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Default sflake - Getting Started

There are some really excellent resources for getting started on being a veggie.

A couple that I found exceedingly helpful are the message boards at VegSource ( espeically the "New Veggies" forum.

Also if you have Adobe you can download a great booklet (24 pages) from Veg For Life at - or you can order it and have it mailed to you.

I think PETA also has a booklet on getting started on a veg diet.

Though many of these also focus on the animal cruelty issues and encourage a Vegan lifestyle they are really helpful on getting started and a real motivator in keeping you on track in the beginning. And, of course, you take the lifestyle as far as you choose to.

I'm starting over again and you're starting so this would be a great place to be veggie support buddies!

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Oh Mrs K those websites are just fab!! I am printing my booklet as we speak. I have been so confused lately, low fat, hi fat, Hi carb, low carb, good carb vs. bad carb etc... I did lose 25 pounds on the south beach diet, but have recently gained 5 back. On that plan there are things I miss. Although I have never been a big fan of meat...I would prefer pasta any day of the week....But veggie has always been in the back of my mind. Time to get it to the front & center. I really think that no matter what plan you are on calories do count, as well as exercise.

So I think I will start slow by eliminating all meat and see how it goes. How veggie are you? I'm thinking I will stay with fish & dairy for now.

Thank you so much for all your help you are so sweet!
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Originally posted by sflake
How veggie are you? I'm thinking I will stay with fish & dairy for now.
Not nearly as veggie as I should be.

I had given up meat cold tofu and gone to an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet (light on the ovo and the lacto) for about 5 months.

Then along came Thanksgiving last year and I ate some turkey and the whole thing came unravelled and I started eating meat again.

This year I am starting over with the "cold tofu" approach, but not until after Thanksgiving! I know I'll never make it past Thanksgiving if I try right now.

So I'm brushing up on all of my basics and preparing for the great kitchen clean out!

I'll likely go back to an ovo-lacto diet as I do enjoy both eggs and cheese on occasion and as yet they've not come up with a good vegan substitute for brie and camembert! LOL
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Cold tofu....ROFLLLLLLL!!

I've been Vegan since Ash Wednesday. I occasionally "cheat" with stuff that has egg or milk in forbidden milk chocolate. I'm not rabid. I still wear my leather shoes and I don't throw red paint on anyone wearing furs. And on hubster's BD in August, I ordered fish at Black Angus...and only ate half!

NOBODY is more surprised than I am that I'm still Vegan. I dearly love piggy, and cheese is divine.

But if I'm well-fed, I honestly don't miss my carnivorous ways. And I'm having FUN trying all kinds of new foods and new toys. I just recently bought a soymilk machine and I'm ready to convert the world now, LOLOLOLOL!!

Peace and soybeans,
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The only thing I really missed about meat was the simplicity of having 50 recipes for meat that I could come up with in a pinch.

I need to learn more quick veggie recipes and then I'll be cool.
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Anyone else have suggestions?
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Me me me!

Dr. Dean Ornish's book (Eat More Weigh Less) is awesome. The cons of lo-carb, high protein plans alone made me do a double take ( and his diet is all vegetarian.

Dr. Andrew Weil's books are also veggie and awesome. Although he will eat some fish, most of it is veggie. His cookbook is divine.
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