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Default New Year New Me

Hi my name is Larry, im 32 years old, and I've never really made a new years resolution but this year I want to get back into shape so I can enjoy playing with my children more and I hope it will make my wife happier also.

So I talked to some friends who had recently lost some weight and after listening to their advice I bought a Bowflex, the book “The Bowflex Body Plan”, and a multivitamin and appetite suppressant from NuBody Supplements. I hope with all these things I can loose at least 20 lbs by summer.

I'm going to keep track of my process on here to try and keep myself honest, and I would like any tips or advice anyone can offer.

Thanks in advance


I am about 6'4 245 lbs, I want to get down to at least 220, maybe I will want to go lower when I get there.

Heres my routine:

~300 cals
egg white omlet w/ broccoli
Whole Grain Bagel w/ peanut butter

1 cup OJ
1 NuBody multivitamin
1 NuBody appetite suppressant

~200 cals
2 of these:
banana, apple, ˝ cantaloupe, 5 dried prunes, 1oz raisins, 1 cup light yogurt

~300 cals
sandwich (2 slices whole-wheat bread, 1 tab mustard, 2 oz white chicken)
1 NuBody multivitamin

~200 cals
Same as above

~500 cals
tuna salad, 3 oz lean steak, or 6 oz which chicken
˝ cup peas
˝ cup sliced beets
2 slices whole-wheat bread
1 NuBody multivitamin
1 NuBody appetite suppressant

~200 cals
same as above

For my workout I'm starting with:

Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Bench Press
Standing Biceps Curl
Seated Shoulder Press
Seated Abdominal Crunch
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Hey larryw32!

We do have some other roosters here!

Your plan looks good--I assume there is some variation allowed on vegetables. 1500 calories sounds like a reasonable range--but see whether you feel too hungry, especially given your workout.

I do believe in taking a good multivitamin, personally, but I don't go in for the appetite suppressants. I just use good old fashioned calorie counting and exercise.

We have a forum about weight loss supplements that you might want to visit:


Good luck, Larry!

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Echo.... echo.... echo...

Yeah, I'm kinda in agreement with Jay (usually am). The plan sounds pretty good, but would personally pass on the appetite supressant. If you're hungry on that amount of calories, at your size and height, I would just add in a couple of hundred calories worth of some protein or fiber. But that's just me.

Anyway. Welcome to 3FC and good luck in reaching your very reasonable and DOABLE goals!
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You might consider fitday.com. You can log all your food and it will calculate your intake. I agree with the others as well. Robin brought up something important. At your size, you may be starting too low. If you log into fitday and put in what you used to eat (you can delete it), you might find out where you were and cut back from there. If you are exercising, you really should think about how many calories you are taking in vs. out.

If you try to do without the suppressant, you might find that you feel better, depending on how it makes you feel when you take them.

Good luck. You've come to a great place for support.
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Well, the plan looks ok, but peas and beets? Both are high starch/sugar content. Where are your green veggies? Put some lettuce (romaine maybe) on that sandwich. Broccoli, green beans, spinach, carrots...veggies are nutrient dense, and help fill you up with fewer calories. They are also packed with fiber which is important. I have never heard of the Nubody supplements, so I will pass on commenting on them.
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Wow....1500 calories for a man???? That just seems a bit low to me. Are you sure about that?? I guess you can try that and then add more...but i thought most people would start a little higher and then drop some. I really didn't think men should go much lower than 1500 a day?? Men are made up of alot more muscle than women and i am only eating 1200-1300 a day. Really not much left for me to drop without risking the little bit of muscle i do have.

I know that an appetite suppressant sounds like the answer but i don't know about that. I find that if i eat planned snacks and stuff every two to three hours, i don't need anything to suppress my appetite because there is always something in my belly. It's when i go longer than 3-4 hours that i get famished.

Anyways....we wish you all the luck in the world...definately keep posting here and we will give you all the support, encouragement and advice that we possibly can. And do check out Fitday.com. It's GREAT!!!! (takes a little work at first, but once you get your foods filled in...it's a breeze!!)
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