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breakfast rebel
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Default Our Advantages - A Positive Thread

Hi Pals;
I thought it might be helpful for us to think of and be grateful for the things we have going for us that can work to our advantage in our weight loss goals. It is so easy for us to lament our weak points, but it might serve us better to focus on our strong points, or aspects of our lifestyles that can help us more than hurt us.

I'll start:

Being single and living alone, I don't have to compromise my dining times or food choices with anyone else's. If I want to go on the Sauerkraut and Squid diet there is no one here to question it!

Just naturally, I have been blessed with the lack of a sweet tooth, so sweets are not a temptation for me.

My work offers me flexible timing for lunches, so I don't have to eat according to the clock.

I like vegetables.

I live in an area where there are a lot of options for physical activities.

OK-- next???
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Heather 2.0
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Oooh - good thread!

Okay... of all the things to be supportive of, my husband is one of my biggest champions on the cheer squad as I lose weight (regardless of whatever he doesn't like about me!)

I have the good fortune to be able to afford a treadmill, and a large screen TV to entertain myself while I run.

Despite wishing to the contrary, having no children at this time allows me to remain very focused on my weight loss and goals.

I have learned to like fish, and I never get bored of salad!


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Oh - I like this one!

Ok - I am blessed to be able to afford Curves, I have access to two military bases with gyms and walking tracks for variation. I live on the beach if I want to walk along the ocean. Wow - all of that and I hardly take advantage of any of them!

My family is very supportive - I can fix meals for all of us to eat, and they don't complain - my children are older and not here alot, so my schedule is just that - mine. I can also afford to buy special things - I should be doing a better job with all that I have available!
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Becoming myself
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Good idea for a thread!

*We don't have kids, so I have immense flexibility with regard to meals and exercise and demands on my time.

*My husband will eat whatever I put in front of him, as long as he doesn't have to cook it. So I can cook healthy meals with plentiful veggies and lean meats.

*I am robustly healthy, and my one limitation (my damaged arm) can be well accomodated.

*I live in beautiful Southern California, and I can go out every single day and exercise. I have plentiful options and always have something new to try.

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* I have an extremely supportive husband who is on this journey with me.

* I will be aquiring a good quality treadmill at no cost to me very soon!!!

* I love fruit and vegetables

* I also love to drink water as my main drink , even with meals

* I have a 13 year old who has offered to watch my 8 month old for 30 minutes every other evening so I can walk freely on the treadmill!!!

I like this thread! Very positive.
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I already cook different things for DH and me, because he has a fairly limited list of things he eats - so no problem for me to cook whatever I need.

In spite of my years of yo-yo dieting and my advanced age (65), my metabolism is still ok. As long as I stick to plan, I loose. No plateaus or other problems.

I love vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

Although I do have a part time job, I have plenty of time to prepare food, cook etc.
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Just Yr Everyday Chick
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I own my own home-based business, so I don't face the temptations of having co-workers bringing food into the office.

My partner is happy to let me go my own way with food and supports my efforts.

My time is my own, so if I decide I'd rather work out at 3 or at 7, it's OK.

I live in a community where I can go for a walk at any time and feel safe.

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Mens sana in corpore sano
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This thread is a good idea. So let's see:

I live alone and am single, so I'm pretty free when it comes to making my own meals, eat at the campus restaurant on a whim if I want to, etc. Since I'm also in a period of my life when I like trying new, exotic dishes now and then (keeping them healthy, of course!), it's very convenient.

I have access to the campus gym. 15 euros for 9 months, I can pick 5 differents sports to practice, and I'll soon get the card that will allow me to freely use the weights+cardio room almost whenever I want. Which will be great, since this way I'm less limited by my very busy week schedule, and/or can go in the evenings.

I live near two nice parks in which I can easily go for a run or a walk.

I live 35 minutes by bike from where I work. That's easy exercise to squeeze in for something that would take me *more* time to go to by bus/streetcar.

I love vegetables more and more.

I have no problems at all drinking water. In fact, it's even my favourite drink.

I have two legs, two arms, and a head that work. Silly as it sounds, I am lucky to have that and no real big impediment in my life as far as everyday, basic actions are concerned...
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breakfast rebel
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This is great! We all have so much going in our favor! All good pushes to being lean!

I just thought of another one for me: I belong to a wonderful CSA so I get organic local vegetables every week; there are several food stores nearby my work or home that offer natural, whole foods, and there are farmers' markets in my county every day of the week.
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Starting Over
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* although it sucks, having my husband deployed right now makes it easier to eat healthy and create a lifestyle where i won't eat junk by the time he comes back home

* my kids are respectful of treadmill time, and get to play a special game while i am on, and do not come near it or bug me too much while i am running

* i have ALL OF YOU which makes a huge difference!

* i have free access to the army post gym which has free childcare for when i want to do weights, or just need a break to run in peace

* I am seeing results, which give me self esteem, which spills over into other areas of my life

there are 101 more but those are some of my favorites!
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What a lovely thread!

I am healthy, so I can exercise.

My dh supports my exercise time.

I have a friend who gets up at 5:30 am to run with me cause that's what fits my schedule. (She is a saint, I think!)

I have a dog who thinks getting up to run at 5:30 am is the best thing in the universe!

I have another friend who is organizing a group of us to run a half-marathon. That has rejuvenated my running excitement.

I have lost weight before, so I know how to do it and that I can do it again.

I have grocery money to provide healthy food for my family.

I have 3FC....the support here is unbelievable. The focus on healthy weightloss and longterm change is vital to a healthy lifestyle.
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Sleek and Fit. Finally.
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I like this thread. It makes me happy.

- I love to workout. I do, and it is obviously a help because I'd rather be doing something physical, than well, eating.

- I do like healthy food. Vegetables are great.

- I come from a healthy family background. My parents are healthy, exercise wise and food wise, so it isn't like I have to change ALL my habits, because the good ones are ingrained.

- I'm not working so I have time to fit in the exercise that I need.

- I've been finding that I'm getting better and better at not turning to food for comfort. Maybe that's because right now I'm in a pretty happy place. And that is really helpful.
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Great idea!

I have really good support from DH and my children.

I am not a picky eater, I love fruits and vegetables as much as I love less healthy foods.

I can afford to purchase foods that are better for me.

I have found a gym - less than 5 minutes from my little rural town - that fits my schedule and where I am comfortable! (Who would have thunk it??)

I occasionally have a gym partner in my kids or husband (but not too often, which I wouldn't like).

I love to drink water.

I live in a warm area - I never have to worry about snow or ice preventing me from exercising outside.
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Mens sana in corpore sano
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Oh, I have forgotten another good thing!

After spending so much time trying to figure out what works and what doesn't, all of us probably know what we're eating now, what we should eat, what foods to avoid (trans fats-laden, etc.), and tutti quanti.

Which is awesome IMHO. We have knowledge. Knowledge is power.
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I wanna be SUPERWOMAN!
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I like vegetables, too.

My job is within my town, so I can ride my bike to and from work. It's a little over 9 miles each way, so I get a good amount of exercise even if I feel like being lazy for the rest of the week.

I have access to a free fitness center. It's in another complex, but I have the access code to get in because I used to live there

And, well, I'm a member of this forum. That makes weight loss easier, too!
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