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Default Substituting for eggs and cheese

Hi all. I am new to the vegetarian lifestyle, I recently stopped eating meat and fish, but have still been drinking milk, using dairy products and also eggs. I would like to cut these items out also but I was wondering what you use in place of these items. What are the best "milks" as far as taste, price, accessibility? What do eat in place of butter, yogurt? And what about eggs? All the egg substitutes I have found in the store actually contain egg! Can you still bake without milk and eggs and butter? Do fake cheeses (like veggie shreds) actually taste similar to cheese? Do they melt? I'm sorry if these are dumb questions, but I would love some help with these questions. I have been reading books and websites and whatnot, but I would love to hear from real people about this. Thanks in advance!
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Not dumb questions, good questions.

If I am in the mood for scrambled eggs then firm tofu broken up and cooked in a skillet with some veggies. For baking I suggest Ener-G egg replacer, its a powder in a box.

I forgo soy milk just because there is a lot of talk about eating too much soy being bad and I already get a good amount in tofu. I get almond milk. For baking and such I use Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond milk (40 calories for a cup!) but its really plain if you just drinking it, I'd suggest getting something thats sweetened for that. I will drink the vanilla sweetened almond milk.

for baking and cooking you can use oil or apple sauce. there is also a brand of "butter" sold most places including walmart called earth balance. its vegan, but probably just as unhealthy as real butter.

can't help you there, I haven't had or seen anything like it in the vegan stuff.

I've only had fake cheese once on a "cheese" pizza. it was alright, a little weird and not something I'm interested in eating too much again. it would be better in a pasta dish probably instead of the main attraction on a pizza. just watch out because some fake cheese has casein, which is an animal product. and I don't think all of them melt because some specifically advertise as melting. not sure which ones sorry.

but once I stopped eating cheese I haven't really missed it. odd since I use to consider myself a big cheese lover but now when I think of eating it it seems like it would taste too fatty for my liking.

good luck!
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I forgot mayonnaise. The stuff I buy is grapeseed oil Vegenaise, taste exactly the same and is just as deliciously bad for you.
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I think it might help you to check out some vegan cookbooks, your library should have some, I know my library has a few.

I'm not a big fan of cheese substitutes but you can have flavorful dishes without cheese or cheese substitutes. For instances, Veganomicon has a wonderful recipe for kale and potato enchiladas and they are the best thing ever. Also, things like avocado are a good substitute in sandwiches. A grilled avocado sandwich is divine.

I never cared for mayo and actually never used it prior to being vegan.
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Daiya is a good brand of shredded "cheese" and tofutti has American cheese-like slices that are a good choice for sandwhiches...these are not always easy to find. Daiya is def at whole foods but the tofutti slices can be trickier. Tofutti also makes a cream cheese and sour cream that are sold at whole foods. I sub eggs in most baking using bananas! Who knew?? They work great to
make stuff fluffy and I don't think the banana flavor is generally noticeable. Also, So Delicious makes a dairy free yogurt--I know there are a couple soy kinds as well as coconut milk based. Good luck and enjoy your new lifestyle!
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If you combine ground flaxseed with water, you can use it as an egg replacer in baked goods.

You can make nut mylk with almonds (and dates to sweeten it a little).

You should avoid the fake over-processed cheese/milks/egg substitutes if you're wanting to do a truly whole foods lifestyle.

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I do the same things as said above: drink almond or hemp milk, use Ener-G or ground flax seeds to replace eggs when baking, "scramble" tofu instead of eggs for breakfast, etc.
Recently I was given The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. It has a ton of recipes for making cheese-like items (feta, mozzarella, Gouda, cheesecakes - you name it) out of all-natural items like sesame seeds, cashews, etc. It's been a fun adventure to make these things. Some of them haven't turned out so well, but I made a "cheddar cheese" sauce recently that was so much better than the real thing ever is - it was great on broccoli and made a fabulous mac and cheese.
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Hey! Here I go!

I love almond milk. If the taste is funny at first getting the vanilla flavor can mask it but I prefer to get unsweetened original flavor. However something I really like to do also is buy the single serving packs. I usually can't go through an entire bottle before it spoils and the single serving packs (which are usually just rice or soy) really help me out.

Earth balance has a bunch of products that are all vegan I can usually find at a few stores. They have a lite kind also that i think is 40 cal for 2 tbsp? I might be off on that though.

If i go to whole foods they have almond yogurt which I like, but there are a few brands that make soy yogurt that have a ton of flavors like key lime and berry and mango etc. The soy brands are probably the creamiest kinds. There is also coconut yogurt but I don't like that as much.

As for eggs it really depends on what ur making. For many baked things you can use a cup of applesauce or a mashed up banana. For other things there is a product called ener-g egg replacer that you mix with water to make eggs. If you can't find that, tapioca flour works too. Not that these are too diet friendly but vegan cupcakes take over the world is a great cookbook for cake recipes.

Cheese is pretty hard to replace, but the fake stuff tastes better the longer its been since you had real cheese. I've made my own nut cheese before a few times by combining cashews and lemon juice and some herbs soaking for a few hours and then blending them smooth, then letting them sit in cheese cloth for a few days. That can be good as a spread. I also like toffuti cream cheese. Sometimes I eat some rich foods like avocados if I want vegan cheese but don't want the funny taste of fake cheeses. ONE MORE THING; Nutritional yeast is great when you want parmigiana cheese or to make some creamy cheesy sauces. I eat it all the time.

There are also a lot of great products like soy pudding packs and vegan ice cream bars that are great as occasional treats.

For all of this stuff, there are a ton of websites with great recipes that will tell you how to replace the dairy parts. Just google vegan bread recipes or vegan cake or vegan cheese or whatever you are looking for.
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eggs for baking: discount organic baby food. use a 4oz jar for 1-2 eggs, and, so long as you don't need the leavening, your brownies are magnificent.

otherwise: check out the vegan cupcakes take over the world / vegan cookies invade your cookie jar / etc books from isa chandra moskowitz and terry hope. check out all their books, really, but start there for baking.

daiya is heavenly, but expensive. it's a great treat. just remember it's processed and don't eat it all the time. tofutti cream cheese, yes, and vegenaise, yes. there are WONDERFUL fake foods available, but remember, while they're better for you than other "technical-vegan" foods (twinkies?), learn about foods that don't rely on eggs and cheese to be tasty. i've collected friends' mom-comfort-food recipes over the years because, being a product of a southern farmgirl mother and a cuban porkroasting father, i've not a lot of vegan food heritage.

best quick mac-and-cheese level of comfort food: mujaddra, lebanese lentils and rice, made in the rice cooker. one onion, diced. one scoop of rice, one scoop of lentils, five scoops of water, salt, and a dash of cumin. cook until all water is absorbed. you'll be warm and happy and not lamenting a cheese-ish substance.
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Coconut oil could be used in place of butter. I started using it when I went dairy free.
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For cheese I use crushed cashews (on my veggie enchiladas and my spaghetti) Or Nutritional yest in my faux mac and cheese or my "cheddar" chips
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