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I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Like it this way - ain't changing a thing!
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Ovo-lacto, organic/free range only. It's not so much animal cruelty as I took an environmental biology class and found out the impact farming animals for food has on the environment, particularly greenhouse gases (methane). I don't eat fish (this was hard), it's almost imposible to really know if it was caught in a low impact way, farmed shrimp and other fish are actually as bad or worse for the environment.
Ok I'll get off my .
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For many years I've fit between these two categories:

Based on eating grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, eggs and dairy products.

Based on grains, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds but eliminates all meat, eggs and dairy.

Many people would never believe I'm a meat eater again. The pregnancy with my 6 year old kicked me back over to the "other side". I knew I was pregnant when I wanted a big juicy steak with a major dose of A-1 sauce. I haven't looked back since.

I'm considering heading back to this lifestyle. Not sure what I want to do just yet. I may be a little in this stage right now:

This refers to people who eat predominantly vegetarian but will occasionally eat fish, poultry or meat or they may eat mostly vegetarian but will eat fish, there is no real exact description for this term.

I spoke to my DH about transitioning again but he's a true meat and potatoes kind of guy. I may be doing this as a solo act. I'll keep you guys posted.
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vegan, dear.
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I am a semi, but my hubby is a strict no meater. I love seafood and just can't give it up, though.
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A few months ago I reverted to my "roots" as an ovo-lacto vegetarian, which lifestyle I followed for decades until the year my mother died when for a variety of reasons, I decided to eat meat for a period of time. That period has now ended and so that's my answer to the question lol: ovo lacto
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ending 7+ years of yoyo
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Default took the words right out of my mouth...

mamakaydee, who I don't even think is on this board any more, summed up what I think (below)... I qualify as "semi" - I am a strict lacto/ovo (free-range/organic when I eat milk & eggs)... BUT I eat fish, and I try to always make good choices about which kinds from here: [OK, I was told I can't post links yet, so if you are interested you will have to search for Monterey Bay Aquarium's seafood watch pages - VERY useful if you are a conscientious fish/shellfish-eater]

My biggest concern is not supporting an industry that I despise - factory farming. Beyond caring about how the animals feel, I just think that consuming some tortured beast just *can't* be good for anyone.

I haven't eaten beef/pork/chicken, etc for more than 20 years - but in principle, I have less concerns about an animal raised and slaughtered humanely (still, it's icky and I have no desire to eat meat) than milk from a high-output dairy or eggs from chickens crammed in small cages.

Ugh - but I married a carnivore. So I am just pushing to pay the big bucks for the organic, free-range meat when we must purchase it ... it's like the universe is testing my convictions!!

Originally Posted by mamakaydee View Post
Predominantly vegan, but not exclusively so. There's not really a word for what I am, and my views are complicated to explain without people's eyes glazing over! But here goes anyway

I avoid most animal products for ethical reasons. I don't eat any meat from farmed animals, and try to avoid non-meat farmed animal products, as well (dairy and eggs--but really only from companies whose practices I am familiar with, OR if the food has already been purchased and will go to waste if not eaten). I have fewer ethical objections to eating wild animals, which means I do eat an occasional fish if it has been sustainably caught. I do eat some other sustainably-harvested sea creatures that are low down in the food chain and don't have a central nervous system (meaning that it is believed that they don't feel pain)--oysters, clams, mussels, scallops. I don't eat any wild game, even though I think eating, say, a hunted deer is more ethical than eating factory-farmed milk, but I just couldn't stomach it and have no urge to eat that sort of meat.

Perhaps I am a complicatedtarian!
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Hello all I am new and a new vegetarian- I went Lacto vegetarian right after Thanksgiving= I had previously given up red meat 3years ago and only ate Poultry and Fish- Now I am done with meat.
I met the most beautiful healthy person who had gone Vegan and I want her health and radiance so I am planning on giving up cheese soon...Although I have to admit an addiction to it even though I Have been Lactose intolerant since birth...
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Starting today, I am back to being Ovo-lacto. I was a vegetarian for two years but stopped due to iron deficiency anemia. I was the lazy type who ate granola and fruit and wasn't into tofu, veggies, or beans; its a wonder I lasted two years. I am back now with tons of tofu, bean, and veggie foods I enjoy and look forward to getting back to being a vegetarian for the new year. I'm so glad I've made this choice and I'm tracking my macro/micro nutrients to make sure I'm getting enough so no anemia this time.
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Hi. Is anybody here doing vegan right now?
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There are quite a few vegans around here. Myself included.
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Hi Shanaigans! "Powered by tofu" lol that is so funny!

Nice to meet you.
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im happy to see other vegetarians here! i have been vegetarian for over 30 years. so thats effortless for me now. as a kid, i hid meat in napkins and fed pets under the table. i never liked it.
i have been struggling to go vegan for a year now. much of the year i have avoided milk products (which was the only animal product in my diet AND im allergic.) cheese has really been my downfall. i like pizza, taco bell and grilled cheese sandwiches.

we visited DC last summer and i was thrilled to be able to get a pizza with soy cheese in a restaurant. thats unheard of where i live!

i have been married 11 years and originally, my husband was also a long time vegetarian. a few years ago when the fish studies came out, he began eating fish. i hate the smell of it. now when we walk by fishtanks i ask him if he is getting hungry. lol. thats bad. i usually dont preach to anyone. but now i wish the vegetarianism had been in our wedding vows.

when i go off the deep end, i live on things like soda and chips and brownies!
when im in control, i dont even have any sugar in the house. i only use agave nectar and chocolate sweetened with grains. im so much happier that was, but stress and conflict will have me driving out to get high carb foods at all hours.

i would really value any advice about how to manage that!
im currently out of control!
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