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Default It's great to be OP!

I woke up early today. Weigh myself, 174.5, good I'm coming back down from the holidays. Got my running gear, and left for a 5k run around the general neighborhood. It's cold during my warm-up, but then it's all good.
I get back, check the time. Shaved off 20 seconds from my run time. Well, that's something.
I make myself a 4 egg white omelette with salsa, 1 oz of light cheddar, on a ww tortilla. Some black coffee and a bunch of water.
I just had my mid-morning snack of low cal yogurt and Fiber One cereal.

I know it's going to be a good day because I'm on plan. That's right, nothing really amazing has happened today. Lost half a pound, ran a tad bit faster, but it's a great day because I know that I am going to be OP all day.

Isn't it great to be OP? For me, it gets me going. It makes me feel that I am doing something good for me, like I'm almost pampering myself (notice the almost, I do prefer a hot bath with candles and such for pampering).

I feel great! I have energy, my skin is clear, my hair is...okay, poofy but healthy!

And you?

This is a thread to celebrate how great our plans make us feel. This is to remind ourselves that the scales aren't the only reason we eat and exercise this way, it's because in the end, we are doing something great for ourselves and that shows inside and out.

Have a blessed day!

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This post made my day. You're right - it IS great to be on plan. It makes me feel strong and happy.
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Yesterday I had a bad day, food wise. I became carb monster in the evening, and I ate things I don't even like that much--now how brainless is that?--some kind of rebellion going on, I guess. I have no logical explanation.

I paid for it, too, because I couldn't sleep well--kept waking up, had anxiety feelings, etc., and I know from experience it's just because of eating the refined carbs!

So today, so far, I'm sticking to my plan. I do feel better when I get ahold of things--make better choices--stay mindful of what I'm doing! I'm halfway through my food day, and I've eaten half my daily calories, and that's just right. I did my morning walking, too!

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Great going Archy. And a great realization. It really IS great to be OP. I know when I'm off plan, I'm cranky, guilt ridden, nervous, antsy, anxious, headache-y and something feels "off".

Being OP is really a great feeling. It feels so cool to be eating healthily. It's just a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. I feel strong and in control - and I LOVE that.
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I feel so energetic and healthy when I'm eating right and exercising. When I don't, I feel crummy. So, I agree, IT'S GREAT TO BE OP!

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I wanna be a loser, too
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I actually changed my plan today. Instead of having high fiber cereal with a banana and 1% milk, I had 2 packets of unflavored oatmeal with half a green apple and a half cup of blueberries. I don't put milk in my oatmeal. It's mid morning now and I'm fuller than I have been with the cereal. I'm comtemplating whether or not I want my Ry Krisp with the Laughing Cow cheese for my snack. I've also gotten on this kick of mixing dry onion soup mix with FF sour cream and having some veggies. I don't have the veggies with me, I may substitute the Ry Krisp and treat it like chips and dip.

Thank you for this thread. It does remind me that I have a plan and that I sometimes need to alter it to keep it interesting.

Jay, you've done so well. You'll be at goal in no time! I've stalled. I didn't gain weight over the holidays. However, I seem to be in one of my stalls. I hope by changing my plan a bit, my body will be fooled into thinking that something else is going on and want to let my muscle continuing beating my fat into submission.
love n kisses,

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You are so right. I know that with me, the thing is, when I was used to eating badly, I didn't really notice that I felt like crap. I got so used to it. Then I switched gradually to healthier, more consistent eating, and I didn't really notice how much better I felt. It happened so gradually, I got used to it without it really registering. But NOW, when I do go significant awry in my eating, I REALLY notice that I feel like crap. (Maybe some of that is related to age, too - I could drink all I wanted with no hangover worries until I was 23. Now, at 41, it's just so not worth it!)

As much as I hate those bad eating periods, in a way they do serve a good purpose - they remind me of the most important reason to eat well. Not to lose weight so much, as just to feel good, without all that yicky, bloaty, gassy, phlegmy feeling.
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I agree, it is great to be on plan. I have been out of control since the holidays and I am finally getting back on track. Your post serves as a reminder for me that this all isn't just about weight. I have other problems related to eating: a hiatal hernia and acid reflux. Plus, a family history of high cholesterol. All of these are very good reasons to eat more healthy. And then of course, there is the weight. I focus so much on weight. If I focused on the health aspect of it all, maybe I would do better. Thanks for the reminder and congrats on your good day!

Still not giving up, fighting the fight of my life!

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It IS great to be on plan. When I'm on plan I'm full of energy, my skin glows, I laugh easily, and sleep well.

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It's never too late
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I love this thread! I started WW (free with borrowed books and info from a friend) back in April 2007 and I was pretty well on plan until the end of October (with planned off days like a wedding, weekend on vacation, etc. to keep myself sane and getting that little pleasure from eating foods I don't usually eat at all anymore) and then November and December was not on plan at all. I was on going over my points by a lot at least 3 days a week, and I was having a lot of "events" like visiting family, holidays, parties, etc. where I would eat off plan for a day or several days, and I stalled in my weight loss for two months, losing and gaining the same 3-4 pounds. Christmas weekend was 4 days of eating crap and off plan, and by Christmas I felt like absolute crap. New Year's weekend wasn't much better, but starting on New Year's Eve my fiance and I dedicated ourselves to our plan again, bought healthy food at the store, and have been on plan all week. I've managed to get 3 days of exercise and to stay within my points range each day. IT FEELS GREAT TO BE BACK ON PLAN!! There is also a Biggest Loser contest starting at work that I am committed to doing well in so it's even more motivation to stay on plan.

After Christmas weekend I couldn't believe that I used to eat the crap that I used to eat like chips and dip, chocolate, cookies, etc. I felt sick and bloated and way too full for a few days, so this week of being on plan and eating lighter and healthier plus getting exercise in has been great.
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No more fake foods!
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This is the perfect thread for me right now. I feel so good today because I am staying on plan and I stayed on plan yesterday as well. I am always off and on with my new lifestyle but having two good days in a row is really motivating! It makes me feel really accomplished, strong, independent, intelligent and HEALTHY to be on plan! Yay!
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I wish I could say that i know what you mean about the body feeling better being on plan....but i don't. Unless i stuff myself on carbs i don't normally eat or foods i only eat once in a while...i do notice that i come away feeling over full...and when i eat the foods i normally eat on my plan...I don't feel that way...i feel satisfied. That's about all i can say about how i "feel" when i'm on plan.

But seeing the weight dropping back down because i am on plan and drinking my water....Now that is a GREAT feeling!!! I am back down to that wonderful 136 i saw for one day right there before christmas and that feels AMAZING!!! I feel like I am back on track to losing these last few pounds i want to drop. It makes me definately want to stay on plan with my regular foods. I felt so good this morning, that i made sure i made my scrambled egg whites with fat free cheese for breakfast this morning. And I am dressed to go to the gym as soon as i get out of work today. I may just walk on the treadmill and lift some weights, no classes today, but that is definately better than no excersize. And that makes me feel good about myself that i am taking a little time out on saturday for myself and my body.

Being on plan is good for the heart, body and soul!!!!!
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It only took me going on vacation and lots of my eating options being out of my control to realize how great it feels to be on plan. I still ate in moderation and chose healthier things than I would have before. But I noticed by the end of my vacation and eating so many carbs and so much sugar - I was soooo tired and sluggish. I missed the energy and how great I feel when I'm on plan.

Thanks for starting this thread. You are so right. It's great to be OP.

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