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Time for a change!
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Default Welsh chick and needing a diet buddy to hold me accountable!

Im Sam. Im 34. Im married to Owen (17 years together, married for 5 almost)
We have 2 kids - Ben and Holly (no they were named before the TV show)
I live near Swansea in South Wales.
Im a huge Walking Dead / Game Of Thrones fan.
I love animals - and have 3 dogs, 2 lizards and hoping for a snake.
Im currently 17st and looking for a diet buddy to help hold me accountable.
Whether you want to message on here / email / text / whatsapp / or even letters - I just need some company on this journey. :-)

I look forward to talking to you all more soon

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Hi from a Scottish Chick!!
I am totally looking for a buddy to help keep me accountable too...i decided enough was enough on Jan 7th, I started at 17st 10, and I'm now 16st 6. I could've had a bigger loss, but i like my cider and gin too much!!
I live with my bloke who's being so supportive, even cutting out the crap and eating salads with me, but I'd still like a friend to chat to about the delights of dieting.
Or TWD and GoT too ��
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It helps to have a diet buddy for sure. Especially when it comes to motivation and talking about common goals and aspirations.

When my sister lived with me we used to go to the gym and eat healthily. I have recently gone on a little binge. So it was a habit that never truly became a lifestyle change. However, I want to make it a lifestyle change.

Even if you don't have a workout buddy building habits into your life really helps and learning about cooking tasty recipes too. Were in this journey together peeps.
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Hi everyone,

I have just joined the site, and am looking for the same thing as you all I think! Just a place to discuss progress/keep me accountable, and also somewhere to vent on the bad days!

A little about me:

I'm 25 (26 next month), female, living in London. I'm very social, love being around people (not that I let on my feelings around my weight to anyone), I also love to read and travel. I have had an awful relationship with food for as long as I can remember. I was always a chubby child, but piled on the lbs when I was an early teenager. When I was 16 I had a horse riding accident, and spent a lot of time in recovery and non-intentionally lost weight during this period. When I was back up and about, I became slightly addicted to restricted my food intake and lost even more weight, but was barely eating a thing. I got down to about 135lbs at my lowest. I don't know what snapped me out of this phase, I think it was seeing a friend go through severe bulimia, and I knew I didn't want to be that person. The weight slowly crept on again for the next few years. The last two have seen a good 30/40lb weight gain, as I've been struggling with anxiety/depression and use food as a way to feel bad about myself, a sort of punishment.

On the positive side, at the beginning of this year I decided to change. I'm bored of thinking "oh one day...", so I decided to start the 5:2 diet. For those who haven't heard of it, it's where you eat 500 kcals on 2 days of the week, and then eat 'normally' on the remaining five days. I lost 7lbs in the first 4 weeks, which, although slow, was a great feeling. I started incorporating a lot of positive things into my routine - a lot more walking, and just understanding more about what I'm putting in my body. Then a couple of weeks ago the scale stayed the same - it was inevitably going to happen at some point - but it was horribly demotivating, as I really felt like I'd been very good that week. It meant that last week was not good. I only managed one fast day, and really pigged out on a couple of the other days. I felt absolutely horrible about it, and couldn't even face the scale on Friday.

Vent over - this week is a new week. I am on a fast day today, and am planning on walking back from work (about 4 miles), so will get my steps in. It would be lovely to connect with anyone who is taking the journey (any age/location/size/gender). Either on this thread or through private messages (I think this site does that?) Please do get in touch.

Have a very happy Monday!

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