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Red face New -- NutriSytem Q's & PHYTOLACCA BERRY's

Hi there:

A little bit about myself. I was slightly overweight in my teens to early 20s, then I was able to exercise for 3 hours a day and lose massive amounts of weight getting to my goal weight of 120-135lbs.

I have since decided to change careers and am back in school. I work full-time and have married. I have little time to exercise and I have changed my eating habbits terribly. I have more fun with my husband then ever and maintaining weight has not become a priority. I am taking female hormones so I am not to become pregnant. Okay, the beginning of my weight gain!!! It took nearly 2 years to become overweight.

I have decided to try NutriSystem and know little about it. I also have asked if anyone heard of the herb PHYTOLACCA BERRY's. I have never had a problem being overweight and now it is affecting me personally. My sex life is great, my husband love's that I am bigger, but I want to be thinner. I have tried on my own and have been unsuccessful. I just don't want to diet anymore.

Also, I have diabetes, heart condition, etc. in my family only from wrong nutrition. I used to be able to eat a salad and brocolli for lunch and dinner. I just cannot stand it anymore. I thought that with a controlling program I would would be better of. My husband saids you are beautiful and that is the way God wants you!!!

Anyone out there have any suggestions. Also, any opinions on the NutriSystem. I looked at the costs and that maybe a factor but I can make adjustments in spending!!!

God Bless,
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My sister ordered it and said the food tastes disgusting. It is all stuff you have to add water to, is sometimes not even meat, ie the hamburgers are soy/vegetable, it is all packaged stuff. She hated every bit of it and lasted less than a week and sent the remainder back. She said she doesn't know how anyone loses the weight on this program other than by not eating it so you lose by fasting! She really really hated the food. There is a money back guarantee, but it takes time to get your money back with Nutrisystem if you don't like it she said. None of this stuff is like frozen meals or anything. It is ALL packaged stuff that is shipped without dry ice or anything so that gives you an idea about what it could possibly taste like. My sister equated it to sawdust. Oh and she said she talked to someone who finally admitted that every person that appears on the commercials does so because they get PAID and she says in her opinion that means something. Hope it helps!

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