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Jane 09-19-2006 12:43 AM

Weight loss and Chit Chat #213
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site,

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

Jane 09-19-2006 01:05 AM

Gee it's late, but here I am, anyway!

Cristi - YW for the note. It was heartfelt. :hug: I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this, but it does sound like your allergies need a doc's attention. Mary takes Claritin for hers, but I bet you've already tried that.

Sassy - if you have a sleep study done, you might want to check with your insurance to see what they will pay for it. We have good health ins but still had to pay hundreds of $$ when Neal had his done. It was worth it, though, to rest my mind that he's breathing ok. What a coincidence about the Dr. Oz post! Maybe we jaded ones should all try to follow his advice as a team.

Sue - here's hoping you get an acceptable offer for the house. :crossed:

Norma - I loved our chat today, too. About the sneakers, I get lots of dust and dirt out here in the boonies where I am, too, and I throw mine in the wash with the towels. They get clean with all that friction going on. Glad the highlighting worked out for you printing stuff. If my Katie hadn't shown me how to do it, I would still be clueless, lol. Btw, I'll bump up the recipe thread in case you want to add some recipes. I'm hoping you'll mention how you fix your light mashed potatoes.

Hello to everyone reading this. :wave:

Well, I didn't get everything done today that I wanted, but I DID get my exercise in, so I'll be hopping over to the challenge thread to report that. It rained most of the day, and the temps have really cooled off. I'm loving that! Neal can barely wait to make a fire in the fireplace, lol. I have to agree, a real fire is mesmerizing.

See ya in the morning. <yawn>

Sassy_Chick 09-19-2006 01:42 AM

Hey Girlies! :cool:

Jane -- Our insurance covers most of it. My husband had one done just a couple years ago and they paid for most of it, which is good! I think we only had to pay like $120 total maybe? Still was worth it I say. YW on the link. If you go to the link I gave you, it takes you to the thread I had about Dr. Oz and has Oprahs site where you find everything about Dr. Oz. ;)

Sue -- I hope you get back on track with exercise too! ;)

Question gals, as you know my anniversary is next week. Do you gals have any suggestions of what to get my husband? I have been searching online and thought of a few things, but not quite sure. He enjoys cooking, he is a computer "Geek" as he says :rolleyes:, I also thought about getting him a tea set. I know that sounds weird for a Guy. But he loves tea and wants to use the loose teas, but we don't have anything to use them. I have seen a few online, but if you have any suggestions, pls let me know! You can PM your ideas if you wish or PM me and I'll give you my email address, if you don't have it already. ;)

Thanks Gals! :)

Sassy_Chick 09-19-2006 03:47 AM

Morning Ladies!
Morning Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guess What? I walked a MILE! :D

I FINALLY put in my WATP (well its equalivalent to that, its actually called The Walking Diet, but the same exact concept) and I walked a mile! :D It was a lot easier on me than actually walking, didn't hurt my back at all! Now there was one point where my ankle felt a bit weak so I did sit down, but I kept moving while sitting and then got right back up! ;) It felt so good when at the end she said, "You walked a mile! Congratulations!" :carrot:

I told hub and he kinda made fun of it at first. Then I was like "Hey I walked a mile while you were in there playing your game!" Then I think he "GOT it" and then he said, "I should do it too" MEN! :rolleyes: Anyways. I am proud of me! :D I can do this! It only took me 20 min. or so to walk a mile and I feel GREAT! Eventually I will do the 2 miles! :dancer:

Anyways I wanted to share with you all! Have a Great Day today ladies! :flow2:

:hug: and :dust: to those who need it!

Jane 09-19-2006 09:09 AM

:cp: :carrot: WooHoo Sassy!!!!! :carrot: :cp: I'm proud of you! About the anniversary present, if he's into tea, I'd get the tea set. Nothing wrong with that - in fact, I think it's a good idea to buy something he'd really use and enjoy.

Good morning everyone - wanted to mention that I "stuck" the recipe thread at the top of the page so please feel free to add your favorite healthy recipes, ok?


Cafe Ole 09-19-2006 12:47 PM


Sassy WAY TO GO ON THE MILE! :carrot: :carrot: I agree if he is into teas, I would get the set as well. We normally don't do anything for b-days or anniversaries but go out to dinner or fix our favorite meals. We save the $$ for something we want. His mom hates that but it works for us.

Jane... I love real fires! Gas ones are good but just not the same. Over the weekend I did a last minute garage sale as the camping got knicked out. Made some $ and dh went & bought a wet/dry vac for the garage he has always wanted. Then (shooting myself for this one) we went out for pizza & beer! YIKES

Work is just crazy & this weather change is making so many sick. I actually saw the icky weather coming & hit the year to cut down everything (wow it is care now!) --- I think if the weather holds we might get the "S***" (snow that is HAHAHAHA) early. Not ready for winter and the cooler temps just tell me to go hit the stairs again.


:hug: :hug: :hug:

Katiecat 09-19-2006 03:27 PM

Good morning...almost afternoon! I've got tons of stuff to do in the next few days because we are going to Mendocino/Fort Bragg for my bday this weekend! :carrot: whoo hoo! Tim managed to get next Mon and Tues off, so we are driving to the coast Saturday morning, and driving home on Tuesday. I love Mendo, it's so beautiful there. We will probably hike through the botanical gardens to the sea -- http://www.gardenbythesea.org/about/ -- take a look at the garden pics there, it is just gorgeous! They start out with very manicured, formal plantings, and after you get past the deer gates, it is wooded, with streams, and more wild, until you get to the cliffs overlooking the sea. And always a little bit different when we visit different times during the year, different things are blooming. We also might go tide-pooling at the Mendocino Headlands -- http://www.mendocino.com/?id=435 This is one of my favorite weekend getaway spots, so I'm really excited :hyper: We found a new hotel to try, it's a bit more expensive than we usually spring for, but we got a 40% discount through AAA. Our room is supposed to have a jacuzzi tub with a gas fireplace right next to it, a private balcony, and a window that looks out on the sea -- right in front of the tub! http://www.fortbragg.org/index.php?page=northcliffhotel

Sassy, WTG on the mile! :bravo: I'm proud of you for joining the Y and the changes you've been making. Tim loves tea, too, and I think that's a great idea for your hubby's anniversary gift. Stash and Numa make some really good teas...you could pick up a couple of loose teas you know he really likes, and maybe an assortment or two of different tea bags, several different varieties in a box, so he can try out some new ones. Maybe some more exotic green teas, or white teas, or if he likes spice maybe a Chai variety. You could find a beautiful ceramic teapot, maybe something kind of masculine, like a Japanese design, or a couple of mugs that have characters he likes, or a joke that suits him :) Tea balls are good for making a pot of loose tea, but can sometimes be kind of a pain to pry open and clean out. I saw a really cool steeper for single cups of loose tea...it stainless steel, and was sort of shaped like a teaspoon with a hinged basket at the end instead of the bowl of the spoon, and at the end of the handle, it had a plunger that was shaped like a stylized bumblebee -- you pushed in the plunger, and it opened the basket so you could scoop in just the right amount of loose tea for one cup, then the basket snapped shut when you released it. Hope that description made sense...anyway, I didn't buy it when I saw it, and have been kicking myself ever since, and I'm on the lookout for another one.

Jane, the real fireplace is what absolutely sold us on this little house. I don't think they can even build new homes with real woodburning fireplaces here anymore, but this house was built in 1956. We need to get wood for the winter, but I told Tim we really need some type of rack to stack the wood on -- last year, it was just a big wood pile on the ground, and got really soaked in the rain.

Sue, hoping the offer on your house is THE one you've been waiting for!

Cristi, I agree with Norma...maybe it's not just allergies, hon. Get some rest and pamper yourself a bit, maybe you've picked up a virus, and need some TLC and extra rest.

