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Hello Yíall

Afternoon ladies, well first day back at work yesterday was crazy to say the least, didnít get out of here till going on 6PM. Good thing hubby agreed to cook dinner [I did have to give some phone coaching, but he did do a wonderful job]. Well we got enough people and we started our 4th [email protected] Work Session today. I dropped 2.2 pounds! : so that means all that walking and weight work I did last week really paid off. Iím feeling so much better. Called Mom last night and talked told her to mark her calendar that Iíd be up to get her the Friday after Christmas and that she should plan on being with hubby and I till New Yearís. Little Brother and Sisters can just do without as far as Iím concerned!

Hubby started on the outside Christmas lights yesterday, with any luck he should get them finished today. Now Iíll have to start on the inside. We donít usually get a tree when we go to Michigan for Christmas, but since we are only going to be there for 4 days I might do one anyway. It would be the first time Mom has seen my house all decorated for ChristmasÖand believe me every room is decorated [well all except the bedrooms] and Iíd like her to see it.

Jo Jo, GO TO THE DOCTOR! You have been battling this long enough, and believe me if you now have a sinus infection you may well need 21 days of antibiotics rather than 14. The last time I let it get bad before I went to the Dr. it took 3 weeks to clear things up, seems the literature says 14 to 21 days of antibiotics, but most Doctors only prescribe 14.

Sally, so how did the interview go? How long to you have to wait to get an answer? Itís a deal you are now an honorary Zilla. Have you ever read you horoscope for your birthday, anyway mine always says that I was separated from my parents early in lifeÖIíve always contended that has something to do with the fact that Iíve never felt like I Ďfitted iníÖit may also have to do with being in the middleÖmy 2 older brothers are 6 and 8+ years older than I and the 3 younger siblings are 3+ years younger than me. What I was trying to get to, is that perhaps you and I are really sisters and Iím not at all related to the ones I have

Marlana, Beta Boy gets feed every other day, isnít it amazing that weíve all been told something different about how/when to feed, clean bowl, etc. Glad you enjoyed your visit with your daughter and that hubby remembered your bíday. Do me a favor and email your mailing address to me so I can send a Ďbeforeí pictureÖIíll need the password again also. Thanks!

Skeeter, thanks for the support. There are times I donít know what Iíd do if I didnít have you all. Iím so glad I stumbled across this website and group. You are all amazing ladies. Things are as they are, but itís really her problem and Iím just not going to get stressed out or down about it anymore! Iíve worked too hard to get mind and body fit and together.

Jen, CONTRATULATIONS ON THE SCHOLORSHIP!. You are doing amazingly well with both work and school. I know when I was in graduate school I did much better grade wise the 9 months I went full-time and didnít work than I did when I worked full-time and school part-time. All your Christmas shopping done! Iíve hardly started. Saturday my girl friend and I go to our most favorite Holiday Bizarre and they are to have 100 new vendors this year, I canít wait!

Tobey, I got ĎThin for Lifeí isnít that the one you recommended? You sound like me, Iíve got to have things for the week ahead planned and scheduled. I donít like not knowing what we are doing. I do like to do things on the spur of the moment, but not all the time. Itís hard to believe thatís is almost the end of November and we are having 60 and 70 degree weather. They are saying we could set a record tomorrow, it now stands at 76! Somehow I think we will pay for this nice weather down the road.

Well, this has turned into a book. Hi to everyone I may have missedÖSee you later!

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Hi Ladies,
I'll start a new thread--this one's getting long...........
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