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Default OT: nature shows

So...I was just wondering if most of you are huge nature nerds as well as veg. I watch nature shows like it is my job (so much so that I have a hard time finding ones on TV that I have not seen). What about you guys? Also, do you watch the killing clips? I don't lol, I fast forward...I dont want the lion to starve, but hate watching the baby elephant, zebra etc get taken down, ouch.
Also, I just watched the preview for the last lion and want to go see it really bad, but what will I do without my remote to speed through the gore lol.
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I love nature shows and have no problem with the "gore". It's simply a reality of life.
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I love nature shows too, and although I do watch the killing parts, etc... I don't particularly like them.
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Haha this is a great thread! I do like nature shows but I cannot watch the killing scenes. I'm squeamish and it's weird for me to watch the exact moment when a life ends. That's part of why I went vegetarian- if I can't stomach the thought of something, I shouldn't be participating in it.
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I watch them and also do watch the killing parts if they are part of nature. For example, the lion hunting down a gazelle...that I'll watch. It's part of their life.

But one scene from a documentary back in the early 80's has stuck in my memory and I get so sad every time I think of it. It was a documentary about the baby heal hunt and showed men clubbing baby seals. I will never forget the mother seals trying to hard to get to their babies and save them, but were being forced back by the men and had to watch their babies be clubbed to death. That stuff I can't watch anymore. That one scene from my early childhood is what turned me off of fur. I remember my mom having a mink coat when I was very little and how I loved to wear it when I walked out to the end of the driveway to get the paper on Sunday mornings. After seeing that, I wouldn't wear it anymore. It just made me sad.

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