Norma, I'm a firm believer in aromatherapy, too. Scents can totally change your mood and state of mind. Orange and grapefruit uplift my spirits; pine, cinnamon, and apples comfort me and make me feel at home (probably because they remind me of Christmas); and I have these fantastic pomegranate candles that make me feel so peaceful, perfect for meditation and reducing stress. And good job on defeating the temptations of the fat fairy! I am such a carb fiend...I would have been tempted to say, forget dinner, just give me the whole dang basket of rolls! :rofl:

Nixxie, I couldn't see the boots, either, but I bet they are great! Shoes that make you feel confident are worth their weight in gold. Best of luck to you on the job :lucky: After you posted about the boots, yesterday my son and I went to this wild store called Evangeline's, and they had these sort of goth Maryjanes, matte black leather with a chunky heel, that had a black cat's head on the toes and the tail wrapped around the heel -- if they'd had them in my size, I would have bought them in a heartbeat! Too small, though, I wear a 10. Don't know if they were exactly job interview shoes, but I loved them :D

Robin, how on earth did you manage a "last minute" garage sale??? It's always such a big production for me, that I haven't had one in years. Sure love shopping at them, though! Don't beat yourself up about the pizza and beer. I've started ordering our pizzas with thin crust (if I can overrule the guys who want pan crust), ordering half vegetarian (tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, zucchini, artichoke hearts, even pineapple sometimes!), and grilled chicken or ham or canadian bacon for the meat on the other side (lower in fat than pepperoni or sausage), and then I just steal a couple of little tidbits of the chicken or ham from "their" side of the pizza -- you know, the bits that fall off on the bottom of the pizza box ;) -- and put them on my vegetarian slices for extra flavor :D A regular 12 oz beer is 3 WW points (light beer is 2 points), so if I want a beer or two, I just figure it in to my daily point total.

Marti, fall is my favorite season, too! I love the blue, blue sky, and the changing leaves, and the cooler (but not too cold) days.

Tiffany, I was reading some more in your profile; it's always neat to see things we have in common with other posters here. I homeschooled my boys for 7 years -- they are now 23, 20, and 15 (Noah is a sophomore in public HS now). How old are your kids? Have you found other homeschooling moms in Germany? I love scrapbooking too, and played around a bit with stamps, but was never very creative with them. I love the stamped pages and cards you linked to that you've done -- just beautiful! Oh, and about the olive oil, just wanted to clarify -- yes, I totally agree with you about the benefits of olive oil. It's definitely the healthiest of the oils out there, and we definitely need some fat in our diet, and some recipes require some kind of fat. But obviously those of us trying to lose excess weight need to watch how much fat we consume, and I was just pointing out that even with the health benefits, olive oil is a fat, and just like every other fat, it has 9 calories per gram, about twice the calories per gram as protein or carbohydrates. But I'm all for healthier substitutions. A recipe that calls for 1/2 cup of shortening or vegetable oil would certainly be improved with 1/2 cup of olive oil instead. For a baked good like quick bread, 1/4 olive oil and 1/4 unsweetened applesauce is even better, if it produces a satisfying result. And if it works with 1/2 cup applesauce and no oil at all, I'd probably try that, since I'd rather have olive oil in my salad dressing, or drizzled in a pasta dish, or in something else where I can taste it, and enjoy the flavor :) I never use margarine, but sometimes nothing will substitute for the flavor and texture of butter -- though I try to use that very sparingly.

Holy toledo, this has turned into a novel!!! I'll stop now, hi to anyone I've missed, and talk to you soon...

OH, BTW...saw the surgeon Friday, and she was livid that my PT was denied, and said she'd send the Worker's Comp review people a nasty message -- I've lost strength and range of motion in my arm. Wouldn't you know, the PT office called me and left a message yesterday, "Oh, 11 more PT visits were just approved for you..." Way to go, Doc!!! :D

Jane 09-19-2006 10:05 PM

Hi ladies,

Robin - ahh, I can hardly wait for snow! Since I don' have to get out in it, that's easy for me to say. But we still have a couple of months before that will happen.

Mary Kate - YAY for your Doc. :cp: Your weekend in Mendocino sounds so romantic. I loved the photos, especially the ones of the hotel... I wanna go with you, lol. The view from it is wonderful. I remember a song about Mendocino from the late 60's or early 70's. Anyway, have fun with your honey.

Marti - where are you, chicka?

Cristi - hope you're feeling better. :hug:

Neal and I volunteered to take all 3 (yes all 3!) of Mary's kids for the day. She is doing such a good job with them but needed a break. Dale got offered a job here, btw, but his car broke down, so he had to say no, so she has the responsiblity of it all. Anyway, we worked their puzzles, read stories, played games, and Neal took them out to find a late watermelon.

Tomorrow I'm taking Caylin to pick out her birthday presents. What fun!


harkeyvalley 09-19-2006 11:49 PM

Jane: I love my fireplace. My sweetie designed our house so our house is like no other. We have a 8 ft wide ceiling to floor rock fireplace with a large hearth to sit on to get warm or roast marshmallows. It does not get very cold very often to need to use it but when it does get cold we build a fire and I love watching the flames dance. I made fire starters out of pinecones that were pre-dipped in scented candle wax. A couple starts the fire fast and it smells terrific. I love the fall and winter. They are my favorite seasons.

Mary Kate: My son used to be stationed at Fort Bragg and we had visited him but I never heard or Mendocino. I need to check it out. Thanks for the info. I sounds so romantic. Thanks for the pomegranate oil tip. I can't wait to try all the various scents so I can see how I react to them. You sound like me when it comes to bread. I used to own a bakery and I have a severe addiction to fresh bread, especially when hot and with butter!

Cristina: I sure hope you are better soon. Don't forget to PM Josh's address to me for the books.

Marti: How are your blahs? I hope you join us even when you're down. Jane told me that was what the rest of us Jaded Ladies were here for, to lift each other up when we're down. How can we help you?

Tiffany: How's the smokey smell? Did the charcoal help? BTW did the beans get done? LOL Sorry, not funny.

Robin: You may ship me any surplus snow. I love it! I play in it like a kid. I made the greatest snow person one year when we actually had enough to do something with it. I'm a Star Trek fan and Deep Space Nine so I made a Ferangi snow person. It turned out great. (For you non trekkies, a Ferangi is an alien person) My son Larry's wife's family lives in MI. He lived there for a while and really liked it there.

Nixxie: Any word on the results of the interview? I hope you get the job.

Sue: Did you close? Did the bid on your house live up to your expectations? I guess you're too busy to stop here with everything you're busy with. Hope to hear from you soon.

I went out to lunch today since I had to stay in town with my daughter all day. I went to McDonald's and tried their new Asian Salad. It had mixed greens, green soybeans (I didn't know that at the time), mandarine oranges, grilled chicken breast, toasted almonds with an orange glaze. It came with Newman's Sesame Ginger Low-fat Dressing. The salad was pretty good. I wish I hadn't put all the dressing on my salad because it was really hot (spicy) for me. For the most part I would recommend it to others. When I got home I went to the McDonalds website and looked up the nutrition information. The calorie count was 290 calories and the dressing was 80 calories. For you food exchangers it said 3.5 vegetable, 3 lean meat, 1 fat. I felt pretty good about that. I thought you guys would like to know this just in case you had to grab a bite in town and didn't know where to go.

Have a super hump day (Wednesday) and a good week.

Sassy: Way to go on the WATP!!! I have the disk and it's not as easy as it looks. Being as out of shape as I am, I could not keep up. I couldn't make it all the way through without doing a much slower rountine than they were doing. My goal is to at least keep up, let alone 2 miles. Super job!!!!

Sassy_Chick 09-19-2006 11:50 PM

Hey Gals! :D

I want Thank EVERYBODY for their suggestions and kind words of support!

Tonight we went to this International Market and hub wanted some tea and they sell the teapots and what not and the nice teas there so I went ahead and bought it for him so he could enjoy it. I got him the Bodum ASSAM, with the Stainless Steel Filter. http://www.bodumusa.com/ Its no. 1801-16, its the 34 ounce/1.0 Liter. I would put in the whole link but its a long one. lol. The Tea Guy said it is the best one. ;) Then the Tea Mug with the Infuser is a Chantal 15 oz. /.44 Liters and it is Chocolate/Vanilla Color. www.chantal.com, Item # 92-TM11/I (Under Mugs). (For work)

He also got a nice assortment of nice teas. We are currently drinking the Chinese Oolong and we put some honey in it, very nice esp. on a night like tonight! ;) And I normally do not like tea, but this is pretty good! :)

Anyways, I want to thank you all for your support. Without you all I wouldn't be doing as well as I am with exercising and eating better.

