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Default Everyone Weigh In 05/05/06

Everyone is welcome to join this 3FC's general weigh in thread. Simply jump in whenever your official weigh in day rolls around. Good luck, everyone!

Me: 193.5, up one pound from last week. Given that I had a five day weekend, ate out a few times including one all you can eat buffet that featured my favorite from the bad old days, fried chicken (goooood fried chicken), this isn't nearly as bad as it could have been. In a funny way the buffet was a good sign. I decided to just take the day off, and eat what ever I wanted while there. I ate two pieces of chicken, and was stuffed. In the old days, I would have pounded down four or five pieces. I had half a brownie and a cookie for dessert. In former days, it would have been more like a large piece of cake, two or three cookies, and some cobbler with whipped cream. Oh sure, I still over ate, but not like before. I just don't have the ability to eat like that anymore!
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I lost 2LBs and it was rather surprising considering I been losing weight every other week. Last week I lost some weight and this week I lost again. 2 whole pounds at that. You have no idea how HAPPY I am!!!!!!!
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S/C/G: see ticker

Height: 5,4


im currently 196 im going to try to lose 2lbs by next friday
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Movin on down the scale
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I am still for 3-4 weeks now at 160. I am only 5 (ish) pounds from my goal weight. I am not worried as I have stopped formally "dieting" 3 months ago and have just been using the scale and my brain to keep my food on track....so I must be doing pretty good. And as the weather gets better I get outside more and that means less snacking for me when I am trapped in the house. WHHOOOOOHOOOOO
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S/C/G: 196/160/125

Height: 5'5"


i was totally shocked today to see 166.2!!! that was amazing. i wasn't expecting to lose anything this week. but i did!!! Yay....i am officially at 30 pounds gone!!! my goal for the 3rd weekend of july was 146. i don't think i'll make that but i should make 153 by then!!! that will be alittle over 40 pounds down from where i was last year when i went to see my soap stars. i am sooooo excited!!! i haven't weighed that little since i got pregnant with my 2nd child and i have 3 kids. so i am totally stoked!!!! and it is just all thanks to this place. i LOVE this website and all of you guys!!!!
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I am still at 122 LB's....haven't budged in over 2 weeks!!! STarting to get frustrated....
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125lbs, only six total pounds lost, but my thighs went from 23'' to 20 1/2'' and my hips from 39'' to 36 1/2 to 37'' and my waist, im not sure what it was before but its now i think 23 or 24'' =]
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I'm 122 pounds (5"8 1/2). trying to gain nice muscle tone. need to take up a weight training class. I'm basically trying to loose my body fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle
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195. I have been at 195 for about 14 days.

Considering I had an 8-day trip to Myrtle Beach in that 14 day period, during which I ate approximately 900 lbs. of crablegs, 8,000 hushpuppies, 3 tons of shrimp and just about every other kind of seafood I could stuff in my face, I am pleased and relieved with the 195.
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S/C/G: 289/206.5/140

Height: 5'4"


I lost 3lbs this week, down from 263 to 260.
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Going goal.
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S/C/G: 316/ticker/140

Height: 5'6" & 3/4"


I'm 216.5 .. I'm getting close to my lowest weight of the 9th grade which brings me closer to the lowest weight I can remember which was when I was in the 8th grade (graduating the 19th btw.)
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S/C/G: 234/142/145

Height: 5'7


I am at 151 lbs. Just 6 lbs. to goal. Loss of 3 lbs. in past 10 days. I had been previously stuck at 160 for 3 or 4 weeks and I am very happy to see a few more lbs. finally leaving. Good luck to everyone and well wishes.
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S/C/G: 205.2/204.6/140


Starting weight this week: 204
Ending weight this week: 202

A respectable 2lb loss for what started out as a pretty non-respectable week.
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Going to my goal!
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Cool Up one lb....

Though I have gotten back on a diet, the scale reported that I was up one pound. So just for all my goofing off, I am eight pounds up from when I was 129 lbs. in February before my son's wedding...eerr. But at least I have crawled back on the wagon.

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I thought I had gained since I eat some things I shouldn't have, but to my surprise I lost another pound. So now I'm at 232.
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