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Default Eco-Atkins

Has anyone heard of it? Apparently its the vegetarian/vegan version of Atkins. And I want to try it, but whenever I do a google search all I get are ARTICLES about the study. I dont get anything like books or websites explaining it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a book/website that goes into more detail about this diet?
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Copy/pasted this for you...from Low Carb Friends website. It looks like this might be the book, at least seems to have a lot of good info -->
'The New Atkins For A New You' (NANY) by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, and Dr. Jeff S. Volek.

I've been a vegetarian since 1985. I always follow Atkins/Low Carb when I want to lose weight.

How To LOWCARB As a Vegetarian (Some Basics for LC Veg in General and Atkins)
Vegetarian Proteins
Basically on Atkins, the ONLY difference between a vegetarian and a traditional Atkins follower is the proteins obviously. There are more veg proteins suitable for Atkins than you might think. If you are a vegetarian coming to do Atkins, this will be pretty obvious to you. If you are meateater interested in eating a little less meat, or thinking of giving up meat, this may sound difficult -- but it is the exact same "difficulty" one would have in starting both a "diet plan" and a new lifestyle like vegetarianism would be.

The list of proteins
1. eggs
2. cheese, milk and yogurt
3. Soy: including Veggie burgers and sausages (read labels for carb counts!!), Tofu, Tempeh
4. Quorn (a protein derived from a mushroom! lol!)
5. Seitan (also known as wheat gluten)
6. TVP (textured vegetable protein)
7. Nuts and Seeds!!
8. Beans (rather carby, an OWL add-in, rung 8 on Carb Ladder -- and something I, personally, do not eat regularly, just every now and then. black soybeans are lower carb and a good recipe substitute for recipes with beans)

There are many soy products available in the frozen case of the supermarket, but it is very important to read the labels and be sure you are getting no more than 2-3 net carbs per serving -- at least during induction. Other proteins like tofu and tempeh take a little more vegetarian cooking expertise, and some people find they do not like the flavors. The same can be said for TVP, Seitan and Quorn. My best advice on all of these more "exotic" vegetarian proteins is to get some good cookbooks before you try using them in anything but straight meat substitute fashion ... like using "soy burger crumbles" in standard lc casserole recipes.

And FYI, I have been asked if you can do vegetarian lc without "soy" for those who choose not to eat it for whatever reason and my answer is "Yes you can." Look at the list above and remove item #3 ... you still have all those other proteins to use. And I will say, one protein that is seriously underestimated here on LCF, and in general, is nuts and seeds ... what an amazing protein source!

So, the basic question most non-vegetarians have: How do you actually eat? Basically before lc, a vegetarian would eat a large portion of carb and vegetables with a small amount of protein added ... so, let's say, a plate of brown rice, or couscous, or pasta with veggies and tofu in sauce sitting on top, or veggies and cheese in sauce sitting on top, or a casserole in those proportions .... after lowcarb, we eat the same way the meateaters do, so a large portion of protein with veggies ... the one difference being, maybe, a much larger veggie portion than a meateater might choose to eat - but that is a matter of preference and not one of necessity.

This really is the biggest hurdle, but here are the things I do:

1. eggs, omelettes, etc and a vegetable,

2. A big salad like a Cobb salad minus the turkey or chicken and bacon.

3. Ask for pasta dish minus the pasta, have them put the sauce over a plate of steamed or sauteed veggies like spinach (I looooove this!)

4. Stirfried tofu at the Chinese (watch out for sugary sauces!!! Thai food is a better choice! or ask for a steamed dish)

5. Saag Paneer and other dishes at Indian restaurants

6. Take apart sandwiches and add them to a salad .. did this recently with a grilled cheese and veggie quesadilla. Peeled everything off the tortilla and threw it in my salad with a little sour cream and salsa .. oh yum!

7. If you do eat some meat or fish, this is the time to order it as the most challenging aspect of lc vegetarian is having meals out. (the fish in my diet is generally something I only eat out once or twice a month - and is unnecessary to do a true lacto-ovo Vegetarian style of eating)

Atkins Vegetarian-Style
Here is some information on the vegetarian and vegan options given in The New Atkins For A New You (NANY) by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, and Dr. Jeff S. Volek. I finally got to read it and have to say I do like how the authors have finally put into print an Atkins version of vegetarian and vegan eating. I've known it was possible since 2003 and have always been sorry that we have been shut out of any official version of the father of lowcarb's plan! Especially seeing as I lost 100+ pounds on it after suffering vegetarian lowfat diets my whole life ..