Infact we went out to eat tonight and we went to Outback Steakhouse. I got a cup of the Cheese Onion Soup, didn't eat it all, we shared the crab dip, which btw is excellent! Hub didn't like it too much so I ate a little and we took the rest home. Then I had the Queenland Shrimp and Chicken Pasta. I didn't like the pasta much so I just ate the Shrimp and Chicken out of it. So I didn't eat a lot, infact the waitress kept on asking me if everything was okay because I didn't eat a lot. But they do give you a LOT of food! Only thing is now I don't eat it all! I either have them box it up or just have them take it away. :) I get fuller faster now and esp with me drinking more water, it helps a lot with suppressing my appetite.

Such as this morning. I was up until like 12:30 PM. I was craving for some strange reason a Grilled Cheese Sandwich, but instead I just drank my water and then went to bed!!!!!! :carrot:

I know there are times I may slip or may have just one slice of pizza, but hey that is okay. I don't have to be "perfect" but I CAN be healthier and exercise and feel good about myself. :)

I almost cut my hair off this morning! lol. I was washing it and just was looking at it like, "I want to cut you off" lol. But I didn't. Figured I better leave it to the Pros. :D

Anyways there is my ramblings for today. I didn't do indivduals, but I think I answered everybody's. If I didn't, I do appologize. :sorry:

Have a Wonderful Night/Morning/Afternoon whatever time it is in your time zone!!!!!! lol.


FrouFrou 09-20-2006 04:04 AM

A VERY early Good morning, ladies...

Couldn't sleep so thought I would just get up until I got sleepy...getting there. Feeling better too, much better. And yes, it was allergies ladies otherwise I think I would have gone to the doc. It was just the normal stuff until last Friday when I mowed the yard and the wind was blowing all that icky stuff around., made it 100 times worse. But today is much better...sinuses are draining a little now but other than that I am good to go! They had an article in the paper a few weeks ago warning people to start their antihistamines (sp?) if they have allergies because the ragweed was going to be bad. of course I didn't and look what happened. You live and learn...

NORMA...I meant to p.m Josh's address to you after I posted and I read some more and then logged off and forgot. :doh: I WILL p.m. it to you later today, promise. I would give it to you now but I'm in the basement and it's upstairs somewhere. I haven't even wrote it in my address book yet. Anyway, I will get it to you. And I know what ya mean about not wanting to get your shoes dirty, lol! I am the same way. I've had mine about 3 or 4 months now and have washed them twice so far. I don't like to wash them too much for fear of them falling apart. I guess they are going to get dirty sooner or later though. Your fireplace sounds awesome! Bet your house is beautiful!

JANE...I wish we had a wood burning fireplace...they ARE so much better than just a gas one which is what we have. Of course we don't use very often. I just like a fire once in a while for the ambiance. Hope you enjoyed your day with the granddaughters.

SASSY...WTG on the one mile! :bravo: And the teapot is really nice. I was going to say the same as the others...if that's what hubby likes then why not get it? I have a hard time buying for DH because he doesn't need anything so I am always fumbling with what to get him. Also, WTG on not eating too much when you went out. :carrot:

MARYKATE...I too have been to Fort Bragg...a couple of times and man is it beautiful down there! Hope you and DH have a wonderful BIRTHDAY weekend! Hope you have a GREAT Birthday also! And...glad the doc got workers comp to pay for the extra PT visits!

ROBIN...yes, how do you throw a yard sale together at the last minute? It takes me a while to get organized for one and we are planning one sometime soon. We've been waiting for the cooler temps and DH to have a weekend off. I won't do one myself. :nono: And snow? Ah, don't mention the white stuff!I can't wait for the cooler temps, sort of (my arm bothers me bad) but I don't really want snow yet.

TIFFANY...yes, did you get the awful smell out of your house? I think burned beans are the worst...I've done it a couple of times but not so bad than I ruined the pot. Came close though. Glad everyone was fine though and you guys got out of the house.

SUE...HAPPY MOVING DAY! (Yesterday) better late than never. I think short distant moves are the best...as you said, you can take your time and get things organized as you move it. Try not to get too pooped out though. I know how stressful moving can be. Also, I hope you guys got the bid you hoped for so you can get moved into your new home and not have to worry about the old one. :hug:

MARTI...hope you are feeling fine. I too love the fall weather. I love the colors and the cool weather. Just hate the time change and that it gets dark too early.

Well, ladies...guess I probably should get back to bed...getting sleepy now. Not much going on today so hopefully I can sleep in until about 8:30 or 9. Going to go to IF and possibly get a walk in, more than likely on the treadmill because the forecast said it is going to be windy. Now when the wind is blowing 40 mph here they usually say it is breezy so when they say it is going to be windy it is going to be horrible. I don't want to be out in it. GOing to clean house, get some laundry done and possibly work on the scrapbook pages. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a great day! BBL

Marti 09-20-2006 11:45 AM

Hello everyone!!

I had no computer access yesterday. I felt like I was cut off!:D Not sure why, but just couldn't get online at all.

Sassy--My hubby loves tea too, and a tea set sounds great! Drinking loose tea has such a different/stronger taste. I prefer that over the bags. I'm glad you're both enjoying the tea's! What a great gift.

Robin--Some of our mountain areas have already gotten snow. Of coarse, they're miles and miles away from here so I don't think I have to worry anytime soon. But we're already getting the rainy Oregon weather!!

MaryKate--I LOVE fall!! James & I got together in the fall so it's wonderful memory season. We've gone on some hikes in the fall and the surrounding are absolutely beautiful. One year we went to Silver Falls w/a group of people from work. The leaves were falling. It was like it was snowing but instead of white we had gold, reds and orange. It was breath taking!

Jane--I can just picture you & Neal w/your DGD's! Reminds me of my sister and I visiting my grandparents and spending the day w/them and having so much fun. Creates wonderful memories. I think you and Neal are doing a wonderful thing spending time w/them like that. I wish my parents or Jhanai's dads parents would do the same. She hardly see's either of them. And Jhanai is such a family gal. Such a sweetie!! Why don't you move closer so I can spend a day w/you and then Jhanai can too!:D

Cristi--How are you allergies today. I'm hoping that you get into the doctor soon so you can have a restful sleep. Nothing like trying to sleep but can't breath!

Now, I know I'm missing some people here....Sue, Nixxie, Tiffany, and all the others I may have missed. So sorry, w/the new thread, hard to remember what was all said. Sending you hugs!:hug:

I best be getting in the shower. I need to stop and get gas before work.

You all have a lovely day!!!

dressagequeen 09-20-2006 12:08 PM

Hello, All. It's been very busy at work, so no time to "play".

DD and I have been struggling with our staying OP for the past week or so. I think today we are now newly committed to it! I guess we needed the time off. :rollpin:

I am ready for the gym now. I did not stop going to the gym, so I did at least part of what I was supposed to do. :D

Not much else going on here. Just continuing to do well with my caloric intake and exercise.

Made a booboo on my signature. Weight should be 159, not 160. oh, well , will fix it later.

gotta go now.

Jane 09-20-2006 02:10 PM

Hi ladies,

This will have to be a quick one because I've caught the DGDs cold they had last week, and am headed for a nap in a few minutes. I feel worse and worse as the day goes on.

Caylin and I had fun picking out her bd presents. She wanted the new Princess Genevieve Barbie and the coordinating Twelve Princesses DVD. I also got the princess dress for Caylin to wear, and the matching slippers. Mary will have to stuff the toe of the slippers, lol. Of course, the presents have been stowed away until her party day, which is 10/07.

Tomorrow evening I'm supposed to be going to the Taste of Home Magazine show in Vincennes as a guest of a friend. Although I don't cook like they do in the magazine, (too much processed stuff) it will still be fun to go if I'm better.

I'll try real hard to do individuals next time, ok? :hug:

FrouFrou 09-20-2006 05:23 PM

Hello ladies...

