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Default Am I right to feel disrespected

It sounds dramatic but I'm getting increasingly annoyed with people.

My flatmate for instance isn't veggie and she forgets that I am constantly. now just because I dont shout I don't like animal carcasses from the roof tops everyday and don't preach doesn't mean that it doesn't mean alot to me. We have a fridge with 5 shelves the top is mine and we share the bottom and sometimes the one above for salad. Then why with two free shelves does her meat always get put on my shelf. If the pack is a bit open the smell permeates all my veg and its gross.

She also always leaves washing up in the sink and bits of meat its starting to drive me mad now. AM i being over sensitive or is it a bit rude.
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i would be annoyed too. is there anyway that you could put a name tag on your shelf and put some veggies by your name, maybe that would trigger her memory. yes, it sounds petty, but i'm assuming that you've talked to her (if not, you should before you do this) and it she is still flaking. what your flatmate is doing, honestly sounds like a simple mistake. i would just talk to her again and maybe do the name tag thing.
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Oh I know i don't think she would do it deliberately for a second it just annoys me and I kind of think if she respected me as an individual she'd remember. I don't want to have another word and cause tension in the house because its her parents flat and I'm the tenant but it just drives me mad. Dont get me wrong shes a lovely girl.
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sounds to me that you need to tell her, and not take so much of the stuff that annoys you.. I would have a chat with her, before you let it go to long ,then blow up and may do or say something you will regret
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No you are not wrong! Regardless of your food preferences she should be respecting your fridge space. And it is annoying when people don't clean up after themselves and leave dishes in the sink with food on them. I would have a quiet word with her and explain how you are feeling and why this bothers you but try to stay calm and friendly about it as you don't want to start a huge fight. Maybe she doesn't realize what she is doing.
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I feel better about it now think I was overreacting a bit. I had serious PMT when I posted that. She generally isn't that bad and I'm only here for 4 more weeks when shes here so I can live with it ok can't be bothered with the hassle. Next time I move I am going to have more boundaries with housemates though.
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you are right to feel disrespected. it's not just about being a veggie. she is violating your space on some level.
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Get plastic containers with lids. They've worked wonders with me (I share 1 fridge with 11 other people). I live in the UK and got 20 containers for 5 pounds from woolworths. Lidded containers keep cross contamination low, and eliminates disgusting meat smells. If you forget the nutrition contents, just cut out the ones from the original packaging and sellotape it to the plastic container.

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Well we have the food saver, that vaccuum seals your food, so no leaks, drips, and nothing can get into it either. Also keeps things fresher - longer.
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If it's raw meat, she may be placing it on the top shelf because that one is usually the coolest in the fridge. She may not even realize that it's offending you-speaking as a non-veggie person. Same with rinsing the dishes of meat residue-she may just be clueless that it's offensive.

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