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Red face I need a diet buddy

I really could use some diet buddies to do this with. Anyone interested? I have a lot of weight to lose. I don't have a plan. That's the problem.

Sometime the boards move so fast and it seems like everyone knows each other. I'm hoping to connect with some ladies who have similar goals that need support can give me support.

I would also love to hear from people who have been successful. Any help, support or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Any takers??? LOL Hope to hear from someone soon!
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Well, picking a plan might help Tell a bit more about yourself too, because that will also help

I am new too and wish I had a buddy! I am bigger than you and also am following a plan few are (whole foods, vegan, calorie controlled) but I'm game if you are!
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Just jump right in and start posting! There are so many different options... from groups like weight watchers to meal delivery systems, to specific diets (Atkins, etc), to calorie counters, etc. Me? I do none of the above. I pay attention to what is IN my food and keep a rough idea of how many calories I am taking in, but I don't eat out of a box or restrict myself if I am hungry. I've had to teach myself how to be hungry, and how to stop when I am full. You can check out sites like fitday.com to track your meals, and they will give you an idea of how many calories you should be taking in and also how much fat/carbs/etc. you are eating. Then you just need to start doing workout videos from home, walk, run, join a gym, swim, etc. But the ladies here are all wonderful, so whatever you decide to do- you won't be alone.
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I really am, i mean im 17 yrs old ive been trying to lose weight my whole life. prolly around 200lbs now, i feel like horriable. My mom always yells at me telling me i am fat and so on i guess shes trys to help but i need someone my size to help me so i can help them too. w/e
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Hey again, Char!

I think the boards move fast cuz there's so many folks on here! It can seem overwhelming at first but the positives are that there's so much info and different points of view. And you can ask just about anything and somebody, or several somebodies, somewhere will have answers! I've been here since January myself. It's great for support, for education, for sharing info and for braggin', too!

I echo what Mama suggests. Perhaps your first step can be to assess what you are eating. Whether you use the computer, or write it down, or just do it all in your mind, take a good look at what you are eating. Consider what foods you can add, eliminate, substitute or modify. Try to find lower calorie options for things that still taste good to you. For instance, I went from eating a lot of swiss cheese sandwiches on regular white bread to eating turkey, lettuce, lo-cal mayo on lo-cal white bread. That knocked that calorie count down! I stopped buying cans of Pringles but, where some folks have a sweet tooth, I have a salt tooth, so I found lower-calorie alternatives like pretzels or pre-portioned snack packs. I've also been doing well with Lean Cuisine, Lean Pockets, etc. This is not for everybody, this is part of what's working for me and making this something I can do on a daily basis. Like Mama, I'm not restricting anything (although there have been things I was eating before that I'm not eating now simply because I haven't wanted them)...I'm sort of teaching myself and learning from myself at the same time. I think if you do that food assessment, and continue to read the info on here, you'll start to form a plan for yourself...whether it's calorie counting or one of the others. Only you know what sounds doable for you and whether you'd do better on your own plan or someone else's.

And get movin' and shake your booty. Seriously, I was doing 10-15 minutes of exercise a few months ago. Last night before midnight I jogged through my house for 40 minutes with my mp3 player on. Whether you go to a gym, or go for a walk, or do it all in the privacy of your home, start movin'. Make it fun, play some music.

Little changes can add up...or should I say subtract down? Likewise, don't think about losing the "big 7-0". Think about the first 5 or 10 pounds. Break the weight loss down into mini goals which you can achieve sooner and will spur you on to repeat the achivement! I'm not thinking about my goal weight now, I'm thinking about the next 2 pounds needed for me to hit 30 pounds lost.

You *really* can do this and it doesn't have to be a miserable experience!

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I find that adding excercise and decreasing calories is simple and works.

I find and excercise I like to do, and that seems accessible, and I use high fiber, protein shakes to meet my nutritional needs and ward off hunger. Simple but it has worked for me in the past.

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Hi and welcome to all the newbies. 3FC was the first (and still is the only) board I have ever been on. And I am no computer expert, or even close. It took me a little while to learn how to naviagate things, but before I knew it, I figured things out and found my niche' so to speak.

I really think that we are all "buddies" around here. We all have the same healthy goals in mind. Of course there's all the different forums which addressses more specific needs, such as Calorie Counters, Atkins, Dieting with Obstacles and on and on. I personally post quite a bit on the 100lb forum found over in the Support Group section. It has lots of great every day threads that help to keep me accountable as well as very motivating threads. It's full of warm, knowledgable people in a very friendly supportive way. I strongly suggest you come check it out. All are welcome.

Good luck to you all on your journeys.
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I could really use a buddy.It might help me stay motivated,Im starting today.I going to follow the WW core plan.I have all the materal and I think i'll try it at home.I also have about 75lbs to loose. They say it is easier to loose 1lb 75 times then 75lbs all togeather. We'll see. i think you can add me to a buddy list some how. Im a new user I havent figured that out yet.
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If you click someone's name on the left side of their post, you will see a list of choices--one of which is to add them to your buddy list.

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Welcome CharH. I think you will have plenty of people here to choose as your buddy or buddies. Everyone is very helpful. When I decided to lose weight, I lost my first 30 pounds by watching my calories. I can't say I was real good at first at getting more protien and carbs over fats. But everyday at lunch, i got my mp3 player and sunglasses, changed into my sneakers and walked around our parking lot at work for 30 minutes. then i ate a low cal healthy choice meal for lunch. I tried to take my calories down to 1500. it took about 6 months but i lost 33 pounds. Now i am back at it to lose my last 33 plus the 7 i had gained back over a years time from not excersizeing. I got 2 more pounds to go to be back to my last weightloss weight...then it is on to my next 33. You can do it. just have faith in yourself and find something to do to get moving!!
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I would love to be your buddy. I noticed we have similar weight loss goals and we are both in WNY. I spent the last few months checking out diet plans and decided to give the Fat Smash Diet a try.

Good Luck and feel free to drop me a line if you want to chat.
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I am here for you if you need me! Good luck!!!!!!
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Hi Char and
I've been posting here for more than a year now and just as I have, you will find so much support here. I'm on the WW flex plan. I see we're close to the same weight. You do need to have some plan to follow, whatever one is right for you! Post often. Wishing you the best!

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