If it's not one thing it's another! Geez, louise...Monday when I was watering the yard I bent over the wrong way and heard my back crack. It wasn't bad and I didn't feel it until yesterday but didn't go exercise for fear of it going out completely. I DO NOT want to be down with my back totally out. So here I sit bored out of my mind. Well, not really. I did force myself to clean house and do laundry. HAD to do laundry since I didn't get any done yesterday, not completely. Washed and dried a load but it sat in the dryer until this afternoon. Anywho...

MARTI...I couldn't sleep because of my back. When it is out I have to sleep in a certain position and try not to move at all so my body gets numb. My legs were the worst and I woke up because of them and the numb feeling. So I came downstairs and walked on the treadmill for a few minutes and then got on the computer for a few. Well, that and V was snoring really loud. UGH! But the allergies are much better thank goodness.

JANE...sorry about the cold. Hope you were feeling well enough to go to the cooking show. It sounds awesome! I enjoy watching people cook and getting all kinds of ideas. Bet Caylin can't wait for her birthday!

LIZ...was wondering where you were missy. I totally believe in a little time off once in awhile. While it may not work for some it does for me. I find I have to take a little break sometimes so I don't get bored and can stay motivated. Glad you kept going to the gym.

HI to everyone else! :wave: Hope your day is going good!

Okay ladies...I hate to do this but it doesn't hurt to ask. I hope it doesn't bother anyone me asking for help either. And don't feel obligated to say yes. I want you to do this because you want to, and if you want to. Here goes...you all know that Josh is in the dreaded sandbox. Well, I have been thinking about Christmas. And while I have been sending care packages to him and the guys in his squad, his Unit is a whole nuther story. I am going to feel odd sending just the guys in the squad stuff for Christmas and so I am aiming to send everyone in his Unit something for Christmas. I have to get this stuff mailed by the end of October to ensure they receive it for Christmas. So...what I am asking is if any of you ladies would like to contribute a Christmas stocking? I can't remember how much they cost... I think $1.99 :dunno: You don't have to put anything in it I am just wanting an empty stocking. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there and see what you ladies think.

Okay, better get going, almost time for Jeopardy. Can't miss my Jeopardy, lol!

Have a good day ladies!

Sassy_Chick 09-20-2006 07:40 PM

Evening Ladies
Evening Ladies...........

Yes we enjoyed the tea lastnight. It is definately different than the tea bags -- for sure! Hub is really enjoying it. I am still going to get him something else as a surprise, but not sure what yet.........He said lastnight he felt a bit silly being a guy who likes tea, but I said, "Hey in England EVERYBODY (well mostly everybody...) drinks tea, they take time out in their day to drink it. If you like it, don't worry about it. Tea is great for you." But there was something he told me that the Tea Guy told him about the Decaf Teas. They don't have any of the good stuff in them. Hub asked him how they Decaffenated it and he said they soak in water until the Caffenine comes out, and so does all the "Good Stuff" as well. Just a little knowledge there for ya........:)

Hub is making potato soup tonight. That is perfect for this time of year I think. ;)

Cristina -- TY for the Congrats on the mile. I felt so great doing it! :carrot: Hub is enjoying his tea.
Glad that you are starting to feel better. I understand how you feel after mowing and all. When they mow here at the Apt. Complex I have to close the windows...........I read ahead to your other post too. Take care of your back. I DO know how that feels and praying for it not to go completely out. So take care! Also about the Xmas Stocking, I would like to do that, but I would also like to maybe fill the stocking, if that is okay, if you tell me what to fill it with? I think you have my email addy AND my snail mail address so just email or PM me. ;)

Marti -- Glad you made it back to us. :hug: Thanks. I still am amazed how different the taste of the loose teas are. I don't like the tea bags and I will never go back to them ever. :no:

Liz -- Glad you and DD are back OP. I know what ya mean its hard to stay OP all the time. Hub and I went kinda Lax in the Exercise Dept. But I got back on by doing my WATP DVD.

Hey Jane -- Sorry to hear your battling a cold. Hope you feel better. Glad you had fun shopping. Have fun at the Taste of Home Magazine show! Take care of yourself and no worries on the Indiv. :hug:

Okay I think that is it for now girlies. I hope you have a Great Evening & Night. I for some reason kept thinking it was Thursday today. I am glad though cuz that means I have tonight off. :p


Marti 09-21-2006 11:40 AM

Good Morning Gals....

Well I believe I'm coming down w/a cold. Ick! :( Feeling a little stuffed up and the throat is a little tender. Hoping to nip it in the bud and tend to it!! I hate colds.

Liz--It's wonderful to have someone you can buddy up w/to stay accountable. How old is your DD?

Jane--What a great B-day for your DGD! Post us a photo of her all dressed up when the day comes.

Cristi--Back pain and sleep is such a bad pair! I'm so sorry you're in pain. Do you go to a chiropractor? I have never been to a one. I hope you get some relief soon.

Sassy--How strange that you hubby feels silly about liking tea. :dizzy: My hubby loves it and when we went to SF, we bought some really good Green tea's in China town. I think I'm going to make myself some this morning.....

Ok gals, sorry to cut this short but I need to get to town and run some errand before work. Chat more later!!


harkeyvalley 09-21-2006 12:33 PM

Good Moringing Ladies,

I just got back from my first day of walking one mile. I can't believe I was huffing and puffing the whole way. Since I'm at the base of a mountain, my road is all down hill from here so the walk back was all up hill. I been feeling blue of late and I'm hoping the walking helps. I feel trapped at home, not being able to work, all my old friends have died or moved out of state so my husband is my best friend and only contact. I am praying that a tremendous weight loss will allow me to go back to work and meet new people. I quit working 7 years ago to stay at home and care for my mother who had Alzheimer's Disease. It took 6 years for the disease to slowly kill my mother and stole my life. Within 2 months of going back to work, I got injured and haven't been able to work since. I'm now back at home and I'm dying inside. I have a lack of purpose. This weight loss journey is my last hope for a new life and sense of purpose. Sorry, to have rambled, but I'm trying to keep my spirits up and I though sharing would help. I hope I haven't depressed you guys. You guys are the bright spot in my dreary life.


Cafe Ole 09-21-2006 12:38 PM

HI All! my secret to a last minute garage sale is to toss up a sign on the corner & haul everything from the basement (see I leave stickers on stuff and when it doesn't sell, I put it in the corner for the next one, if I still have it after 2 sales, I donate it). So I mark everything that isn't already marked while I set up, it is crazy in the beginning :)

I am sorry if this sounds like a me me me note. I am mentally not here, I am so stressed & frustrated & p***** off, & scared. My gf is on life support thanks to her dh. After his big show of threating everyone in the Hosp after he said her little accident happened he is locked in the pyscho ward at the moment. SHe is not well, the hosp knows he did it. He smashed her eye sockets (yes both), and hit her so hard she is one bruise her whole mid torso, her kidneys have failed and I am just sitting her bawling like a baby. I may not be on for a couple days I am going to try to help her kids out. Any prayers for her safety & healing are beyond appreciated. Prayers to send that freak to the ward locked up forever are appreciated even more. Sory to be a downer. I want to do individuals I just don't have the mind frame.

I hope everyone has a great day (please don't let me be a downer, I am just venting & feels better to hit a send button. Words I feel can't be typed).

I will come back when I can but I have to make her family a priority along with mine and my work just took a back seat for a couple days. Thanks for listening (well reading). :stress:

FrouFrou 09-21-2006 04:19 PM

Hello Chickies...:wave:

Looks like some ladies need lots of hugs and prayers.

