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Default How often do you weigh yourself?

Daily? Couple times per day? Couple times a week? Once a week? What's a scale? lol

Be honest though, how often do you jump on the scale and weigh yourself?
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I weigh myself every morning. I like to see the daily ups and, hopefully, more downs. I've been charting everything in hopes of finding patterns of things I might need to work on or times to expect a slight rise. I've already been able to see that I don't lose as much when I'm not working as when I am. My scales show tenths of a pounds so I'm happy to even see a tenth or two loss. It keeps me going.
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I weigh on Fridays, which is my official weigh-in day. I will very occasionally jump on during the week just to see where I am, but I don't think frequent weighing is very helpful if you're inclined to stress out about each and every ounce. The daily weighing works for some, but for others it just seems to cause more emotional torment than is strictly necessary.
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Once a day (unless I am away from my scale). It drives me nuts sometimes; but when it goes down, it really keeps me motivated!
I chart everything as well. I keep track of average weekly and monthly losses. I also keep a column for "my weight a week ago" and "my weight a month ago" It helps me spot trends, and balance out those days where the number went in the wrong direction.

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Almost everyday. When I don't, I also ignore healthy behaviors. It keeps me on plan.
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i usually weigh everyday, but this week I am trying out a new plan, and I want to see what lose I have in one lump sum .. so I guess my answer is.. normally everyday..
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It keeps me on plan.
I used to weigh once a week but that day I went off plan since "I had all week to make it up". I was cheating myself, not very clever, I know, but I did it.
I only move my ticker mondays and thursdays..

Ahh and I bought a great digital scale.. it shows every 100 grs (here we use kilos) so I then convert that to pounds.
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Every Monday morning after the potty, and in the buff. I also take my measurements once a month.

Knowing that I am weighing in on Monday morning helps me stay on track for the weekends.
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Once a week when I remember. It would drive me nuts to weigh more than that. Although, there have been a couple of times I have weighed twice a week...bad eating week and I wanted to see the damage if any and stay on top of it.
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Daily, but only "count" Monday weigh-ins at my TOPS meeting. If I forget, I also tend to forget to keep track of what I'm eating.
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Daily, to keep myself in-check. I only count it on Mondays.
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I, along with my Sister and Brother-in-law weigh in each week. This was our first week and I lost 9lbs!!!! I am so psyched! I injured my ankle 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to excercise, but I have really made changes in my diet. I know I won't have weight losses this big each week, BUT....it really gave me the encouragement I needed.
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I weigh a couple times a day but I only "count" my morning weight.
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I get on my scales everyday.....It keeps me more focused!!!
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I weigh every single morning and record it in an excel chart. I even travel with my scale because 1 missing day on that chart would really bother me. I have found that being able to see it daily (measured to the tenth) on a graph gives me a great idea of how unimportant the tiny fluctuations are, but at the same time, how the fluctuations over time can effect the overall trend. Now that my graph is like 150+ days strong, it really is quite fun to look at. But back to the question, once/day.

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