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Originally Posted by Schatzi View Post
What exactly happens on that 3rd floor in the dorm? What exxxxactly is this "healthy living" designation?
not sure.. I think the floor decides themselves what it means. I have mixed feelings about it -- I can imagine them "voting" to be vegetarian or something that really should be a personal decision. On the other hand, it might just mean that they pledge not to smoke or drink, which they cant do in the dorm anyway.

Everytime I try to type an apostrophe, this ******ed computer takes me to the "find" window. There is just no end to the adventure of modern technology. I also have no left and right arrow keys right now or Home and End. Go figure.

My dopey cat is sitting next to my keyboard touching me with her paw, then rubbing her head on the edge of the desk. She almost did a flip over the edge. The dog heard me talk to her, so now she's here to sniff and annoy her. Fun with pets. That's what you need, Peachie, a dog to liven things up. haha.

T minus 3 days and counting.

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Sorry all you mama cows are having a hard time letting the little ones leave the pasture. They'll come back.

I'm recovering from summer food syndrome. Lots of bbq and drink. Friday was Pina Colada night w/ friends. Saturday morning was county fair w/ DS, DDIL and Kayden, Saturday afternoon was BBQ at my friend's DD's house, then our neighbors came over for margies in the evening. Sunday was more bbq at DS's house. No wonder my scale was up another pound... plus I'm tired out. It was in the mid 90's all weekend and I melt in the heat.

DH is off fishing this evening so I'm on my own. I should go buy some clothes in the next size up. Lord knows I wouldn't want to actually start controlling my weight.
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Yes, dogs are endlessly entertaining... My 2 have developed a laundry fetish...
I folded a load of whites this morn, and was quite perplexed over the number of single socks...more than the obligatory 1 or 2 that we seem to give up to the Laundry God... so, I went a huntin, and under the guest room bed there was a mound of socks and unnawear.. apparently Casey has been pilfering socks to make a nest...meanwhile Darby has taken to jumping in the hamper each night... which grosses me out slightly so I keep throwing a clean towel over the growing mound so that at least she can sleep on clean cloth...

I've decided that I really started my diet at 235 pounds.. it makes me feel better.
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Default Warning: Ambulatory Volcano!

Just called a psychotherapist to “get help” with my weight.

I AM PISSY. Got so upset I thought the AC had gone out. HOT HOT HOT. DH is sweet about it but hopes for warnings if I start “spewing.”

Food has been my most steadfast ally.
What else is there?

Please PM me with forgiveness for being absent, cattle prods for being a fat lazy butt, or whatever. It is 7:20 pm and still 96 degrees. And THAT's not a hot flash.
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Default stray cow I hope this psycho can help you darlin'

Is it time fer a new thread...I dooooo believe I have the Puuuurfect Title...
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Now I am feeling so dumb. I have been looking for the new thread for minutes and minutes and minutes. Yes, it's time Shots. Go make it. Go. Now. Run. I am chasing you.
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