ROBIN...oh my goodness. I feel for you, your friend and her family. I just hate hearing stuff like this. It brings up my sister and all the abusive men she has had in her life. My heart goes out to you all, espeically your friend and her family and I will be praying for her and that they lock up the abuser. And don't you dare feel like you are being a downer...we are here for each other and anytime you need to vent just do it! :hug: :hug: :hug:

NORMA...hugs to you too missy. :hug: :hug: :hug: I know all too well where you are coming from with not having friends and feeling stuck at home. I do get out and that is a lifesaver to me. I've been in Kansas going on 9 years now and really don't have anyone I can call a friend other than my kids and DH. And not working it is hard. My heart goes out to you and I do hope that your weightloss journey is exactly what you need to get you back to feeling better about yourself. And again, don't feel like you are depressing us...we are here for you anytime you need to talk. Is it possible for you to maybe do some volunteer work just to get you out of the house for a couple of hours maybe a couple of days a week? I've done that a couple of times and plan on doing some more sometime soon. Right now though my time is on the Troops and seeing what I can do to help them, and trying to find some group to join. :hug: :hug: :hug:

SASSY...what a sweetie you are! You really don't have to stuff a stocking but if you want it would greatly be appreciated! :thanks: I will get with you on what I am stuffing them with. And as far as DH feeling a little odd...that's just silly. I know a lot of guys who prefer tea over coffee or any other drink. I was thinking about potato soup...funny you should mention it. I went to Subway for a sandwich and thought their potato soup sounds soooo good! They didn't have any today, they had broccoli cheese, ick. Didn't sound good to me so I passed on it. Today is a soup day for sure! It's a little chilly here today.

MARTI...I have gone to the chiroprator before...used to on a regular basis but quit. I need to go back because it kept my back aligned, plus felt soooo good to be cracked and popped! But I went once when my back was out and it totally made it worse so I don't go when my back is out. I just let it runs it's course and it is usually a lot better in about five days, depending on how bad it is. I've not been able to exercise which is killing me! Take care of yourself and that cold-hopefully you can nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

JANE...hope you are feeling better today. Did you make it to the cook show? Dying to hear about it. I love the magazine...always have great recipes.

Hi to everyone else out there :wave:

I should have had someone take my picture today...what a sight. I guess I slept wrong last night because while my back feels better, I couldn't stand up perfectly straight today, lol. Wouldn't have been too hard for me to blow over with the wind blowing like it was, lol! :rofl: Anyway, I did manage to get my grocery shopping done regardless of the back (thank goodness I had the cart for support) and the wind and rain. Geez, just when you think the wind couldn't get any worse. I swear I thought it was going to blow me off the road. Then add to that...pouring rain, egads! Just had groceries to buy and car tags to go pay so I have been indoors the rest of the day. I will have to brave the wind and probably run after the trash can when the trash guy comes though, or just let it blow to Missouri. Other than that I haven't gotten anything done. Been on the computer since about 1. Decided today I am going to let the house go...no vacuuming, no dusting, didn't even make the bed. But I will do a load of laundry later when I head back upstairs. Okay, starting to ramble...

Take care ladies:hug: :hug:

jules1216 09-21-2006 07:54 PM

Robin--I don't know what to say...my prayers will be with your friend and her kids and you. My DH was abusive the first couple years we were together until I got the courage to leave--he still gets a little emotionally abusive but he has not laid a hand on me in many years.

Cristina--I love your cute little avatar!! How's Josh adjusting,DS's friend Jason isn't back yet and his other friend Tony is leaving in a few weeks. Give me a some ideas and I'll fill a stocking and mail to you to mail!!

Norma--hugs to you..

Marti--try Cold-Ease there dissolvable tablets that my dd swears by. With the weather changing along with the leaves my allergies are starting and have those same symptoms.

Sassy--I am a tea lover too. The little college town my daughter lives in and goes to school at has a really cool little tearoom. I guess I am not as picky as some of the reviewers because I really enjoy it and it and DD and I's fave little restaurant The Blue Moon are both walking distance from her house.


Jane--hope you feel better-The Taste of Home thing sounds fun.

Katiecat--I love Chai tea too--my weakness is chai lattes....Your bday trip sounds wonderful!!

I have been going to gym and loving it--turns out a coworker I really like joined two weeks ago!! We are going to do the Bodyflow and Pliates classes together with the mother of her dd's boyfriend who was friends with my ds--did you get that....One of my other friends is pregnant--she's 27 and her fiance is the guy that set me and DH up--it will be his 1st child at 45--also had a really good friend die at 51 leaving his wife who is 45 (and a very very good friend)--they were married as soon as she turned 18 and have ALWAYS been together. She's having a rough time and I am trying to be there for her. Lot's more to tell but that's a start...

Hi to all that I missed, gotta get ready to watch Grey's!!

Jane 09-21-2006 11:54 PM

Hi ladies,

Cristi - I'll go in on the stockings for the troops. I think it's wonderful that you are doing that.

Sassy - I like how the British make time in their busy days for tea, don't you? Seems kind of... classy, or something. Now you'll have to start making scones.

Liz - sounds like you're doing great with the diet and exercise.

Marti - ah -ha!! I bet you gave me this cold through a PM or something, lol.

Norma - yay for you walking the mile! Just a thought - not sure how you feel about religion and church in general, but church is a good place to make friends. I often chat on the phone and do lunch, etc, with church friends.

Tiffany - come on in for a chat when you have time.

Robin - prayers are being sent for your friend!

Julie - glad your coworker will be joining you at the gym. You can keep each other motivated, right?

Thanks for the well-wishes. :hug: I'm better but still not up to snuff. No, I didn't get to go to the Taste of Home show, but Pat said someone from her work would use the ticket. I spent most of the day on the couch with a box of Puffs and a huge glass of water. Katie cooked supper, and Neal has been taking very good care of me. Hopefully, I'll be much better tomorrow, since I think my fever is gone.

Take care,

harkeyvalley 09-21-2006 11:55 PM

Short Note: We have severe storms rolling in and we are under a tornado watch until 5 AM. It's really rumbling out there. Rotation was spotted just west of us so things may get bad. We don't usually have too many tornadoes here but the damage from them near us has left us without power for days due to power lines down. If you don't hear from me, I'm probably without power. I'll contact Jane by phone if I go down for awhile. If we're lucky, the storms will stay north of us.

JJPhat 09-22-2006 06:51 AM

Good Friday to all!!:D
Please bare with me ladies, I am still getting use to having so many people to type to. I am very much aloner and really like it that way. There is a book that talks about tempraments and I'm Melencholy / Flagmatic which means I like to study and take it easy...lol So, here goes nothing...lol

First of all I would like to collectively thank everyone who has concerns for our family from the smokey situation we had. It is good to us that you care. Norma, the beans were so done that we are set up for life, having made the whole bag into diamonds...LOL As it turns out, my upstairs neighbor smelled the smoke and came down and buzzed on my door a half hour before I woke up. Her husband told her to stop buzzing that we were asleep. It's a good thing that God didn't give up so easily. phew! The smokey smell is still with us. I am not sure whether is decreases each day or if we become more accustomed to the smell. I hope the former is true. I sprayed my couch and will be taking the curtains down next. I have already washed bed clothes. I think that will do it though.

Christina--Your Christmas Idea is a good one. I sent my husband and his soldiers stuffed stockings last year, hubby's was bigger and more elaborate but all had the same stuffings. Well, I did give hubby a little something extra. Anyway, they all took a picture holding thier stockings, except my husband's didn't come in the same shipment so he didn't have one in the pic. I still didn't get to have that pic either, come to think of it...lol

Jane--My oldest daughter, Melody (12) wants the movie about the 12 dancing Barbies. I keep searching our PX but I think I'm going to have to buy it online or something. BOOO..lol Or it might come in just before Christmas.

Marti--I'm sorry you have a cold. Colds really stink! I drink OJ when I think I feel one coming on but really kiwi has more vitimin C than oranges so you might try to eat a few kiwi each day. I pray you get better quickly.

