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Question Does anyone know what the diabetic diet is?

Hi, I'm not a diabetic (but my Dr. said theres a good chance I will be when I'm older because I had gestational diabetes (sp?)when I was pregnant. I heard its a good diet to be on even if your not diabetic but I don't know what it consists of can someone give me some information?

Thanks alot
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I wish I could help you better. My husband and I have gone twice to a nutritionist for a diabetic diet but we never followed it before. But one thing I did learn is that they limit your carbohydrates. I remember asking her always about sugar and she said all carbohydrates turn to sugar so to read the labels for carbohydrates. If you look at the labels, sugar is listed under carbohydrates totals.

When my husband limits his carbs his blood count improves. I am NOT talking eliminating... just limiting. I think she said 30 grams. But I don't know is she said 30 per day or 30 per meal.
I know low carb diets say 30 per day.

I know that isn't much help but limiting carbs helps my husband and he is diabetic. Low carbs helped me lose 26lbs so far.

But let me restate... I am not an authority. I would go to the library and get some books. I saw many on diabetic diets when I was there.
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TAM, I don't know anything about a Diabetic Diet, but you may want to look in to the SUGAR BUSTERS WOE as many people who have diabetes, or are borderline diabetics have had it suggested to them by their Dr.s. This WOE of based on the GLYCEMIC INDEX and the way certain foods make ones blood sugar rise. Also, if you have the chance, try to find a copy of THE SCHWARZBEIN PRINCIPAL and read the preface, it's very interesting what she found as far as diabetes and eating a "diet" similar to SB (her WOE is a bit more strict than SB).

There's a good site that an individual on the web has that explains SB in a nutshell:


Also, we have a great group of gals right here on the 3FC'S SITE on our SB BOARDS, the link is below:

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, just post them on the most current WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD amd we'll be happy to try and help

Whatever you decide-I wish you lots of luck!

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Default Hi, Tammie:

I am a diabetic, and I follow the Richard Simmons plan, which is based on the diabetic diet. Essentially a diabetic diet is an exchange program in which you eat a balanced diet of so many portions of protein, starches, veggies, fruit, etc. It sounds complicated, but it really isn't.

I have been a type 2 diabetic for about 15 years. My diabetes was medically controlled (pills, not insulin). But when I lost over 40 lbs., I no longer had to take the pills, so now I am a diet-controlled diabetic. My Dr. is very happy with me. Now I am maintaining my weight loss, but continuing to eat a balanced diet. And I keep close track of my glucose levels - I will be doing that forever.

Diabetes is a very serious disease which can lead to grave complications. It needs to be dealt with by following both medical and nutritional advice. Have your Dr. refer you to a nutritionist. There are also various support boards here on the 3fc complex, all of which can be helpful. I post occasionally to the Richard Simmons board. There is also a board that deals with specific problems such as diabetes.

Good luck to you in whatever you decide.
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ladies: thank you for responding to my question . I will look into it further. Thank you
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