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Question How did you meet your DH or SO?

How did you meet your husband or significant other? This is for anyone reading this, not just the Jaded Ladies. We've talked about this before here, but it's always fun.

I met Neal through my sister, Katie. This was after I had been dating a guy who wasn't what I needed, and I had told her I wished I could meet a man that would love my 2 kids as well as me (I was a package deal), not drink up his paycheck, with a good sense of humor and someone who would be true to me. Katie said she had just the guy. He played softball on her DH's team, so she set us up on a blind date. I wanted someone kind, educated, and respectful, and one who had a Higher Ppower, and he fit the bill! Later, we married and had a child together that we named Katie, of course!

That's how I met Neal.... how did you meet your sweetie?
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I'm not a Jaded Lady but I like to tell how my friend and I jumped the fence at the drive-in and had to find a car to sit in (of course). My friend M. knew that a fellow K. would be there. Lo and behold, he had my DH-to-be with him. That was October 10th 1975! American Graffiti was playing.
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I'm not a Jaded Lady (at least I don't think so--I'm not quite sure what a Jaded Lady is), but here is my story...

My SO is the ex-boyfriend of a friend of mine (this opening always gets a long pause when I tell this story). They dated in college and had broken up six years before we met, though, so I didn't steal him from her. In fact, she's responsible for us getting together.

She invited us both to the same party. I have a tattoo of a lizard on my left wrist; when we met at the party, he asked me what kind of lizard it was. I hate that question, so I responded with some witty but very sarcastic and scathing response. It was so witty and sarcastic that 1) I wish I could remember what I said because it had everyone laughing and I'd like to use it again and 2) I immediately apologized. But it turns out that he wasn't phased at all by my sarcasm--I guess he liked it, LOL, because we ended up talking for three hours.

We ended up being part of a small group that were the last to leave. As the evening was drawing to a close, I started to think that he was going to ask for my phone number. I knew I couldn't give it to him, because he was the ex-boyfriend of a friend, which made him off-limits. But he was clearly a nice guy, so I didn't want to have to turn him down. I was there with my sister and at one point she looked over at me and asked if I was about ready to go. I said yes, jumped up, grabbed my coat, and we shot out of there so fast that Andy, my SO, didn't have a chance to ask for my phone number--he barely even knew what had happened.

After the party. he kept telling Kim, his ex-girlfriend/my friend, how nice he thought I was. He said it enough that Kim finally offered to pass on his phone number. By this time, he was off in Ireland for six weeks (he was in law school and was in a study abroad program), so I carried around a sticky note with his phone number for six weeks before I could call him.

I NEVER thought it would last. He's a Republican and I'm a Democrat and my politics are important to me. And I was interested in someone else that I thought would be a better match for me. So, although we'd had a great conversation, I figured we'd go on a few dates, have fun, and that would be it. Here we are 11 years later...

- Barbara
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My sister and her husband met in college. They dated for a few months and then broke up. 5 years later they ended up working in the same industry and she called his company, he remembered her name and they met again and started dating. They got married two years later and have been married for 6 years now.
What is interesting is that neither of them really wanted to be working in that industry. We think it must have been meant to be.
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Met my husband through the online personals!!
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Me too!! Well sorta but not really.... My elder sister is on-line chatting in personals sites ALL THE TIME. One day I asked her "What ARE you doing on here all the time" She showed me. Ends up she created an alternate account with my picture and posed as me to spy on her perpective sweethearts! OMG! Anyways she was having a friendly conversation with a very handsome man via her own identity....she told him about me , we went on a double date and nearly 4 years later here we are!
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Stevi that is the cutest baby!
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The local newspaper in the college town I lived in had combination newspaper/website/phone ads. I placed an ad, a little funny, with my stats (including my real weight), my photo (on the website), and stated I was dieting and looking for a guy that had or could deal with the same issues.

I got a lot of responses, but only accepted two actual dates (too many of the respondents were weird or WAY too young for me). The first guy was really big guy, heavy and super tall (like 6'8"), blonde, and even though heavy, really cute in an aging California surfer way. But, he was also a compulsive liar. He admitted to being 15 years older than he had told me. And luckily later, I asked a friend and coworker the same small town if he knew the guy. My friend confirmed my suspicion that most of what he told me was bullsh***

When the guy called me, I turned him down for a second date (gently - I mean we didn't really have much in common, and I worked Mon-Fri, and he worked 12 hour shifts Friday through Sunday - when were we going to get together anyway). Well, he got angry and it just left a bad taste in my mouth about the personal ad idea.

My now husband had already left a voicemail response to my ad, and although he sounded nice, we had almost nothing in common (I thought), and becoming the old crazy cat lady wasn't sounding too bad (even though I didn't have a cat at the time).