In The New Atkins For A New You, both vegans and vegetarian versions of NANY start at OWL, rather than Induction, at the lowest rungs possible to include appropriate plant proteins not included on a traditional Induction. I think this makes a lot of sense! I did induction way back when using Dr. Atkins directives + tofu (minus the meat of course) and it was very very repetitive and hard to get through! I would not personally recommend anyone try it ..

The information on veg Atkins is sprinkled throughout the book and my best advice is to read it all in order to get the best idea of all the options open to you. There is a nice summary and portion guide of the vegetarian proteins like tofu and tempeh, for example, in the induction section (on page 84) and most of the foods in the induction portion of the book - with the exception of the animal proteins and dairy for Vegans - is going to be applicable!

Vegans start in OWL at 50 net carbs, including both rung 3 of the NANY Carb Ladder (seeds and nuts) and rung 6 (legumes) as vegan proteins. The authors do say that weightloss speed will be slower, mostly due to the legumes. Specific instructions on how to include legumes, quantities, and lowest carb counts are given to help a vegan segue from the portion size and usage in high carb vegan eating which is going to differ drastically in lowcarb!!

Vegetarians start in OWL at 30 net carbs and include rung 3, nuts. Vegetarians also have the option of 50 net carbs like Vegans for slower weightloss. I will also add that the authors' addition of yogurt to the definition of "fresh cheeses" for OWL is very helpful! Mind you, I have been adding them in there myself for a few years already, but it is nice to have a Atkins doctor verify this approach!!

I took a look at the menus and they look to me like the typical cookbook menus you get for vegetarians and vegans ... in other words, a little fancy and specialized .. but i am sure there are a lot of great cooks out there for whom that is just perfect, but I tend to just eat a lot of what I like, make up meals based on what I have in the fridge and eat similar menus daily.

Nonetheless the menus are a great resource for wannabe Atkins vegans/vegs! And, I feel similarly about Rose Elliott's The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet which includes a diet plan, menus and recipes. Her book was out there before NANY and is very much an Atkins-style diet plan. She starts with a 2-week "Carb Cleanse" and then to a broader variety of foods. I think it is worth a read too! ..

I also think there is no such thing as a typical anything -- meateater, vegetarian, vegan, etc. so do not go on my word, if you are interested in this way of eating, check out both books for yourself!! I believe they absolutely complement one another and can be used together.

The Vegetarian Low-Carb Diet Rose Elliott
The New Atkins For A New You by Dr. Eric C. Westman, Dr. Stephen D. Phinney, and Dr. Jeff S. Volek

The New Atkins Carb Ladder!

1. Foundation Vegetables: leafy greens and other low-carb vegetables

2. Dairy Foods high in fat and low in carbs

3. Seeds and Nuts (but not chestnuts, peanuts, or cashews)

4. Berries, cherries and melons (but not watermelon)

5. Whole milk yogurt and fresh cheeses, such as cottage cheese and ricotta

6. Legumes

7. Tomato and vegetable juice "cocktail" (plus more lime and lemon juice)

8. Other fruits (but not fruit juices or dried fruits)

9. Higher-carb vegetables, such as winter squash, carrots and peas

10. Whole grains

Books and Cookbooks
I started a separate thread for this here: LOWCARB Vegetarian Cookbooks and Book Resources

Other Moderate Carb Plans
Many of these were not around when I started, but I have always said that if South Beach Diet were around when I did start, it might have been a more obvious choice for a vegetarian to try. Don't get me wrong, I love love love eating higher fat Atkins-style, but the choice of some slightly higher carb foods - like more beans and whole grains - may have worked for me too. I know there other moderate carb plans out there too (still lc in my book!), so if this particular one is not for you, do some research here. There are people who are very knowledgeable on Protein Power, CAD, The Lower GI diet, etc etc! You do NOT have to do lowfat high carb to lose weight as a vegetarian .... yuck!

Hopefully some of the folks on these other plan will post threads with information on how vegetarianism fits into their plans!!!!

And hey! Don't let anyone tell you it cannot be done!!!! Happy Lowcarbing!
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Thank you! I feel so silly because I have seen this book before but passed over it because nothing on the cover said "vegetarian" to me.
I would have never found it on my own! THANKS!
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Hi! It's not the Eco-Atkins diet, but I was on Rose Elliot's Low Carb Vegetarian diet for going on 6 months 2 years ago and it worked wonders for me - lost 4 stone on it. I would definitely recommend the book to you (which you can buy on amazon) if only to go along with an veggie cooking you're doing because it's packed with great recipes.
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