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Default New Exercise Pill???

Have you see this article about the new "exercise pill?" It almost makes me want to be a mouse! Can you imagine having the muscle composition of a trained athlete and never having to break a sweat?
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I did read that yesterday and for a moment thought how wonderful it would be. But...I LIKE exercise! Yes, some days it's a chore, but on the whole, I really enjoy it. The time I spend hoisting weights, biking, skiing, even doing hamster cardio clears my head, releases a lot of the stress of the day and life in general. If I could take a pill to achieve the physiologic effects of exercise, I'd just need more pills to achieve the mental effects! And I'd lose my ONE dedicated ME time during the day.

Certainly it is promising for those who cannot do the level of exercise that they need for optimum health because of pre-existing conditions, and I'd love it in theory, but for me, it would never (haha, I really do know better than to say never!) replace the real thing

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My husband mentioned this to me the other day. These things never come to pass. I have heard so many "promising" mice studies over the years and it either doesn't translate into humans or some side effect or relative dosing issue prevents it from coming to market. The other question is it said that it increased sedentary mice's distance and endurance by >>%. Then it said it increased muscle tone and strength in sedentary mice without any activity. So either they are confused or they had multiple arms of the study. Anyway I will believe it when I see it. But wouldn't it be nice......
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An article I read on that said that it was abandoned for its original purpose because of side effects. Then it never mentioned what they were, and talked like there weren't any. Side effects usually have to be pretty bad to just give up on research. Think of all the side effects in medications that are approved in humans.
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The modern obsession with a thin body is another problem that women face now a days. Women try everything in order to get this extra pounds off, things like pills, patches, diet, hunger, exercises and all kind of weight loss products. Some of them work, but others - not.
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Yeah, I'm not really holding my breath for this one.
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