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Default Fruitarianism - 1st day back

Good morning!

I'm starting this thread so I have somewhere to vent when I'm losing my mind later in the day.

I feel best when I'm raw vegan, and my absolute best when I'm fruitarian. However, I haven't managed to pull this off, or anything else for that matter, for more than about a week. What a wonderful week, though. I wasn't at all depressed. My bloating went away. I was happy and friendly. I had energy.

I really need this for weight loss, but also for my mental health. I have been soooo down. It's bad for my whole family. I am so angry at myself, I can't enjoy anything with them. I am really impatient. I need to get control of things because it's not fair to them.

Weight loss would be great too. I'm 307 today. I don't feel very healthy.

I'm going to make a ton of smoothies today and do "Just Dance" with my son when he wakes up.

Wish me luck getting back on the wagon. I can't stand being this person.
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Just wanted to wish you good luck. I admire you - trying to go fruitarian is not easy, at least it wasn't when I tried it once or twice. So if you can stick with it and it makes you feel great, go for it!

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Raw foods have been so interesting to me for a long time. While I'm not raw, I definitely see the benefits!

Have you tried making meal plans for a week at a time? That helps me the most. Maybe have things ready like smoothie kits (freeze individual bags with fruit/veg, seeds, etc so you can pop right into the blender in the morning), salad jars (mason jars with layered salads that you just shake and eat), or a big pot of raw soup that you can heat and eat for the week. I love having several meals made at one time instead of prepping daily.

Some awesome blogs are thisrawsomeveganlife and rawmazing

If you can't stay 100% raw, it's okay to incorporate some of the ideology into your diet. 50% raw is better than 0%!

Good luck to you!

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Maybe what you are trying to do is too hard. why not cut back one thing at a time.

But from my experience, you need to get your mood sorted before you can really tackle a diet successfully.
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I've been a raw, vegetarian, vegan at times... advocate for a few years. it's been over a month since you started this thread.. I'm curious how you're doing with the fruit ??
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Curious also how you are going?

I would love to be raw vegan at the very least. I have been vegan for about two months and it hasn't been too much of a challenge ( did take two years to transition :-) ).
I think all or nothing would be hard to maintain especially with a family to care for.

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Wow, fruitarian! That's got to be tough, but being a vegan is a huge challenge, and you've already accomplished that. I'm sure you'll make it!
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