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I like a snack pack every now and then. I don't eat them often and therefore i don't have to buy them often. They are rather costly. But i like to have them in my desk drawer at work in case i get a craving or i didn't have any snacks to bring to work. And i am definatly one of those people who would have trouble with portion control if i had a full size bag of something but i will only open one snack pack a day.
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Right now, I’m a big fan of anything portion controlled. I’m a busy girl & sometimes stress gets to me & I just want a “fix”. The personal sized ice creams & some of the 100 cal deals always do it for me.

I probably have 1-2 daily, but I make sure to meet all of my good health guidelines before getting into anything “junkie”. It just helps me to know that if I have a craving there is something quick & easy on hand to take care of it.

I do think they are too expensive. My goal someday is to just buy the real deal & portion it out as soon as I get home from the grocery store. Hmmm…….maybe I’ll make this a goal for next week’s shopping trip. They really are kind of a rip off when you could do it yourself.

I think I just changed my own mind

“I do make up snack packs of good foods, baggie of grapes, celery, baby carrots etc so when I want to munch there is not thinking involved just grab a baggie”

I do this too Nancy! I always make sure to have some ready in my fridge at work & at home. Helps to make good choices easier.
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I started making my own - it's more economical, and I want to eat real things too. I don't want to eat artificial things.
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I agree with Diary, I make my own. I like knowing I'm not eating processed stuff. I feel doing my own packaging, I know what I am getting, and am not getting alot of extra sugar and 'stuff.' I know it's really convenient when busy, but I just make myself take a few minutes on Sunday and prepare days ahead.

I have to admit some of the pre-packaged stuff is realy tasty, but then I end of eating more than one! So, doing my own and keeping the other out-of-the-house helps me stay on track.


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