A few weeks late, I decided to at least call the guy who had left the message. We talked for three hours that night, and every night until we met about a week later. I don't believe in love at first site, because you can't love someone you don't know, but we were pretty much inseperable after that.
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My hubby and I met online about 6 1/2 years ago. It wasn't on a website at fact it was through the AOL instant messenger (AIM). You could personalize your little bio, which is what I did. You could also search by interest to find someone to chat with. Anyway, I was getting ready to go out with my roommate for a night on the town and couldn't figure out what to wear. I was checking my email when hubby popped up and we started to chat. I told him what I was doing and he says "I'm sure you look beautiful in jeans, a ratty ol' t-shirt, and a baseball hat." I said, "When are you going to marry me?" Haha. Anyway, a few weeks later we talked on the phone...a few months after that we met. We were long distance for about 2 years and then he moved from Michigan to Nevada! We've now been married a year and a half! Little did I know that I would end up marrying him!
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I haven't posted in this section before, but this sounded interesting!

I met my husband when he started working at the piano store right next to where I worked (one of those giant decorated-cookie stores). I thought he was sooooo cute whenever he'd come over for a soda. Then I discovered that his best friend had lived next door to my best friend all through high school (and some college for me, I'm a little older). We had probably seen each other a hundred times and had spent most of our youth in houses right next door to each other, but never met. And the best part is, when I was a freshman in college I did a short internship at my old middle school -- I actually interned in one of his 8th grade classes for a couple of days, we figured out later. I guess it's best we never met until he was an adult, or I never would have taken him seriously!

Anyway, he was 19 when we finally met, I was 25, and we were "just friends" for about two years, until we we both managed to be single at the same time. Now, he's about to turn 30 and we've been married for 7 years... See, I'm not TOTALLY a cradle robber!

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I love reading these stories. I'm a romantic, I guess.

If you're reading this, and haven't told us your story, please share!
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My son was a year old and I had broken up with his biological father for the last time, finally realizing that I could do better than someone who cheated on me, drank and did drugs, never helped me with "our" son financially or emotionally and tried to bum money from me when he made four times what I did.
My friend Henry was in "love" with my other friend Kelly. Kelly always told Henry that she would be his friend but never anything more because we knew he didn't treat his girlfriends very well and if she dated him they would NEVER be friends again, which didn't stop Henry from trying. He called and asked us if we wanted to go for a motorcycle ride with him and his friend Dick. We went, Dick was interested in me but I didn't feel the same way and then he found out I had a son and said he didn't date girls with kids and I was like who said I wanted to date you? We all ended up over at a house of a friend of theirs named Jerry. Jerry was this shy, tall, dark and handsome guy with sad eyes. I fell then and there and so did he and we are still together over 20 years later and he doesn't have those sad eyes anymore....

BTW--Dick ended up marrying a girl with a kid he met soon after... We are still really good friends with Henry and he likes to say he's the reason we got together....
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Ok -- I had moved back from Florida (had just moved there after I graduated from HS) to take care of my Grandma and one of my good friends (I have known him since we were 2 mos old!) came over to visit and brought a friend. (Funny how his friend & I were in FL same place, same time & never met!) anyhow... 18 years later here we are
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Cool Shy My Eye

I met my wonderful husband in the brokerage business. I was on the front desk and he was in visiting a fellow broker. He asked me out to a basketball game - which I refused. I was advised later by our mutual friend that he was
shy and not to turn him down again. Well, our first date was a golf tournament. I had no idea what golf was all about. I was soon to learn.
Anyway - we sat in the back of the bus which took us to the tournament and my SO said and I quote "if you weren't so big in the behind there would be more room for others." I just sort of laughed it off. I must tell you I weighed all of 102 pounds then. I guess he liked my sense of humor. We did have a wonderful courtship - did lots of fun things and got to know each other before we decided to spend the rest of our lives together.
He is everything I could ask for in a lifetime mate.

So there you are --
Joan Fay
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This is a fun thread so I'll share mine...

My BF (soon to be DH) and I met at work. We initially lived on opposite coasts but worked for the same manager. For a few years, we worked in the same group but he moved to Colorado. Shortly after that, I moved to Colorado and we worked in the same office. The people I worked with were great including my BF-to-be and I admired him a lot.

He actually left the company to do other stuff but returned a few months later working for another manager. I talked to him once in a while even though we didn't work at the same location. Then he moved back to the east coast but was still working for his same manager. Well a job in his group came up and I wanted a change, so I applied for the job. Also at this time, we talked A LOT and I had just given up the idea of dating. Anyway, he changed my mind about dating and we fell for eachother but I was living in Colorado and his dumb butt had just moved back to the east coast. I got the job in his group but then we had another issue, us dating while in the same group. Part of my new job was a visit to the east coast where we reunited for the first time since we decided we should date

We then had a problem in that we were dating but working together which would probably cause our management some heartache. My BF decided to find a different job (one which he loves) and at the same time we decided that I'd move to the east coast but we had to tell our manager what was going on and that I wanted to move. My manager was a bit surprised and since my BF got the other job, my manager didn't have an issue with me moving.

So... all that happened starting about this time last year and here I am. A whirlwind of things happening all at once and we just got engaged.
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