with. You'll notice soon. Don't worry.
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I remember once thinking that I hadnt changed sizes at all. Pants still seemed to fit about the same (this was back in the pre-stretch denim days). Then one day I noticed that the bottom of my jeans was getting all frayed. They were just riding lower than before as my waist and hips shrank, the jeans sunk. Back then the jeans were all high waisted so I didnt get the falling off my butt effect I would get now.

OF course this also worked in the opposite direction..I would fail to notice a weight gain until one day my jeans were...ummm...making me a little too happy when I sat down

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CountryGirl18 - Have you taken any pictures? A year and a half ago I lost 25lbs and I did not see it at all. I then fell off the bandwagon and gained another 35lbs. When I look back, I see such a difference in the pictures. Even though back then I didn't see it, I see it now that I have put that weight back on! You should also try taking measurements. Don't worry, your hard work will eventually pay off!
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I agree with Nevaeh that pictures are very important. You see yourself in the mirror every day, so of course you don't notice the changes as much as someone who, say, only sees you a few times a year. Before pictures are sometimes difficult to take at the time, but for this exact reason, they can be insanely helpful.

I lost almost 50 pounds once and still didn't change sizes. I just went from wearing a tight 22 to a comfortable 22. I got so frustrated that I gave up, and now here I am, another 20 pounds heavier than when I started that time. I just have to keep telling myself it will happen eventually! And when it does start happening, the next size typically takes fewer pounds to reach than the first size change took, if that makes sense.
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HOnestly when I lost my first 30 lbs I didn't notice it either until someone I work with told me that my pants were baggy. I honestly wouldn't have thought it - but after she pointed it out, I went and looked in a full length mirror and .. YEAH ... the butt of my pants was def. baggy.

Sometimes it just takes someone from the outside to point things out.
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I'm just like photochick, when I lost weight once I didn't even notice until someone told me my pants were looking baggy. This time around though I took some "before" pics and I keep track of the inches I've lost, so I know I'm down quite a bit since last year.
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