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Turning it around...
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So--not to sort of change the topic, but how does one fit exercise into their daily? I'm struggling to find the time, at least right now while I am working 2 jobs. My morning starts at 530am and most nights ends at 1030pm.

Both positions are desk jobs...but i do attempt to use my lunch break at the primary job to get a quick walk in--nothing that breaks a sweat though as I don't think my boss or our clients want a sweaty, stinky mess of a person up front when its time for presentations...
Anyhow, the reason for the 2nd job (which used to be my primary) is that, along with getting physically fit, we are putting our financial fitness right up there as well...I would love to yell "I'm debt free" the same time I yell "I dropped <insert # here> pounds"...LOL! Any ideas would be amazingly helpful
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I also agree that there is no one size fits all! That is so rediculous (so is my spelling!) My DH never exercises! He eats what he wants, but is not an overeater. Never had a weight problem!

I run 6 days a week for exercise. 4 of those days is 30 min (5k) the other days are 1.5 hrs and 1 hour. I only do that much to improve my running, not "for my health!". But this has had a huge impact on weight loss. But my average amount of exercise is only 38 min a day.

I would have found that article discouraging. 1 hour a day or not very useful to you? Talk about creating an all or nothing attitude! "Well, I can't do an hour of exercising at 233 lbs, I might as well forget it!" I think Americans are getting fatter, cuz there is to much stupid information out there! Jelly
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I wonder if the FDA is talking about "heart smart" or for "weight management"??? Maybe they mean for optimal heart conditioning, cuz myself included, I know way too many people maintaining on 30 min a day cardio, 15-20 min or weight training. Joyce
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