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I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead in December and was totally inspired! I bought a juicer and started drinking fresh juice for a couple meals a day and couldn't believe how good I felt. I had been on a "binge bender" since Thanksgiving - lots of work stress that I was trying stuff by eating and eating and eating So for the new year I bought eat to live and read it from cover to cover. While I enjoy juicing and still incorporate fresh juice into my plan, it was time consuming and expensive to maintain ONLY consuming fresh juice. I've been following the ETL plan since early Jan and couldn't be happier. My fixation on carbs, sweets and excess is gone and I feel like I finally have found away to have a normal relationship with food. As an added bonus I've lost eight pounds - YAY
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Default I would love recipes for some of your green smoothies.

Originally Posted by MarjorieMargarine View Post
So weird- I've just started with green smoothies after watching "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." I actually posted about it in the calorie counters forum on here but didn't get much as far as responses. I did some googling, and I think for me, the juicing isn't the way to go, just because I still don't understand why it would be less beneficial for me to drink the fiber/pulp, too.

The last three days, I've been making green smoothies for breakfast and lunch and then eating dinner with my husband (he's low-carb, and he does eat meat, so do I). I've lost almost 5 lbs.

I like the smoothies because I didn't have to buy a juicer and they do keep you full for a long time. I've made several really delicious ones (would love to share recipes if anyone wants). Also, I never thought I had GI issues before, but since I've been doing this, my stomach feels different- like, actually good. I think maybe I just hadn't noticed how uncomfortable I was before!
I like smoothies as well, although I usually have them at breakfast. This is only because I do not have any recipes for any green smoothies that might be good for lunches. I would love to have some of your green smoothies recipes if you are willing to share them.
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Hi guys! I've been following this plan since sept 2011. I love this way of eating, but it is definitely challenging outside the home.

I've been trying to stay closer to 100% on plan to lose more weight and joined Dr fuhrman's holiday season challenge. It started Nov 19 and I am down 7 lbs so far.

Glad to see others following this too!
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I just started, two weeks ago! My second weigh in at the doctor's office is this Tuesday. :>

I am enjoying all the fresh fruit and veg. Love it.

I do miss cheese, though. :/ Do any of you have a yummy cocoa recipe? What with Valentine's coming up, I'd like to treat myself while staying on course... And do any of you use stevia?
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I use Stevia and love it. You do not need as much as sugar, so don't overdo it! It's great because i don't get sugar crashes or want to binge when I eat it. Good stuff.
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Yep! I bought a whole bunch of dried stevia leaves a few months ago and milled them down into green powder. I have a small tin I take with me, that I used to use for coffee and tea, while about town... Love the stuff!

Speaking of tea, I know coffee is a no-no (at least on the End of Diabetes version) and tea should be limited... I think the exception was green tea... but I am also wanting to drink Mugicha and Houjicha, since they have less (or no) caffiene versus other teas...

I didn't see them mentioned, but I don't think they've really taken off in the states. Both Mugicha and Houjicha are thought to be very healthy, here in Japan... I like the taste, too, so I'm hoping it's okay to have a cup in the morning to relax between my classes...
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Great thread!!!.. thanks for starting it & for all the good info... I've recently been phasing out meat & adding more fruits & veggies & hope to go completely meatless before long... I just now ordered Eat to Live from amazon & can't wait to read it...

I tend to eat more fruits than veggies & am wondering if Dr. Furhman's pyramid is set in stone or could I tweak it to make mine 50% fruit, 25% veggies... I think I could stick with a lot more easily that way...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!..
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So glad I found this thread! I just read Eat to Live and so some reason it really makes sense to me even though I have never consistently eaten veggies and fruits since birth. I was raised by a busy single mom on a budget who fed us lots of processed/packaged food that was quick to make. As an adult I have tried to do better, but my diet has still been very much meat/dairy and potatoes. I'm sick of feeling too tired to workout and unmotivated to do more than go to work and then come home and veg out in my chair. I've asked my husband to read the book as well. When he is done we will start the 6 week initial phase of the program. In the meantime I have started to add lots of fresh fruit and veggies to my plate daily. I will miss cheese and potato chips, but I actually feel excited and hopeful that this might actually be the change I have been looking for!
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Hi. I'm reading Eat to Live. Hoping to find others doing this plan. I take psych meds that have caused me to gain a lot of weight, in combination with my trainer being on vacation. I'm blind, and he was pretty much my main way to work out, looking for other options. I need something fairly aggressive to take the weight off, and thought ETL would be perfect. It makes so much sense. Hope this thread is still active.
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Love this post, Im really interested in starting a nutritarian diet too. Does anyone know you have to use a juicer to make juices, or can you make them using a blender?
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Originally Posted by healthandpositivity View Post
Love this post, Im really interested in starting a nutritarian diet too. Does anyone know you have to use a juicer to make juices, or can you make them using a blender?
So long as you have a fine strainer.

I just watched this film and oh my goodness I feel a frenzy going on in my head.

But how would I do it? And is it really reliable so long as I continue to eat well after it's over? I worry so much about gaining everything back after a detox.
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My husband and I have also started eating and juicing a lot more veggies after seeing Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I loved reading Eat to Live and just started to strictly follow the plan as of last week. I'm down 5 pounds, yay! I was stalled on my weight loss due to non-motivation. After turning 40 last month and seeing myself in beach pictures from a family reunion I decided it's time to get busy! Tired of being fat. Ugh! I would love to hear any updates from fellow nutritarians!
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