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Default Hi new to dieting advice needed :)

Hey everyone my names Katie I was looking around at diet stuff and came across this it sounds perfect.. as I need people To report back to etc on progress .. which I don't have atm. .

A bit about me.. I'm 21 and just had my second baby 10 weeks ago.. before having my babies I loved my body and weight was healthy since having my babies Iv lost all my friends .. hobbies.. work and I'm in a bit of a big rutt. .

I used to own horses and was down the stables and riding daily.. now I'm lucky if I leave the house... husband is not as supportive as I hope had to leave my job well you know the rest.. iv piled on the STONES and i'm really Un happy and not healthy at all.. I actually weigh more now then when I was pregnant with my babies ..

Iv never tried and stuck to an actual diet before well now iv been successfully stuck to the slim fast diet.. my problem is I haven't lost any weight at alllll in 2 month's and iv been being extremely strict. . I used to drink bottles and bottles of full fat coke .. 3 sugars in coffees cakes chocolate and I now only drink water. Have sweeteners and no snacks apart from the odd slim fast snack if I'm up town and pop in boot's or something...

So I'm basically on the verge of giving up and need to advice on what to do and some friends in the same boat

Look forward to hearing from you xxx Katie xxx

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You can try substituting dried fruit for junk snacks. But really you have to restrict the fats. There are all sorts of things you can eat that are nonfat like fruits and vegetables.
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Ok, my knowledge if slim fast is that it is a meal replacement program with one meal allowed per day.

I don't know what weight you are currently,What you have lost, what your goal is or what you are having as your allowed meal or what your exercise is. These things can influence your outcomes and the advice we can give.

Working blind I would suggest maybe going back to a healthy eating plan and give your body a break from being very low calorie, which most package plans are.

While you are doing this go see your doctor and get checked for anything that might be interfering with your weight loss. A complete physical and bloods.

Also start finding ways to increase your activities. Try not to do this while doing very low calorie you will either stall your weight loss or cause your body and your mind problems.extreme restriction and high exercise is the starting point for many an eating disorder unfortunately.

You are a new mum and your health is important. 10 weeks after a baby is a hard time for anyone and you need your energy.o

While this is all happening start engaging your supports Around you. Contact your old friends, go to mothers groups and get out of the house. There are sites around to help you find groups nearby so you can have contact with real people again.

In the meantime, take care if yourself, the weight loss will come, you just need to start from a point of giving yourself care enough so that you cN care for others.
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