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Talking Introducing myself

Good afternoon!

I am excited to rebegin my vegetarian journey! My name is Courtney and I'm 25, married with one 9 year old stepson. I have struggled with my weight all my life. When I was 16 I discovered Dr. Ornish's books and became a vegetarian. Not liking salads at that time and traveling quite a bit for forensics and debate, I lived on french fries, better than meat but not by much! I started eating meat again in college after two years of vegetarianism and an ill-fated attempt at Atkins. My husband and I both want to lose weight and have bench-marks in our relationship by what diet we have tried together. I am 165 lbs but at 5'2" that puts my BMI at 29. My goal is 130. Hubby needs to lose about 50 lbs. We tried low-carbing again recently because of the variety of commercial products available but realized that processed is not the way to go (not to mention the bad breath). I told him how good I felt on Ornish's program, and just off meat in general, so we started two weeks ago. I've felt so much better and and so happy to be a vegetarian again!! And I've lost about five pounds to boot. We concentrate on fresh stuff, and try not to buy things in boxes and cans. He has really gotten into the low-fat/veggie way and loves all the new fruits and veggies we are trying. Anyway, its just good to find some people who aren't strapping themselves and their health onto the low-carb band wagon. I'm sorry, but steak and eggs will never, ever be as healthy as rice, salad and fruit.

It's good to be here!!
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Welcome Ladycourt

Congratulations on losing that 5lbs

My dad has been following Dean Ornish's plan for about 5 years now and is very happy with it.

I love to cook fresh and I have gotten to the point where I can't stand the taste of food that comes out of a can or frozen box Once you cook fresh you can't go back!

I have started in the last year or two to eat more veggies and experiment a little more. I have been trying to incorporate soy into my diet but I am not a big tofu fan. I drink chocolate soy milk and have discovered some soy based puddings cups that I take in my lunch.
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Yes Ladycourt congrats.

One thing I wanted to know. We don't have the Ornish diet here but I ahve come across it on the web. Is it aimed soley at veggies ? Are there recipies and if so are they cooking from scratch or processed foods? I have also heard good things about soemone caled Macdougall as well.
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By the way, Mauv - like you I wasn't fond of Soya stuff but I actualy don't mind it now as long as it is in the "proper dish" - that is oriental dishes - I cannot bear the thought of a (say) tofu pie or tofu chilli but with the right seasonings - ginger, garlic etc I think it is ok.
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