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Talking Tofu - Useta Hate It Till I Ate It

The first time I became a vegetarian was in the late 80's/early 90's and I almost never ate tofu "straight" unless it was in a restaurant. I ate a lot of vegetarian "meats" and dairy and eggs, but never tofu or soy milk. I hated the taste of soy milk !

Then when I went back to vegetarianism two years ago, I started using tofu more, but in places where I could hide it (like a smoothie). I couldn't even stand soy lattes, though.

But in the last six months I've been using tofu more "straight", as in stir-fries and you know, I'm really loving the delicate taste! I'm picky about texture, which was one of the things that kept me from liking tofu, since it can get so rubbery, but I'm finding the non-silken extra-firm tofu (Namasoya is the brand that I find around here) isn't a problem. I don't even have to do some gymnastics to it (like freezing it, pressing it between paper towels, etc.) to get it a texture I like. I just throw it in to my sautes as is.

I'm also using soy milk more (the unsweetened and unflavored kind). I still can't drink it straight (but then I never liked cow's milk straight either) but I can tolerate it in a smoothie and latte without being bothered by the "beany" taste.

Funny how tastes change... .

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That's awesome Tammy! I too wasn't a fan until I figured out how to cook it the way I like it. Now I seriously crave it if I don't have it a while!
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i'm just starting to learn how to do anything with tofu and so far i am loving it!! it's easy and fast and tasty.

a side note about the soy milk - i hated it too! i started getting rice milk instead and it is much much better. i have always hated cows milk. hate the texture the flavor the way it coats your throat... bleck!
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tammay--it is funny. i've noticed once i start trying food and playing around with it, there isn't a lot of stuff that i don't like in some form or fashion.

i actually crave soy milk! by itself. after every workout i'll drink a glass of cold, unsweetened, fortified soy milk. yum. i've never gotten a bean taste. it's just so replenishing.
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I'm not a fan of soy milk, but I do like almond milk. My favorite breakfast is a smoothie of almond milk, banana, a peeled orange and a cup of frozen berries. Yum!
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Wish I could find some firm tofu. The only stuff I can find in the UK is very soft. It's the texture that I find challenging...
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Puffin totally second you there. I cant find firm tofu either, but luckily I really like the tofu I do find. Awesome for sandwich fillers.
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