KatieCat--I should have written this before now but I have been very busy. After posting my message about the olive oil I re-read your message. I missunderstood you to say that olive oil wasn't good for you.:( Sorry about that, I hope you can forgive my oversite. On homeschooling my children. I have 4, Melody 12, Bryan 10 (on sept 26), Megan 7, and Ben 1. I even school Ben. We have been doing sign language with him since birth and it has really panned out to do so. Instead of whining for something he just signs it. I decided to get him some flash cards and show them to him and sign whatever the picture is. I don't know ASL fluently so I'm also learning with him and really the whole family. Even my husband is picking up on things...lol It's neat to see him signing to Ben. Congratulations on getting more PT. It really stinks that we can pay in thousands of dollars, for many years, to insurance companies and they are so stingy that they don't want to pay a cent and will try to get out of letting you go at all, to get yourself fixed and mended. BOOO to insurance companies...lol

Norma--per the temprament book I perceive you to be Sanguin / Choloric--this means that you thrive on the company of others, you are the life of the party and do best when you are not alone. The choloric part is about wanting what you want when you want it...lol Anyway, It is important for you to purpose to meet people. Even if you go to a gathering that is advertised in the paper. I know where you live and so know that it is a long way to town but it would be much better than feeling alone and useless. You are important and valueable! By not seeing others you deprive them of the privilege of know ing you. Anyone who meets you and makes your friendship is blessed by God. Don't mess with thier blessing.:D I love you. I wish I were there to hang out with you. ok, getting too mushy for the thread, I'm going to move on. Just know that you are loved and valued, even from across the ocean.

Robin--I know exactly how you are feeling toward your friends situation. I was friend to someone who had similar issues for 3 years. I eventually resolved that I was going to drive through thier house with my van and run him over at his computer:mad: But before I resorted to it I called my pastor (her counciler) and told him what had happened that day and that I wanted to run him over. I did think that killing him was way to good for him though. I eventually told her that I loved her but that I couldn't talk to her anymore while she allowed him to do these things to her. I was on the vurge of committing a serious crime at hearing about him. I told her that I would be here to help her and get her out of the situation by taking her to the police and being her support. I told her that I knew she was scared of him but that I would not be passive in helping her stay safe. She is the one who had to make the decision. She did and we got him arrested....for the first time in his life. His father always told him that the "Smiths" (not his real last name) were above the law and that there was no wrong for them. He NEVER got in trouble for anything he did so he was very shocked to find that he was being arrested. The days he spent in the slammer weren't all that great either. Lots of men bigger than him were there and they didn't treat him with kindness. Anyway, all of that to say. I KNOW how you feel. Helping your friend will help her family. I am NOT telling you to run her husband over but maybe being there as support if he gets arrested is a giant step.

I wish I had some sage advice to give you. I don't. This kind of thing infuriates me to the core. I will pray that your friend completely heals and that her husband will not have opportunity to do this to her ever again.

Well, ladies, I have been on here far longer than I expected. I just wanted to reply to everyone I could. I will not be here this weekend. We are going on a family retreat in Trier. There will be classes in communication and something else that I can't remember...lol We are blessed that the Chaplain is paying for everything through the army. Your tax dollars are helping families enjoy each other and stay together. Thank you! I will let you know how it went when I get back.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!!:hug:

Just something fun: A bird in the hand means poop on the wrist;)

Marti 09-22-2006 11:33 AM

Morning Girls.....

I need to get going so this will be short. It's Jhanai weekend also so I will have limited time on computer if any. (just a heads up)

Norma--Many hugs to you!:hug: I agree w/what everyone has said. And also agree that you don't have to worry about depressing us. We're here for each other!

Robin--My heart goes out to your friend!! :hug: Will say a prayer for your friend.

Cristi--Have you thought about doing some Yoga? When my back acts up or if my sciatic nerve is bothering me, yoga seems to do wonders. Even for my headaches! Amazing little form of exercise.

Jules--What type of class is Bodyflow? I'm happy to hear that you have a friend in the gym w/you! That is great!! I'm still trying to find a good routine to get my butt to the gym. Right now we're all in a funky schedule due to training a new girl. Next week I'm hoping......

Jane--Um....I believe you had the cold FIRST....so you must have given it to ME! :lol: I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. No fevers or anything. I'm a total clean freak at work.....wiping down keyboards and phones and headsets to the phones. Girls at work must think I'm loony.:dizzy:

Tiffany--I love OJ. And have plans to get some this weekend. For now I'm drinking tea and the warmth seems to sooth my throat. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Ok....must get moving!! Need a shower and the dogs need some kind of attention.:D

Hugs to you all!

jules1216 09-22-2006 01:28 PM

Marti--I joined Gold's Gym. The Slim-n-Tone got me started but I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted. The Bodyflow class as described (not all the words) on the class scedule "combines yoga, tai chi & pilates leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed while working your core". They give you some free training and I have done two sessions so far. I am up to 25 minutes on the treadmill ranging from 3.5 to 4 miles an hour. I work legs and butt on Mondays(and treadmill), arms and abs on Wednesday(and elliptical) and the next training session will give me some more target type things to add and I go do just cardio Sundays & Fridays. I'd like to add some of the classes and more weight training. Today I am sick so I am not sure if I will make it or not :(, but I am enjoying it. After the whole turning 40/empty nest combo--I am doing this for me and I am not worried about anyone thinking I am too fat to be there or embarrassed because I am sweating and huffing and puffing. The last time I went I wasn't ready and did care about those things but my whole mindset has changed.

Jane--hope you get feeling better--I have been trying to get my DH to go to the gym with me with no luck, my coworker Trish has been trying to get her DH to go--he travels alot with his job but the first full week he's back, we are conspiring to get them both in there together.

Norma--hope you stay safe!!

JJPhat--I like the personality books & tests, I own one called the Christian Woman's Guide to Different Personalities (I think--I'll have to go check for sure) That and Cynthia Tobias's "The Way They Learn" sure helped me with my kids when they were at home and even helps me at my job as a supervisor. My DH's cousin met and married a German woman while he was stationed there--still together with 5 kids--oldest is almost 17.

Well I have to go to the grocery store. If I feel better I may try and hoit the gym later--I usually go Friday mornings but I am just not up to it this morning--allergies and a headache trying to turn into a migrane.

Sassy_Chick 09-23-2006 04:57 PM

Hey Ladies. Quick Quick pop in here, first wanted to say thanks to Cristina and Jane for the lovely and very cute Bday cards! :D I am afraid I am catching the all dreaded cold that is going around work! UGH. But I am fighting it! I went to the store this morning after work and got some Dayquil and Nyquil and some cough drops!!!!!!!! I refuse to be sick on my bday and anniversary and on my vacation! (tonight is my last night at work!) :dance:

Have a Great Evening and Night!

More later!


FrouFrou 09-23-2006 05:06 PM

Hi Ladies and Happy Saturday!

JANE...I can't believe that I forgot to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Neal! :o :^: It totally slipped my mind and I am sorry about that. Did you guys do anything special to celebrate? Hope you are feeling better. I'm glad you have Neal and Katie taking care of you and Mary is close by. Hey, I heard on the radio this morning that the Taste of Home is coming here in October. Can't remember the date but I may try to go. I love to get tips and recipes and watch others cook.

JULES...glad to see you here missy, I've missed you! :hug: Glad you are liking the gym. You sound like me with the attitude. I hated working out in front of anyone and was always trying to find a time when no one woul dbe at IF...I don't care now. If people are there...good! The more the merrier. The majority of women that are members are skinny and I felt out of place but they don't treat anyone any different. I'm not getting the results I want either but I still have to pay so I must go, lol. It does make me feel better and I have missed it this passed two weeks. But I would love to have something like at your gym...the tai chi, yoga, and pilates. I don't think Josh will ever adapt to the conditions over there. He hates the sand, the heat, the room he's in, the bed that is falling apart, being so very bored, etc. Of course he must be buys because I've not heard from him for a little over a week, not even an e-mail. Do you know where Jason is and where Tony is going?

NORMA...hope you didn't get any bad weather. DS called me Thurs but didn't leave a message and when he came home he said "Don't worry, it was just me calling and yes, I am fine." What? he said the tornado sirens went off on the side of town he was working and the weather was bad...like I was supposed to know. I didn't hear the sirens 20 miles away and was on the computer so had no clue what was going on where. It wasn't that bad here...just cloudy. I hate tornado's.

TIFFANY...I would love to get a picture of DS's Unit, or even a picture of him and his buddies. I sent some cameras, hint, hint. So what kinds of things did you stuff the stockings with? I could use some pointers/tips. Enjoy your family retreat!

