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Bee Happy
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I was planning on weighting every day just to see how my body was reacting to exercise and heathly eating. I am only going to record it once a week...so I do not become to distacted by my weight. I have tape myself to keep track of the inches...I am more interested in seeing the inches go down


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I'm a once a dayer. I've noticed the following pattern lately: lose 3 pounds from monday to wednesday, put back on between 1.5 to 2 pounds by friday and maintain that weight until monday, with a net loss of between .5 and 1.5. This is because I usually go to the office mon-thurs and I always lose when I go in (I eat less and I go to the gym at lunch). When I work from home or on the weekends I gain or maintain (less exercise and often more eating, unless I'm out and about a lot like in the summer).

I use the scale as a tool and don't get upset when it goes up, I just resolve to work harder to get it back down.

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i too am a "1ce a day" person. but i also am a fluctuater. AND BOY DOES THAT GET FRUSTRATING!!! There are many days where I step on in the morning after a day of being perfect on my diet, and i STILL go up in the #. It's frustrating, and oftentimes it will make me want 2 just give up, which is why it is probably better 2 be a "1ce a weeker." Ive tried 2 become 1, but 4 some reason, i feel guilty if i dont step on the scale 1ce a day. Like, I feel like if I dont step on the scale, that I'll b running away from reality or something. i dunno if that's good or not, but i think for the sake of my mental health i should try 2 become a 1ce a weeker.

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I'm not sure exactly where I heard this, but I will look for it over the next few days..

There was a study that showed that people that weigh themselves daily, opposed to weekly, lose slightly more weight.


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Hey thanks Brittany, you've just totally enabled my addiction to weighing myself daily! (but I only record it "officially" once a week - like many, I find the daily weigh-ins are a good feedback loop even with fluctuations)

Next mini-goal - turning my driver's license weight into the truth!

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Just weight yourself every night before bed, write it down on a calender, and go to sleep. That's what I do. I don't get all of this fuss and anxiety over this. If you can weight yourself nightly without getting nervous, then you'll feel so much better.

Sorry if that sounded insensitive. But nobody ever lost weight right through worry. Accept, smile, and lose. And gain.
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I just came across an article in Reader's Digest by Drs. Roizen and Oz that sites a study that says that people who weigh themselves daily as part of a diet and fitness plan are 82 percent less likely to regain than those who don't.
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During many previous weight loss attempts, I weighed myself multiple times a day, I just couldn't stay off the scale. My emotions were completely tied to the number on the scale. If the number was down, I was euphoric and commited to weight loss. If the number was up, I was devastated and felt like a big loser and thought about quitting. It was an emotional roller coaster.

This time, I realized that I just can't handle the NORMAL (intellectually, I know they are very normal) fluctuations which are caused by ordinary variables (drinking a glass of water, period weight, salty foods). I made a rule that I could only weigh once a week. I only weighed on Sunday mornings, naked, after I got up and had a bathroom visit. This consistency allowed me to see consistent weight loss success which helped me stay motivated. It was a personal relief to be freed from the tyranny of the scale.

It is basically up to the individual - if you can handle the ups and downs and it doesn't make you freak out or destroy your motivation, weigh as much as you like (some people are actually fascinated by the ups and downs!). If it bothers you, weigh less frequently or chart your loss to look for weight loss over time.
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I'd go crazy if I weighed in every morning. I usually weigh in on Saturday morning before breakfast. You could try once a month if you think once a week is too much

"Fall down seven times, get up eight" - Japanese Proverb
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