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Slowly shrinking
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I find it quite depressng, when I was at my heaviest (19st) I was practically size 26. Now after losing 3 stone I'm only size 22. Yet I read stories about people dropping as many dress sizes as stones! I think it depends where the weight is shifting from, suppose thats quite obvious really!
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well im 5ft 2 maybe abit under lol and 11st 6lbs and im a size 14 in most places but some places a 16 it dont make sense how they can change in size like that
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138 pounds. I buy a size 12.
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I'm 11 stone even and I wear size 12 jeans. A couple of years back when I was 9st5 I also worse size 12 -- lots of them the same pairs. I definitely gain and lose from the top of my body first; sadly I'm a classic apple!

I think it just depends on your own body shape. It's disheartening to think that it'll take so long for me to go down a size, though.
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Seafood and eat it :D
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Well im 13 stone. My clothing size is 14-16.. Think it depends on your build etc. X
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Determined to reach goal!
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I'm 13 1.5 today, 184.5lb.

I'm wearing size 14 tops comfortably as long as they dont have tight arms on them.

I'm still mainly wearing size 18 pants though, getting into some 16s but not many.
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S/C/G: 179/173.6/140

Height: 5ft 5"


I'm 5ft 5, 10st 3lbs and a 10 bordering on a 12
For me a stone = 1 dress size. At 9st I was the bigger end of an 8.
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walkin'the dogs
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Height: 5ft 7"


Im now just over 13stone, & 16s are GENERALLY fine. Ive got one pair i still cant wear
.......but soon!

Cant wait to get the 14s !!!!!
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Height: 5'8


I weigh 10st 10 and am 5'8. I wear a size 10 top and size 12 bottom. I can fit into size 10s in shops like Primark/Tesco etc. While I was at uni I weighed about 11st 7 and was a size 12 all over but I looked way bigger than I do now, regardless of the relative lack of progress in sizes/weight.
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Mini Goal 1- 189.5 lbs
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I recently had a somewhat massive UK shopping adventure (first time in my adult life, I wasn't restricted to Evans!) Right now I weigh about 13st 6 and I'm in a size 16 top (36F chest) and size 14 bottoms at DP, New Look, M&S, Next, Esprit and most of the Debenham's brands. I can squeeze into a size 12 jeans but with major (to the point of what I consider indecent) muffin top.

I didn't really find that I fit right into any of the tops at Monsoon and H&M, the arms fit but the bust was not right compared to the torso. It took me like over 50lbs to really NEED new clothes, but then I carry most of my weight in my torso, which is where most clothes are sized from so it was a long journey. I'm finding that now that I'm a little lighter it's about 10lbs between clothes sizes.

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Hmm. I've been thinking about this, I've lost 6lbs so far, now 206. I used to be consistently around 165 and I'd have 12 top half, 16 bottom half. Now I'm 18 bottom half & 14/16 top half. There are SO many lovely clothes I have that I want to fit into! I have a great selection of 12/14 tops that I want to wear, and I pretty much just wear black combats with them as that's all I can get to fit once I get over 160

I'm getting impatient to have more clothes to wear! I think once I get down to 198 (by then I'll have lost a stone) I should have many more options! Part of the reason I want to get down to 112 is that that's when my top and bottom half start to match. I have never worn a dress!!! And I want to!! Besides, that's the weight I started out at, and I was fit & healthy, I think 8 stone at 5'4" would suit me just fine.

I want my lovely clothes back! 8lbs more and I'll try them on again
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Height: 5'6.5


It's really strange to see how different everyone's dress size is compared to their weights! I am 13st 12lb now and fit in to every size 16 I've tried - actually bought a couple of 14 dresses yesterday, but that's because I'm smaller on top. I agree with those saying the bigger you are the longer it takes to lose a dress size - at 17st 12lbs I was a 20, now 4st later I'm still a 16!
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Determined to reach goal!
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S/C/G: 224/201.0/150

Height: 5'7


Yay, noticed I already posted here, and now I'm in 12 tops and 14 bottoms, yippee!

That is with quite a lot of working out but only about a stone gone in weight I'd say. I do think sizing is getting bigger and bigger though.....
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5"3 162 lbs/11 st 5

I have finally accepted that I'm a size 14 now, although I can wear a lot of 12s, I have a couple of size 12 shorts to work to get into but I couldnt believe when I tried on a tight zip size 12 dress from awear it fit as at my heaviest weight I was squeezing into size 18 zip dresses!

16 everything has become too big in the last 20 pounds. the 20 pounds before that I was 16-18. 18 around my highest weight until the 180s ish.
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At 11 stone I was a size 14. At 10 and a half I was a 12 and at 10 stone I'm now a 10 (gotta love vanity sizing!). I think it's right that the smaller you are the smaller the dress size differences are. My best friend has lost nearly 7 stone since last March (another 10 to go) but she's only lost one clear dress size although I reckon it's nearly two.
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