MARTI...there's no way I could do yoga with my back out. About the only thing I can do is sit or lay down with ice and heat on it. When I sit I have to have pillows behind me to support it...the slightest little move kills me! Ugh! It's a pain for sure but I know that it won't last very long and that is a comfort in itself. Thought it felt worse yesterday but it was just a visit from stupid TOM making it worse. Hope you enjoy your weekend with Jhanai.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Okay, to all the ladies who want to know about the stocking stuffers, here is what I plan to put in there so far...100% cotton brown t-shirt, pair of black heavy duty socks, chap stick, disposable camera, toothbrush, toothpaste(travel size), and lots of candy! Actually, there were a couple of other little things but I can't remember what they were. But if you are wanting to stuff your stocking put what you want in there. And if you like, include a little message from yourself. I think they would love to hear that people think of them and I KNOW that they will appreciate the stockings! A big THANK YOU ladies! :hug: :thanks: :hug:

Well, ladies I haven't gotten much of anything done this past week. I did get some laundry done yesterday but it is piling up and needs to be folded. Thank goodness the kids do their own! I will attempt to do that today. Just trying to take it easy until Monday. I am hoping come Monday morning I will be better enough to go exercise...don't worry I will be taking it easy for a few more days. But I've got to get back to exercising and get my house clean! Anyway...

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Chat with ya later :wave:

FrouFrou 09-23-2006 05:16 PM

Hi Sassy...you snuck in there while I was writing that mini-novel, lol. That and I had to take a break to let Ernie dog go potty. The dog was running around going crazy so he NEEDED to go! Sorry you have the cold bug too! You ladies stay away from me, lol! I just got through with those darn allergies which is close to having a cold, but I don't want a cold. Hope that you do have a very Happy Birthday and a Happy Anniversary too!

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MARY KATE and SASSY! May all your dreams come true and may you both have a GREAT BD weekend!

Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear Mary Kate & Sassy...
Happy Birthday to you...
And many more...


:woo: :hat: :hb: :gift: :woo: :balloons: :woo: :gift: :hb: :hat: :woo:

Okay, I know your birhtday's are tomorrow but I don't know when I will be on tomorrow so...

Jane 09-23-2006 08:38 PM

Hi ladies,

First off -

Happy Birthday to Mary Kate and Sassy!!! :cheer: :balloons: :carrot: :cp:

Also to Sassy - you're welcome for the card, and I sure hope you're feeling better. No fair to be sick on your birthday, anniversary and vacation.

Norma - yikes, we've had terrible storms here, too, with tornado-like winds. Hope you have power, and that all is well.

Tiffany - what a beautiful tribute to Norma. I can tell that you're a wonderful DIL. Hope you and the family had a serene time in Trier.

Marti - oh, ok, I'll admit I had the cold first, lol. What do you and Jhanai have planned to do this weekend? Whatever it is, have fun!

Julie - your workout sounds great. I agree with how our attitudes change as we get older. I don't worry much at all what others think about me. Recently, at Walmart, Makenzie asked me to sing "Following the Leader" and all 3 of the girls followed me as I sang the song all the way to the check out, lol. They marched behind me, singing their little hearts out, and I didn't care what anybody thought, lol. Each decade I reach gives me a new freedom.

Cristi - thank you for the anniversary greeting. I have to admit that I don't keep track of JLs anniversaries. I do good to remember birthdays, lol. Since I'd have to mail the filled stocking, would it be ok if I sent you the $$ and you pick up a stocking and fill it while you fill the others? If that's not what you wanted to do, though, please let me know. I'm not sure what you need me to do. I hope your back is better today.

Well, I'm feeling so much better today. I still got lots of rest, and finished my 2nd jigsaw puzzle. They are so much fun. Nothing much going on.

Take care!

suetalks 09-23-2006 11:00 PM

Hi chickies...Sounds like there have been many colds and allergies..Hope those affected are feeling better. If I could I would make you all chicken soup. :)

Happy Birthday to Mary Kate and Sassy...and a belated one to Jane. (I think I already wished you one, but not sure) Happy Anniversary to Sassy and Jane.

Yay to those who are doing well at staying OP and/or exercising and a "come on we can do this" to those who are faltering as I am. :hug:

We closed on our new house on Tues. Wed. I did clean as I had planned. Thurs. we moved my Mom. Fri and today we packed and moved lots of boxes. I have all the closets cleared out except for hanging clothes. I emptied out several kitchen cabinets and all the bathroom cabinets. We got the blinds put up and they look nice and allow privacy.
We haven't moved for 28 years and this is hopefully the last ever. It is so tiring. Last night I think I fell asleep before I even laid down. The only time I sat down today was to read the front page of the paper with a cup of coffee this a.m., to eat meals, and tonight after my shower when I read the rest of the paper. And now. Tomorrow we will move some small pieces of furniture if it isn't raining. We will actually move in on Thurs. as that is the first day they were available to hook up the phone.
Got an offer on the present house on Mon. but it is contingent upon a sale of their house. So, we are once again keeping our fingers crossed.

So, that is what is happening in my life...and I have been reading about everyone here. I will be without my computer for a couple days this week, but not sure when.

Talk soon...

suetalks 09-23-2006 11:30 PM

I have a link to photos. I will do photos of the bedrooms later. The house now has some grass in the yard and all the construction junk is gone, but I forgot to take that photo. :)


tommysgirl18 09-24-2006 12:10 AM

just a quick note to say hi

things are going great on this end. the boys are doing great. brandon is almost 2 1/2 now. logan is almost 1 now. he is starting to walk holding onto furniture now. and sometime around brandon's 3rd birthday, the will be getting a younger sibling.

me and tommy are doing great. we are hoping to get a computer and internet at our place soon.

Sassy_Chick 09-24-2006 05:47 AM

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
Morning Ladies! :D

WARNING: This is a long one, you may want to grab your cup of :coffee: or whatever you drink before reading!!!!!!! :lol:

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeee..................Happy Birthday to me and Mary Kate tooooooooooooo................:gift:

Happy Anniversary to Jane and Neal! :love:

Thank You All for your Bday and Anniversary Wishes as well! :) Well its official, I am on VACATION!!!!!!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOOO! And I'm a year older. It doesn't feel like neither! lol.

People @ work had a cake for me and what not and got lots of Happy Birthdays. ;) Lastnight we "splurged" and had cinnabons. :o If you don't know what those are, I'm truely sorry! lollllllll. I was only able to eat about 1/2 of it anyways...........

I plan on not worrying about staying strictly OP this week, but I don't want to go totally off, if that makes sense? Infact the hotel hub booked has a fitness place so I plan on using it! ;) We are only going for two days, just out of town, up by the outlet mall. So that means lots of walking! :D

Okay off to Individuals...............

Marti -- Yeah I know Hub is silly for feeling that way over liking tea. But you know how MEN are. :p Sorry your getting a cold too! I think its just in the air. EVERYBODY at work is sick! I told everybody I needed an Oxygen tent or something! But alas I caught it. But I am fighting it with Dayquil and Nyquil and cough drops, so far so good!!!!!!! I hope you feel better!

Norma -- CONGRATS HON on the mile! :cp: Uphill is definately harder! We used to have a trail that was all uphill, across the st. from us when we lived in upstate NY and boy did I ever feel it once we got back! :hug: about feeling blue. I have been there, done that! I was in a car accident 10 years ago and it affected my ability to work as well. I felt the same way you did. Then I got lucky finding this job I have now. I can actually do it because I can sit and stand whenever I need too, which is what I need for my back. Also I have a nice office chair that my dr prescribed so that helps me as well. I'm not sure what your injury is but don't give up hope. Even if you cannot go back to work, what about volunteering a couple hours a week or something? Just an idea. I do understand though. :hug: Uh oh. I hope your okay. Read down about your storms and all. Take care!

Robin -- So so sorry to hear about your GF and I will definately keep her and her children in my prayers that she is okay. :hug:

Cristina -- NP I have been wanting to do something, but I just did not know what to do. So now you have opened that door for me. :) Just give me a list of their wants and needs and I'll go from there. Hub said he would send them some Cigars, as a couple years ago a group he is in sent the troops a bunch of Cigars from their whole group and the troops really enjoyed them. they sent a picture back with them smoking them. ;) Not sure if that is what this unit wants or not, but he said he'd be happy to send them some. I read down below a few of the things you put in yours. So they like a lot of the basic stuff, right? Like Toothpaste, stuff like that? How about Shaving supplies (shaving cream, etc) or do they get all that? You'll have to fill me in. ;) I know that Phone Cards are a good thing to call home, right? PM or email me. :)

The Potato Soup didn't turn out. :( But I told hub it was the thought and effort that counted. ;) Definately soup weather. At least here. Rainy and cold.

I've BTDT with the back. Its not fun, glad you rested and enjoyed yourself. I need to clean, but don't wanna. :p I know I'm not cleaning at least today anyways. (my bday) Maybe tomorrow, I like to have the place clean before we leave. Sounds crazy, but true.

Hey Jules! :wave: The tearoom looks very nice! :) We have a tea place up by work that hub wants to check out. He got lots of different kinds of teas to try out. Glad you are enjoying the Gym. I have been a "Bad Girl" lately and haven't been. :nono: They even sent me a little card saying how many days its been since I last went. (I think that is supposed to be the "guilt" feature we signed up for?) :o lol. Anyways. We've just been busy lately and I know that isn't a very good excuse but we will return, probably more this week since we are on vacation and can go whenever we feel like it! :D

Jane -- Yes I just love how the British make time out for Tea. I think that is a nice tradition. Not only are you taking time out of your day to relax and enjoy some tea, but also to visit with whomever your having your tea with! Very nice. Sorry your not up to "snuff" yet. I guess its going around. The weather is great for it at least.........Feel better. :hug:

Sue -- OOPS I missed a page........DOH! :doh: Congrats on the closing of your new home! :dance: I will keep my fingers crossed for ya that your "old" house sells! :goodvibes Your pictures of your house are gorgeous.......

Hi & :welcome: Mindee (Tommysgirl18) :wave:

Again, many, many thanks to you all for your Bday and Anniversary Wishes! :hug:

Have a Great Day!!!!!!!!

Marti 09-24-2006 12:01 PM

Good Morning ladies--

How are you all doing this fine Sunday??

Jules--Your workout routine sounds fantastic. And I'm so glad that you're enjoying it. Having the right mindset in doing things makes a huge difference if we do things or not. I'm really wanting to get myself going here.....NEED to make a difference. I want to see some kind of difference before my Birthday in January. Gives me plenty of time.

Cristi--I must have scanned through the post last time I was one because I didn't read you message about stockings! :o What a wonderful idea!! I would like to join in on that. You want us to send it to you correct?? When is the time you need them by?? (sorry....I keep trying to scroll back but I can only go so far!!) And if what Jane suggested is easier, I could do that too.....and sent a note to go w/it. Just let me know.

Jane--My chest doesn't feel so congested as it did the last couple days so I'm thinking that I'm not going to get the full blown cold!! You're lucky, I'd have to come over there and make you baby me while I was sick! :lol:

MaryKate-- :gift: Happy Birthday!! :balloons: I hope you're getting spoiled and being treated as a princess today!! Tell us all about it later!! Many birthday hugs!!:hug: :hug: :hug:

Sue--Your home is gorgeous! I love it. I want to move in w/ya!! :) I love seeing brick houses. We don't have many around here. I bet your just really excited to be completely moved in aren't ya? I'm happy for you!!

Mindee--Baby number 3??? OMG!! Girl....slow down! :D Glad to see you checking in, it's been a long time. POP back in when you get a chance!! And heres to thinking PINK for a girl this time!:)

Sassy-- :balloons: Happy Birthday!! :gift: Have a wonderful birthday and what great timing!! Vacation!! Fantastic. Enjoy your day!!

Hello to everyone else out there!! POP in and say Hi if you get the chance!!

I need to get some laundry done, then I have plans to go to my sisters and have her cut my hair and give it some color.....if she wouldn't mind of coarse...need to make that phone call.:D

Chat w/you all later!

JJPhat 09-24-2006 01:25 PM

Hello everyone,

We're BACK!! This is kind of going to be collective. I will try to write a more segmented one later but I'm not making any commitments...lol

I will say this. This weekend was a wonderful learning experience! The class we went to is called PREP Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program. It was a couple of hours at a time. We didn't really get a chance to hang out in the house they got for us. I call it that because it had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a kitchen and living area. It was 3 stories. It was pretty nice for what we were using it for.

I wish ALL married people and people thinking about ever getting married would go and take this program. It is so good. Not only does it help you to talk with your spouse about hard issues but it also helps you to have a good relationship with others you talk to. I am planning on implementing this with my own children so that they will feel valueable and important. I am SO excited!!
I don't want to take the site up with all of this talk but if you are interested PM me, we can type back and forth or something.

Ok, well I'm going to get off of here. I am so very sleepy. I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend. OH BTW I had a wonderful exercise. My house happened to be at the top of a mountain. I am NOT kidding either...lol I was panting so hard in the middle of the climb, and I thought that my heart was going to beat out of my chest. By the third day it was not so bad. I kind of wish we lived there for about 6 months so I could get a more interesting place to exercise

Ok I'm really going now. I have blabber fingers! lol

Oh I stuffed my stalkings with candy stuff and food stuff that my husband said they couldn't get out there. Mostly skittles and fruit like oranges.

going...I'm going..lol

Sassy_Chick 09-24-2006 11:55 PM

Popping in! Just wanted to say I had a nice Bday today. We went out to eat. We ate at a Seafood place, We both had crab. :drool:

Then we went to Dave and Busters, its a place where you can play video games, play pool, eat, just about everything. Google it if you are lost about what I'm talking about. ;)

Also we woke up "Early" today so we can "break" our cycle and be Awake during the day this week. As you all know I work nights so in order to enjoy our vacation, we must be awake during the day, as it is a "5 O Clock World". If we lived in Vegas, then we'd be in the "Norm." But alas we are not. So we are getting ready to go to bed. I was ready to go to bed at 10 PM but hub wanted to stay up and somehow I made it! So I will be in most of your all's "Daytime World" for a few days at least. :p

Have a Good One!


Marti 09-25-2006 12:17 AM

Hello all!!

Got back from my sisters about an hour or so ago. She cut both mine and Jhanai's hair. Jhanai pretty much got a trim. My hair went from the middle of my back to my shoulders. James will be a little surprised. I didn't want it to be quite that short, but it turned out really cute so I'm loving it!! Now I need to color it. Think I'll wait until next weekend.

Anyway....I have some cleaning to do in the kitchen so I'm going to go. You all have a great night.

Jane 09-25-2006 09:36 AM

Good Monday morning, ladies,

Sue - ah, you're bringing back recent memories, since I was going through the very same thing - moving - only 5 month ago. Try to not work too hard. Easier said than done, I know. The photos are great! Thanks for sharing.

Welcome back, Mindee!! - it's so good to hear from you. And I'm having PINK thoughts this time, lol. My son's baby is due around the same time as yours. Btw, please PM me your new address, ok?

Sassy - welcome to the Daytime World, lol. Hope you're enjoying your vacation. Yes, I know what a Cinnabon is, and wish I didn't, lol. YUM!

Marti - your hair cut sounds cute. I've got an appointment to get mine trimmed Wednesday. Mary is going to color it for me sometime before then. I'd like to get my nails done, too.

Tiffany - blabber fingers, lol. That's a good one! I'm so glad you had a fruitful experience, and the house they assigned you sounds great. I think most marriages would benefit from the kind of interaction you mentioned.

Hello to everyone else reading this. :wave:

Must have been a weekend for broken things......
Katie's bf broke up with her, and she's so sad about that. :( I'm helping her through it, though, the best I can. It's so easy to feel insignificant after a rejection, and I'm trying to put it all in perspective for her. She's so glad she didn't move in with him. So am I!

Then yesterday, I broke my glasses, and have to get them fixed. (Thankfully, I have a spare pair.) I only wish Katie's heart could be mended as easily.

Have a great Monday, ladies! (Is that an oxymoron?? teehee)

Sassy_Chick 09-25-2006 10:09 AM

Morning all.

Yes its me and I am awake in the daytime. lol. My back is killing me though.

Anyways........I hope you all are doing well.


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